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DREAM:IN Brasil Report

DREAM:IN Brasil Report

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Published by DreamIn Initiative
DREAM:IN Brasil Conclave
DREAM:IN Brasil Conclave

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Published by: DreamIn Initiative on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It’s time to wake up to the dreams o Brazil, to create a new and more inclusive uture whereeveryone has the right to realize their dreams, to be happy and ullled. It is possible, and in Brazil,DREAM:IN is a massive national project, bravely anchored by the Vivarta Institute, to discover thedreams o Brazilian people.For over three months, 240 students and 20 teachers rom six major universities in Brazil and oneAmerican university worked together, or the rst time ever, to distil the dreams o Brazil. In bigcities and remote locations throughout the country, teams collected insights to reveal the trueaspirations o the people and their potential as entrepreneurs.On the 9th, 10th and 11th o August 2012, the dreams o Brazil were shared at a Conclave in Sao Paulo.The ocus was detly shited rom needs to dreams once again. And a massive design thinking eortyielded a plethora o very practical, inspiring and unique ideas. That can help dream, believe and realize.
DREAM:IN is a global movement, with signicant local players and action; to create lasting socio-economic change. DREAM:IN is also the convergence o seemingly opposing orces o growthand impact, investment and innovation, the real and the virtual, education and practice. In essence,DREAM:IN is an ‘inside-out’ process, methodology and system to change the basis o impactinvesting and value creation rom needs to dreams, rom systems to sel.It was conceived by Sonia Manchanda, co-ounder o Idiom Design and Consulting, India, alongwith Carlos Teixeira, Associate Proessor, Parsons New School o Design, New York, as a project inBangalore, India last year to shit the basis o value creation rom needs to dreams.This is how Brazil started dreaming.
In January-February 2011, when DREAM:IN was created, there were really three strong ideasthat emerged.One was the idea o turning the spotlight rom needs to dreams, to create a new and inclusivehuman-centered growth paradigm and thus the idea o DREAM:IN, articulated and crated as aproject by Sonia Manchanda emerging rom previous collaborations with Carlos Teixeira. She thenwent on to develop the methodology - a combination o ethnography, design thinking and lmmaking - and the training to capture dreams as short but rich, edited video documentaries.The second was the idea o absorbing dreams; and an event that was/is designed to do so; wherethemed Dreamcapsules and live presentations by Big Dreamers create a mood that is positive,imaginative and a shared, inspiring experience.The third idea, where Carlos Teixeira’s vast academic experience eeds in and which is his brainchildis that o ‘design thinking tables’ where dierent expertises come together to co-create ideas at amassive scale and speed, based on the dreams o people. The result o which is venture ideas thatare socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.Claudia M Davis o the Vivarta Institute had participated in the DREAM:IN Conclave in India in 2011and added an interesting ourth idea; that o the DREAM:IN experience where global leaders werehosted by her in India who, besides participating in the conclave, also visited businesses, institutesand manuacturing units to engage in deep and meaningul conversations with local Big Dreamersand thus had the experience o a lietime. In this eort, as Bruce Nussbaum put it in his inimitablestyle, ‘millions o dollars o IP’ was created by taking an open, collaborative approach.Besides all this, a Dream Team was ormed, across India, New York and Brazil. Silently committed tospreading positive energy and design thinking in an inclusive spirit to emerging markets.
Things have moved ahead in India over the last year with the conversation centered around creatingsustainability and moving beyond conversations and inspiring exercises and creating massiveimpact at individual, national and global levels, especially or the next generation. DREAM:IN hastransormed rom a project into an independent organisation within a year o its inception.It is now led by Kush Medhora out o India, a seasoned proessional who has taken the plunge andchosen to be an entrepreneur. He brings his nancial expertise and vast on-ground experience inshaping projects to the DREAM:IN enterprise which is getting ready on-ground to search, select,shape, support and seek investments or a 100 young entrepreneurial dreams in a 100 days, andonline is launching its portal where dreamers rom every part o the world can upload their dreams,nd believers, mentors and investment and work towards realizing their dreams.
DREAM:IN is also being prototyped as a method o bottom-up development through the adoptiono a district called Tumkur on the outskirts o Bangalore. DREAM:IN Tumkur is working to transormagriculturists into agripreneurs.
The DREAM:IN BRAZIL project led by the Vivarta Institute in Brazil has been in development sinceJanuary 2012. The process was launched in Brazil as Carlos Teixeira corresponded with Brazilianuniversities, who with a great degree o openness and fexibility, chose to engage with theDREAM:IN Global Academic Program. The rst university to join the porject was PUC Rio. OnceClaudia Davis gave the nod, other universities too realized the merit in engaging with the program.Proessors rom six design departments o Brazilian universities were trained to teach theDREAM:IN method which lays emphasis on innovation and design thinking creating new value andmeaning or the people o Brazil. The DREAM:IN methodology and learnings were transerred romNew York and India via Cisco Webex to the universities who then created their own Dream Journeysand Conclaves, investing their own energy, time and resources.This entire eort was managed locally by Claudia M Davis and Luiza Tolosa. Luiza had made thepersonal eort to spend two months in India, to learn and absorb DREAM:IN. In Rio de Janeiro, themethod was applied, in partnership with the PUC-Rio City Hall and the Firjan, in the revitalization othe Docklands and the City Centre. And a big local Conclave allowed the insights and ideas to beshared locally as well.Design departments o ve other higher education institutions were also involved in DREAM:IN:the School o Advertising and Marketing o São Paulo (ESPM-SP), the University o Brasília (UnB),the State University o Minas Gerais (UEMG), the Federal University o Maranhão (UFMA) and theUniversity o Vale dos Sinos, in Rio Grande do Sul (Unisinos).All the data rom the universities, all the energy, was channelled into creating the DREAM: INConclave in Sao Paulo. Funded on Catarse. Managed by Vivarta and many other team members whogave not only their time but also resources to the eort!
“It is time to awaken the dreams o Brazilians, and not just to dream them. We need to make thecountry believe that it is possible to realize them. The DREAM:IN project is a way to invert thepyramid, away rom the minority on top that points out what has to be done and what is ‘truth”,andlistening to ordinary people who also have a voice. We believe, thereore, it is possible to perormcreative work using innovative solutions that are capable o generating new livelihoods or the thirdmillennium,” says Claudia Davis, Executive Director o the Vivarta Institute.“We are a young nation, ethnically diverse, with almost 200 million inhabitants; we have an areatwo and a hal times larger than India, and we are actors on the world stage in many industries. Wehave a large untapped entrepreneurial potential and we need to know ourselves more deeply, “ saysTomas Cunzolo Jr, President o the board o Vivarta.

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