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Table Of Contents

Canto II. Brahmá's Visit
Canto III. The Argument
Canto IV. The Rhapsodists
Canto V. Ayodhyá
Canto VI. The King
Canto VII. The Ministers
Canto IX. Rishyasring
Canto X. Rishyasring Invited
Canto XI. The Sacrifice Decreed
Canto XII. The Sacrifice Begun
Canto XIII. The Sacrifice Finished
Canto XIV. Rávan Doomed
Canto XV. The Nectar
Canto XVI. The Vánars
Canto XVII. Rishyasring's Return
Canto XVIII. Rishyasring's Departure
Canto XIX. The Birth Of The Princes
Canto XX. Visvámitra's Visit
Canto XXI. Visvámitra's Speech
Canto XXII. Dasaratha's Speech
Canto XXIII. Vasishtha's Speech
Canto XXIV. The Spells
Canto XXV. The Hermitage Of Love
Canto XXVI. The Forest Of Tádaká
Canto XXVII. The Birth Of Tádaká
Canto XXVIII. The Death Of Tádaká
Canto XXIX. The Celestial Arms
Canto XXX. The Mysterious Powers.166
Canto XXXI. The Perfect Hermitage
Canto XXXII. Visvámitra's Sacrifice
Canto XXXIII. The Sone
Canto XXXIV. Brahmadatta
Canto XXXV. Visvámitra's Lineage
Canto XXXVI. The Birth Of Gangá
Canto XXXIX. The Sons Of Sagar
Canto XL. The Cleaving Of The Earth
Canto XLI. Kapil
Canto XLII. Sagar's Sacrifice
Canto XLIII. Bhagírath
Canto XLIV. The Descent Of Gangá
Canto XLV. The Quest Of The Amrit
Canto XLVI. Diti's Hope
Canto XLVII. Sumati
Canto XLVIII. Indra And Ahalyá
Canto XLIX. Ahalyá Freed
Canto L. Janak
Canto LI. Visvámitra
Canto LII. Vasishtha's Feast
Canto LIII. Visvámitra's Request
Canto LIV. The Battle
Canto LV. The Hermitage Burnt
Canto LVI. Visvámitra's Vow
Canto LVII. Trisanku
Canto LVIII. Trisanku Cursed
Canto LIX. The Sons Of Vasishtha
Canto LX. Trisanku's Ascension
Canto LXI. Sunahsepha
Canto LXII. Ambarísha's Sacrifice
Canto LXIII. Menaká
Canto LXIV. Rambhá
Canto LXV. Visvámitra's Triumph
Canto LXVI. Janak's Speech
Canto LXVII. The Breaking Of The Bow
Canto LXVIII. The Envoys' Speech
Canto LXIX. Dasaratha's Visit
Canto LXX. The Maidens Sought
Canto LXXI. Janak's Pedigree
Canto LXXII. The Gift Of Kine
Canto LXXIII. The Nuptials
Canto LXXIV. Ráma With The Axe.254
Canto LXXV. The Parle
Canto LXXVI. Debarred From Heaven
Canto LXXVII. Bharat's Departure
Canto I. The Heir Apparent
Canto II. The People's Speech
Canto III. Dasaratha's Precepts
Canto IV. Ráma Summoned
Canto V. Ráma's Fast
Canto VI. The City Decorated
Canto VII. Manthará's Lament
Canto VIII. Manthará's Speech
Canto IX. The Plot
Canto X. Dasaratha's Speech
Canto XI. The Queen's Demand
Canto XII. Dasaratha's Lament
Canto XIII. Dasaratha's Distress
Canto XIV. Ráma Summoned
Canto XV. The Preparations
Canto XVI. Ráma Summoned
Canto XVII. Ráma's Approach
Canto XVIII. The Sentence
Canto XIX. Ráma's Promise
