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Inflated Helium Balloons

Inflated Helium Balloons

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Published by balloonmaildavid
We sell all kind of balloon in all over the uk. Get our products to improve splendor of your parties, weddings and other functions.
We sell all kind of balloon in all over the uk. Get our products to improve splendor of your parties, weddings and other functions.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: balloonmaildavid on Dec 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inflated Helium Balloons- The NewDecor
The inception of the balloon dates back to the dawn of humanity. A studyhas revealed that the Aztecs used to make balloons out of the bladder of theanimal, but that was used for the purpose of sacrifice. To corroborate it,more evidence has been found of the Egyptians also making the use of balloons. It has been reflected in the drawings found in the pyramids. Thefirst balloon was made in France, in the year 1783, taking the help of apaper and a light weight piece of cloth. Joseph Michael and Eitenne,popularly known as the Montogolfier brothers ere the first to invent theballoon.It was later in the year 1824, when the first rubber balloon filled withhydrogen was discovered by Professor M. Faraday. Fifty years later, in theyear 1874, the latex balloon was invented in London by G J Ingram and inthe late 1930s, its mass production started. The first toy balloon was madein 1825 by a rubber manufacturer, Thomas Hancock, and hence theinception of the name, toy balloon. After having some security concerns overthe use of hydrogen to fill the balloons, the
inflated helium balloons
cameinto the fore. The helium gas is much safer to use and has one-tenth thelifting power of the hydrogen gas.It is for the safety features of the helium gas, that it started to make its usein various occasions like kids birthday parties, engagement ceremonies,weddings or any other event involving a large group of people gatheringtogether and celebrating. With the advancement in technology, there hasbeen made provision in the balloons to have an inner lining that prevents thewaste of helium gas. The inner lining seals the helium gas inside thus, aidingthe prolonged existence of the
inflated helium balloons
.Along with the change of the hydrogen gas to helium being used in theballoon, there has been another change made in the material of the balloon.The foil balloons have made its mark over the regular rubber balloons. Thereare many advantages that made the foil balloon take over the latex balloonin the market. The first being that foil balloon can last longer, up to twoweeks on helium, which is a far sight of the rubber balloon. The foil balloonscome in various sizes thus, making them the best buy for different

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