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Portfolio Essay Final

Portfolio Essay Final

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Published by m1118

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Published by: m1118 on Dec 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Matthew PiercyMs. IngramENGL 1103-03627 November 2012Portfolio Essay: Progression and KnowledgeThis portfolio contains evidence combined with an explanation that helps to explain thework I have arranged and how this work has helped me to grow as a writer throughout thesemester. This work shows how I have engaged in the course and acknowledges the grade that Ideserve for the course based on the evidence and explanation that I have presented. My work consists of six assignments known as required work, which is most of the main assignments thatI have completed over the course of the semester. Other pieces that I have included are my self-selections that include process work, notebook entries, brainstorming, warm-ups, responses, andother artifacts, some of which is writing from other classes. This essay as well as the work in my portfolio will help to illustrate the progress I have made as a young writer in many areas of mywriting.I have selected my evidence based upon careful examination of my finished work as wellas the work in progress. In order to show my growth as a writer and how I related my work together, I chose work that directly showed my use of the writing process and how I developedmy thoughts and feelings into different types of papers and writing activities. When I selectedmy required work, I chose the third draft of each essay, assignment, and bibliography. I chosethe third draft because this was the draft that illustrated my best work and best represented mythoughts. The first two drafts were working papers and helped to create a path that wasnecessary for revision on what I considered the final draft. As a writer, I challenged myself towrite each draft to the best of my ability. This said, there was always something more that I
could improve upon on each and every draft whether it was sentence structure or theorganization of my thoughts. For example, in my process works section, I included my seconddrafts for my Argumentative Research Essay and my WILTBY essay, as well as the cover lettersfor each of these. I chose the cover letter and the second draft of my WILTBY Essay becausethis was the first major paper that I wrote this semester. This paper was one of my first papers incollege, and I wrote it very similar to the way that I wrote papers in high school. This said, whenI look at the WILTBY paper and the last couple of papers that I wrote, I can accurately describethe improvements as well as the items that still need work. For example, the cover letter for myWILTBY essay was short and to the point. By the end of the semester with my ArgumentativeResearch Essay, my cover letters were elaborate, in-depth, and interactive with the readers. Thework at the beginning of the semester shows my writing as a student, and my writing at the endof the semester illustrates my writing as I work my way towards becoming a professional. Thework in between, such as the Annotated Bibliography, shows the growth process. The growth isalso evident with my brainstorming activities and warm-ups that I wrote throughout the semester.In this class, the different types of writing such as the formal essays, free writing, pre-writing, and blogging have helped to improve my writing in all aspects. I approached each typeof writing differently, as I took a professional approach and organized my content in a professional manner on the formal essays. To me, the essays proved to be the most difficult as itwas more difficult for me to organize my thoughts and get my point across, especially in theArgumentative Research essay. At first, some of my examples did not directly relate to my position on the argument, and I had to reorganize my position to where the relationship betweenmy position and examples was evident. The side-shadowing activity helped me quite a bit withthis issue. I also approached the Annotated Bibliography and the Three Sided Assignment in a
different manner than I would my everyday writing. In the Annotated Bibliography, I learnedhow to perform adequate research and summarize my findings in a way that was useful. TheThree Sided Assignment allowed me to write to a particular audience as I looked at threedifferent sides of an argument. I realized what my topic looked like from several differentviewpoints. Also, the cover letter on the Three Sided Assignment made me consider theaudience I was writing to and how I needed to convey my research in a way that they couldeasily understand. The second draft of the Three Sided Assignment also helped me to effectivelydetermine what my inquiry question really was. I approached the blogs with a positive attitude because I did not view them as “threatening”. The blogs were more of a free write dealing withmy research and opinions. I could present my own feelings and opinions in the blogs withouthaving to worry as much about structure. The blogs are not as formally organized, and it iseasier to organize my thoughts when I am just writing what comes to my mind. In my opinion, Ifelt that the blog was more interactive, and I connected my thoughts more efficiently. The blogshelped to jumpstart my writing on the formal writing assignments and make the proper connections. Also, Ms. Ingram’s comments on the first blog gave me direction and helped me tonarrow down my question/topic in relation to what it meant to be healthy. I viewed many of thewarm-ups and writings as a class the same way and I feel that my writing grew with eachindividual assignment.My most important work in the class was the Argumentative Research Essay. I felt likethis assignment was where everything that I had learned came together as one. All of my writingand research was directly related to this paper. In this paper, I situated a valid argument whileconsidering and respecting the opinions of others. I directly connected with my audience and practiced academic writing. As a writer, this paper allowed me to practice most of the elements

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