Canto XX. Kausalyá's Lament
Canto XXI. Kausalyá Calmed
Canto XXII. Lakshman Calmed
Canto XXIII. Lakshman's Anger
Canto XXIV. Kausalyá Calmed
Canto XXV. Kausalyá's Blessing
Canto XXVI. Alone With Sítá
Canto XXVII. Sítá's Speech
Canto XXVIII. The Dangers Of The Wood
Canto XXIX. Sítá's Appeal
Canto XXX. The Triumph Of Love
Canto XXXI. Lakshman's Prayer
Canto XXXII. The Gift Of The Treasures
Canto XL. Ráma's Departure
Canto XLI. The Citizens' Lament
Canto XLII. Dasaratha's Lament
Canto XLIII. Kausalyá's Lament
Canto XLIV. Sumitrá's Speech
Canto XLV. The Tamasá
Canto XLVI. The Halt
Canto XLVII. The Citizens' Return
Canto XLVIII. The Women's Lament
Canto XLIX. The Crossing Of The Rivers
Canto L. The Halt Under The Ingudí.322
Canto LI. Lakshman's Lament
Canto LII. The Crossing Of Gangá
Canto LIII. Ráma's Lament
Canto LIV. Bharadvája's Hermitage
Canto LV. The Passage Of Yamuná
Canto LVI. Chitrakúta
Canto LVII. Sumantra's Return
Canto LVIII. Ráma's Message
Canto LIX. Dasaratha's Lament
Canto LX. Kausalyá Consoled
Canto LXI. Kausalyá's Lament
Canto LXII. Dasaratha Consoled
Canto LXIII. The Hermit's Son
Canto LXIV. Dasaratha's Death
Canto LXV. The Women's Lament
Canto LXVI. The Embalming
Canto LXVII. The Praise Of Kings
Canto LXIX. Bharat's Dream
Canto LXX. Bharat's Departure
Canto LXXI. Bharat's Return
Canto LXXII. Bharat's Inquiry
Canto LXXIII. Kaikeyí Reproached
Canto LXXIV. Bharat's Lament
Canto LXXV. The Abjuration
Canto LXXVI. The Funeral
Canto LXXVII. The Gathering Of The Ashes
Canto LXXVIII. Manthará Punished
Canto LXXIX. Bharat's Commands
Canto LXXX. The Way Prepared
Canto LXXXI. The Assembly
Canto LXXXII. The Departure
Canto LXXXIII. The Journey Begun
Canto LXXXIV. Guha's Anger
Canto LXXXV. Guha And Bharat
Canto LXXXVI. Guha's Speech
Canto LXXXVII. Guha's Story
Canto LXXXVIII. The Ingudí Tree
Canto LXXXIX. The Passage Of Gangá
Canto XCI. Bharadvája's Feast
Canto XCII. Bharat's Farewell
Canto XCIII. Chitrakúta In Sight
Canto XCIV. Chitrakúta
Canto XCV. Mandákiní
Canto XCVI. The Magic Shaft.374
Canto XCVII. Lakshman's Anger
Canto XCVIII. Lakshman Calmed
Canto XCIX. Bharat's Approach
Canto CI. Bharata Questioned
Canto CII. Bharat's Tidings
Canto CIV. The Meeting With The Queens
Canto CV. Ráma's Speech
Canto CVI. Bharat's Speech
Canto CVII. Ráma's Speech
Canto CVIII. Jáváli's Speech
Canto CIX. The Praises Of Truth
Canto CX. The Sons Of Ikshváku.389
Canto CXI. Counsel To Bharat
Canto CXII. The Sandals
Canto CXIII. Bharat's Return
Canto CXIV. Bharat's Departure
Canto CXV. Nandigrám.398
Canto CXVI. The Hermit's Speech
Canto CXVII. Anasúyá
Canto CXVIII. Anasúyá's Gifts
Canto CXIX. The Forest
Canto I. The Hermitage
