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How to Pass Your CCNA

How to Pass Your CCNA

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Published by Mohamed Ragab

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Published by: Mohamed Ragab on Dec 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright Paul Browning 2008 www.howtonetwork.net
How to Pass Your CCNA in 60 Days
By Paul Browning
This guide is to be read as part of the ‘CCNA in 60 Days Program’ which is availablefor free via -www.howtonetwork.net Please print off this short e-book and have a pen or pencil ready to fill in theexercises. The below pencil icon indicates an area where you need to fill in yourresponse:
Copyright Paul Browning 2008 www.howtonetwork.netIntroductionThe fact you are reading this means you want to pass your Cisco CCNA exam and just knowing this much about you means I can tell you with some confidence that youcan. I know we have never met and I know nothing about you apart from the fact that:a) you want to pass your CCNA andb) you can read English.Over the past six years I have helped hundreds of people just like you pass their CiscoCCNA exam. They came from all walks of life as well, builders, unemployed,gardeners, receptionists, people with several years IT experience and people withnone whatsoever apart from the ability to turn a PC on (and maybe off again). I evenused the CCNA myself to get out of a job I no longer loved and into a role with CiscoTAC.I have learned that anybody can pass their CCNA or do almost anything in fact butthere is a catch. Would you like to know what the catch is?You have to want it bad enough and be prepared to put the work in.No, that’s it. We could all be super fit, pass degrees, start a business or learnconversational Russian. If we really really wanted to.May I tell you about a good friend of mine, Geoff Thompson. Geoff used to work in a factory in my oldhome town of Coventry in the UK. He worked 12hour night shifts sweeping up dirt from the factoryfloor.He was broke and depressed at the thought of doingthe same job for the next 35 years. What he reallywanted to be was a writer. Not any old writer though,a best selling writer who not only wrote books butalso scripts for movies and dramas.Geoff used to hide in the toilet in the factory and writewhile he was sitting on the toilet seat. His first book was about his experiences working as a doorman at aterribly violent nightclub situated in Coventry citycentre.Geoff Receiving his BAFTAGeoff wrote the book by hand and then had his girlfriend and best friend help himtype it up on a typewriter ready to submit to publishers.Ninety nine rejection letters later, Geoff still could not find a publisher to take him on.He persisted though and eventually, a start up publishing company took a chance withhim. His book became a bestseller and has sold over 300 000 copies and beentranslated into many languages. It has also been made into a short film. Not only that
Copyright Paul Browning 2008 www.howtonetwork.netbut Geoff has been a full time writer now for the past ten years and has authored over30 books. He moved from his rented flat into a five bedroom luxury house.Geoff is now working with movie directors on scripts and his films are winningawards at film festivals all over the world. Geoff is the first to admit that he isn’tanything special. He was plagued with doubts and fears but he had a big dream andwas willing to put the work in.http://www.geoffthompson.com/  I tell you this because I firmly believethat if you want something, have astrong enough reason and are willingto put the work in then you can havewhatever you want. I can say this withsome confidence because thismorning, while everyone in my estatewas driving off to work I was at homecuddling my beautiful baby daughter.I fed her and then while my partnerwent off to meet some fellow newmothers I sat down to finish off this e-book.In this short e-book (or whatever you want to call it), I will tell you how to prepareyourself for the ‘Pass Your CCNA in 60 Days’ challenge. I want you to examine yourreasons for wanting to pass the Cisco CCNA and ask yourself honestly if you arewilling to do what it takes. Doing the work is going to be pretty easy because I amgoing to take you by the hand and tell you what to do in minute detail.There will be no shortcuts or cheats. You are going to learn the material and learn itwell enough to pass your CCNA and then apply what you have learned to a CiscoCCNA level network role.Vilfredo Pareto and the CCNAHave you heard of the 80/20 rule? It was introduced by Italian economist VilfredoPareto who found that 20% of efforts yielded 80% of the results. This term has nowbeen applied by personal development gurus and pseudo-scientists for many yearsnow. It can be 90/10, 70/30 or whatever.When we apply it to CCNA studies we find that out of every 100 people who embark upon a CCNA course, only 10% pass their CCNA. Read that again! Yes, you may beshocked at that statistic (and it is a real statistic). It doesn’t matter if you have paid fora cheap and cheerful home study course, weekend boot camp or two week intensivecourse led by the world’s top Cisco engineers. It even applies to the world famousCisco Networkers Academy (call them and ask for their results).What I want to know is what are the 10% doing that the 90% are not. I could beflippant and say that they aren’t studying but why not? In the UK you can pay around

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