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faux civility

faux civility

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Published by MSPBWatch
evidence of faux civility by James Murtagh
evidence of faux civility by James Murtagh

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Published by: MSPBWatch on Dec 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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David Pardo
(dpardo@outlook.com)Sent: Thu 11/29/12 8:54 AMTo: James Murtagh (jamesmurtagh85@yahoo.com)Cc:Kenneth Kendrick (kkendrick41@gmail.com); Jesselyn Radack (jradack@whistleblower.org); Timothy Cheng (tc@kkc.com)
That is, when not defaming him and others in private, and lying to his own inner circle.
 http://deviningafraud.wordpress.com/tag/james-murtagh has other examples of Murtagh'streachery and dishonesty.
I agree Linda,
I have tried to write whistle watch, but the response has not yet been rational. I agreethat Evy is a little less crazy than Pardo, but not much. I am working behind the sceneswith Evy's board, etc. Really, she doesn't have the resources- and she is fighting Pardotoo. She has absolutely no clout w Pardo anymore.
Only GAP/NWBC have the clout, resources and reputation to make a difference.
I am trying everything possible, and I don't want to put everything into email. I also worklong days and nights, as you know.
Ken has been great at helping me. Perhaps we can pool resources and devise of list of websites and persons we can write to. I'll do everything I possibly can do. I'm willing tofinance the effort to the extent I'm able. I'm meeting with lawyers and computerexperts everyday.
I don't want to put the strategy into email at this point.
Ken- if you have a chance, please help make a list of all persons and websites we mightwant to contact.
I get off work at 7 PM PST- I'll call then.
In the meantime, I hope every reliable whistleblower will write to GAP and to NWBC.
At 9:11 AM -0500 11/28/12, Linda Lewis wrote:
I can understand why you would ask GAP to take action. But, I don't understand why
you haven't asked WhistleWatch to take action. Evy Brown helped Dave Pardo to putwhistleblowers in the perilous position they now occupy and encouraged him in hisearly efforts. She has demanded that other organizations serve the interests of whistleblowers even if they lack the resources to do it. I see no reason why the "if youreally cared about whistleblowers" argument should not apply to Evy andWhistleWatch. In fact, she has information that could be very helpful to holding himaccountable.
- Linda
On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 10:30 PM, Jim Murtagh <jmurtag@mindspring.com wrote:
I am only writing to persons who are very familiar with the situation. If GAP refuses torespond, and I am forced to write a petition, I will write with great specificity.
Thanks- if you believe that GAP should step up and protect whistleblowers from anti-whistleblowers Pardo/Baker/Carson, I'd love to see your perspective.
Can you help me design a list of reliable whistleblowers who would possibly sign apetition to restore sanity to the community?
Thanks for your help
At 10:02 PM -0500 11/26/12, Linda Lewis wrote:
You have to provide specifics in order for people to understand what's going on. You'reassuming that everyone is aware of the same information.
On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 12:29 PM, Jim Murtagh <jmurtag@mindspring.com wrote:
The silence from GAP is deafening. Please write to GAP and tell them we needleadership in meeting the cancer on our efforts. Doing nothing is no longer an option.
I'm afraid the time is coming for us to put together a large petition demanding actionagainst extremist who violate the law with impunity. There is no excuse for thesepersons to hack or harass or extort or to block jobs etc.
Where is GAP? Where is NWBC? They exist to protect whistleblowers. Instead, theyappear to protect anti-whistleblowers.
Please write to GAP and NWBC. If this doesn't work, let's gather a list of very reliablewhistleblowers and prepare for collective action.
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 12:04:00 -0500
To: "Louis Clark" <LouisC@whistleblower.org,
From: Jim Murtagh <jmurtag@mindspring.com
Subject: The cancer on the WBer community is growing...
Cc: "J.S. Wigand, MA, Ph.D., MAT, Sc.D." <jwigand@jeffreywigand.com, Don Soeken<donsoeken@gmail.com, kkendrick41@gmail.com,, Jesselyn Radack<jradack@whistleblower.org, "Bea Edwards" <beae@whistleblower.org,Ron@1707law.com
X-Attachments:Dear Louis Clark,
As you know, Baker/Pardo/Carson ramped up new attacks on GAP, GAP supporters andGAP clients over the weekend. Baker has started a huge campaign of computer hacking.Very important whistleblowers are being driven out of our community. They deservebetter. We must staunch the bleeding.
Looking for options
I am prepared to circulate a petition and organize a collective action against anti-whistleblowers in our midst. Such a petition may be divisive. What are our options? Canthis be handled quietly with a limited number of persons involved?
Baker/Pardo/Carson have completely blocked free speech. They are retaliating againstanyone who speaks out. We cannot let the brave members of our group be harassed,hacked and threatened any longer. We need your leadership.
Do you have ideas, thoughts or comments?
I would like to speak with you on the phone. I hope you have time. I have concreteproposals on what I hope we can do to salvage this situation.
Dr. James John Murtagh, FCCP
404 626 4520

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