Canto II. Virádha
Canto III. Virádha Attacked
Canto IV. Virádha's Death
Canto V. Sarabhanga
Canto VI. Ráma's Promise
Canto VII. Sutíkshna
Canto VIII. The Hermitage
Canto IX. Sítá's Speech
Canto X. Ráma's Reply
Canto XI. Agastya
Canto XII. The Heavenly Bow
Canto XIII. Agastya's Counsel
Canto XIV. Jatáyus
Canto XV. Panchavatí
Canto XVI. Winter
Canto XVII. Súrpanakhá
Canto XVIII. The Mutilation
Canto XIX. The Rousing Of Khara
Canto XX. The Giants' Death
Canto XXI. The Rousing Of Khara
Canto XXII. Khara's Wrath
Canto XXIII. The Omens
Canto XXIV. The Host In Sight
Canto XXV. The Battle
Canto XXVI. Dúshan's Death
Canto XXVII. The Death Of Trisirás
Canto XXVIII. Khara Dismounted
Canto XXIX. Khara's Defeat
Canto XXX. Khara's Death
Canto XXXI. Rávan
Canto XXXII. Rávan Roused
Canto XXXIII. Súrpanakhá's Speech
Canto XXXIV. Súrpanakhá's Speech
Canto XXXV. Rávan's Journey
Canto XXXVI. Rávan's Speech
Canto XXXVII. Márícha's Speech
Canto XXXVIII. Márícha's Speech
Canto XXXIX. Márícha's Speech
Canto XL. Rávan's Speech
Canto XLI. Márícha's Reply
Canto XLII. Márícha Transformed
Canto XLIII. The Wondrous Deer
Canto XLIV. Márícha's Death
Canto XLV. Lakshman's Departure
Canto XLVI. The Guest
Canto XLVII. Rávan's Wooing
Canto XLVIII. Rávan's Speech
Canto XLIX. The Rape Of Sítá
Canto L. Jatáyus
Canto LI. The Combat
Canto LII. Rávan's Flight
Canto LIII. Sítá's Threats
Canto LIV. Lanká
Canto LV. Sítá In Prison
Canto LVI. Sítá's Disdain
Canto LVII. Sítá Comforted
Canto LVIII. The Brothers' Meeting
Canto LIX. Ráma's Return
Canto LX. Lakshman Reproved
Canto LXI. Ráma's Lament
Canto LXII. Ráma's Lament
Canto LXIII. Ráma's Lament
Canto LXIV. Ráma's Lament
Canto LXV. Ráma's Wrath
Canto LXVI. Lakshman's Speech
Canto LXVII. Ráma Appeased
Canto LXVIII. Jatáyus
Canto LXIX. The Death Of Jatáyus
Canto LXX. Kabandha
Canto LXXI. Kabandha's Speech
Canto LXXII. Kabandha's Tale
Canto LXXIII. Kabandha's Counsel
Canto LXXIV. Kabandha's Death
Canto LXXV. Savarí
Canto LXXVI. Pampá
Canto I. Ráma's Lament
Canto II. Sugríva's Alarm
Canto III. Hanumán's Speech
Canto IV. Lakshman's Reply
Canto V. The League
Canto VI. The Tokens
Canto VII. Ráma Consoled
Canto VIII. Ráma's Promise
Canto IX. Sugríva's Story.562
Canto X. Sugríva's Story
Canto XI. Dundubhi
Canto XII. The Palm Trees
Canto XIII. The Return To Kishkindhá
Canto XIV. The Challenge
Canto XV. Tárá
Canto XVI. The Fall Of Báli
Canto XVII. Báli's Speech
Canto XVIII. Ráma's Reply
Canto XIX. Tárá's Grief
Canto XX. Tárá's Lament
Canto XXI. Hanumán's Speech
Canto XXII. Báli Dead
Canto XXIII. Tárá's Lament
Canto XXIV. Sugríva's Lament
Canto XXV. Ráma's Speech
Canto XXVI. The Coronation
Canto XXVII. Ráma On The Hill
Canto XXVIII. The Rains
Canto XXIX. Hanumán's Counsel
Canto XXX. Ráma's Lament
Canto XXXI. The Envoy
Canto XXXII. Hanumán's Counsel
Canto XXXIII. Lakshman's Entry
Canto XXXIV. Lakshman's Speech
Canto XXXV. Tárá's Speech
Canto XXXVI. Sugríva's Speech
Canto XXXVII. The Gathering
Canto XXXVIII. Sugríva's Departure
Canto XXXIX. The Vánar Host
Canto XL. The Army Of The East
Canto XLI. The Army Of The South
Canto XLII. The Army Of The West
Canto XLIII. The Army Of The North
Canto XLIV. The Ring
Canto XLV. The Departure
Canto XLVI. Sugríva's Tale
Canto XLVII. The Return
Canto XLVIII. The Asur's Death
Canto XLIX. Angad's Speech
Canto L. The Enchanted Cave
Canto LXVII. Hanumán's Speech
Canto I. Hanumán's Leap
Canto II. Lanká
Canto III. The Guardian Goddess
Canto IV. Within The City
Canto VI. The Court
Canto VII. Rávan's Palace
Canto VIII. The Enchanted Car
Canto IX. The Ladies' Bower
Canto X. Rávan Asleep
Canto XI. The Banquet Hall
Canto XII. The Search Renewed
Canto XIII. Despair And Hope
Canto XIV. The Asoka Grove
Canto XV. Sítá
Canto XVI. Hanumán's Lament
Canto XVII. Sítá's Guard
Canto XVIII. Rávan
Canto XIX. Sítá's Fear
Canto XX. Rávan's Wooing
Canto XXI. Sítá's Scorn
Canto XXII. Rávan's Threat
Canto XXIII. The Demons' Threats
Canto XXIV. Sítá's Reply
Canto XXV. Sítá's Lament
Canto XXVI. Sítá's Lament
Canto XXVII. Trijatá's Dream
Canto XXX. Hanumán's Deliberation
Canto XXXI. Hanumán's Speech
Canto XXXII. Sítá's Doubt
Canto XXXIII. The Colloquy
Canto XXXIV. Hanumán's Speech
Canto XXXV. Hanumán's Speech
Canto XXXVI. Ráma's Ring
Canto XXXVII. Sítá's Speech
Canto XXXVIII. Sítá's Gem
Canto XLI. The Ruin Of The Grove
Canto XLII. The Giants Roused
Canto XLIII. The Ruin Of The Temple
Canto XLIV. Jambumáli's Death
Canto XLV. The Seven Defeated
Canto XLVI. The Captains
Canto XLVII. The Death Of Aksha
Canto XLVIII. Hanumán Captured
Canto XLIX. Rávan
Canto L. Prahasta's Questions
Canto LI. Hanumán's Reply
Canto LII. Vibhishan's Speech
Canto LIII. The Punishment
Canto LIV. The Burning Of Lanká
Canto LV. Fear For Sítá
Canto LVI. Mount Arishta
Canto LVII. Hanumán's Return
Canto LVIII. The Feast Of Honey
Canto LXV. The Tidings
Canto LXVI. Ráma's Speech
Canto I. Ráma's Speech
Canto II. Sugríva's Speech
Canto III. Lanká
Canto IV. The March
Canto V. Ráma's Lament
Canto VI. Rávan's Speech
Canto VII. Rávan Encouraged
Canto VIII. Prahasta's Speech
Canto IX. Vibhishan's Counsel
Canto X. Vibhishan's Counsel
Canto XI. The Summons
Canto XII. Rávan's Speech
Canto XIII. Rávan's Speech
Canto XIV. Vibhishan's Speech
Canto XV. Indrajít's Speech
Canto XVI. Rávan's Speech
Canto XVII. Vibhishan's Flight
Canto XVIII. Ráma's Speech
Canto XIX. Vibhishan's Counsel
Canto XX. The Spies
Canto XXI. Ocean Threatened
Canto XXII. Ocean Threatened
Canto XXXVII. Preparations
Canto XXXVIII. The Ascent Of Suvela
Canto XXXIX. Lanká
Canto XL. Rávan Attacked
Canto XLI. Ráma's Envoy
Canto XLII. The Sally
Canto XLIII. The Single Combats
Canto XLIV. The Night
Canto XLV. Indrajít's Victory
Canto XLVI. Indrajít's Triumph
Canto XLVII. Sítá
Canto XLVIII. Sítá's Lament
Canto XLIX. Ráma's Lament
Canto L. The Broken Spell
Canto LI. Dhúmráksha's Sally
Canto LII. Dhúmráksha's Death
Canto LIII. Vajradanshtra's Sally
Canto LIV. Vajradanshtra's Death
Canto LIX. Rávan's Sally
Canto LX. Kumbhakarna Roused
Canto LXI. The Vánars' Alarm
Canto LXII. Rávan's Request
Canto LXIII. Kumbhakarna's Boast
Canto LXIV. Mahodar's Speech
Canto LXV. Kumbhakarna's Speech
Canto LXVI. Kumbhakarna's Sally
Canto LXVII. Kumbhakarna's Death
Canto LXVIII. Rávan's Lament
Canto LXIX. Narántak's Death
Canto LXX. The Death Of Trisirás
Canto LXXI. Atikáya's Death
Canto LXXII. Rávan's Speech
Canto LXXIII. Indrajít's Victory
Canto LXXIV. The Medicinal Herbs
Canto LXXV. The Night Attack
Canto XCIII. Rávan's Lament
Canto XCVI. Rávan's Sally
Canto C. Rávan In The Field
Canto CI. Lakshman's Fall
Canto CII. Lakshman Healed
Canto CIII. Indra's Car
Canto CVI. Glory To The Sun
Canto CVIII. The Battle
Canto CIX. The Battle
Canto CX. Rávan's Death
Canto CXI. Vibhishan's Lament
Canto CXII. The Rákshas Dames
Canto CXIV. Vibhishan Consecrated
Canto CXV. Sítá's Joy
Canto CXVI. The Meeting
Canto CXVII. Sítá's Disgrace
Canto CXVIII. Sítá's Reply
Canto CXIX. Glory To Vishnu
Canto CXX. Sítá Restored
Canto CXXI. Dasaratha
Canto CXXII. Indra's Boon
Canto CXXIII. The Magic Car
Canto CXXIV. The Departure
Canto CXXV. The Return
Canto CXXVI. Bharat Consoled
Canto CXXVII. Ráma's Message
Canto CXXVIII. Hanumán's Story
Canto CXXIX. The Meeting With Bharat
Canto CXXX. The Consecration
Section XIII. Rávan Doomed
Queen Fortune
Vishnu's Incarnation As Ráma
Kusa and Lava
Parasuráma, Page 87
Yáma, Page 68
Fate, Page 68
Visvámitra, Page 76
Household Gods, Page 102
Page 107
Page 108
Page 109
Page 110
Page 120
Page 125
Page 136
Page 152
Page 157
Page 161
Page 169
Page 174. The Praise Of Kings
Page 176. Sálmalí
Page 178. Bharat's Return
Page 183
Page 203
Page 219
Page 249
Page 250
Page 257
Page 286. Urvasí
Page 324
Page 326
Page 329. Ráma's Alliance With Sugríva
Page 342. The Fall Of Báli
Page 370. The Vánar Host
Page 372
Page 374
Page 378. Northern Kurus
Page 428
Page 431
Page 434
Page 436
Page 452
Page 462
Page 466
Page 470
Page 489
Page 492. Rávan's Funeral
Page 503. The Meeting
Final Notes
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