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Left Gatekeepers

Left Gatekeepers



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Published by Timothy
This is a summary of Left Gatekeepers. Left Gatekeepers are faux liberals who promote the agenda of the establishment. They also are funded by the same corporate elite that they supposedly rail against. The good news is that people from across the political spectrum have rightfully exposed these individuals completely.
This is a summary of Left Gatekeepers. Left Gatekeepers are faux liberals who promote the agenda of the establishment. They also are funded by the same corporate elite that they supposedly rail against. The good news is that people from across the political spectrum have rightfully exposed these individuals completely.

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Published by: Timothy on Jan 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Left Gatekeepers
The following is about left gatekeepers. The Nation, Z magazine, The Progressive, MotherJones, Alternative Radio and Democracy Now are example of left gatekeepers. LeftGatekeepers are faux liberals (they claim to be real liberals) who promote the agenda of theestablishment (like the war on terrorism, the United Nations, population control, etc.). Theyalso are funded by the same corporate elite that they supposedly rail against. The LeftGatekeepers usually won’t expose 9/11 as an inside job, FEMA concentration camps,or anydiscussion of the more than 133 two-mile deep underground city/bases located all overAmerica which every state governor and every member of congress has a ticket to enter
Thegood news is that people from across the political spectrum have rightfully exposed theseindividuals completely. Some of innocent militia was demonized by the media. Back in 1994,Phil Donahue set out to demonize legitimate militia groups that weren't racist or extremist atall. Donahue denied that folks planned to have global government when elitists like DavidRockefeller, Paul Warburg, and others are quoted to call for an one world government (or anew world order) for decades from around the world. For example,
Rear Admiral Chester Ward,who was the Judge Advocate General of the Navy from 1956-1960 and a former member of the CFRwho pulled out after realizing what they were all about, warned the American people about thedangers of this and similar organizations (such as the Trilateral Commission).He said, "
The most
powerful clique in these elitist groups have one objective in common--they wantto bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence ofthe United States. A second clique of international members in the CFR . . .comprises the Wall Street international bankers and their key agents. Primarily,they want the world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in thecontrol of global government
."Brzezinski calls for a piecemeal "
movement toward alarger community of the developed nations . . . through a variety of indirect tiesand already developing limitations on national sovereignty
(Source: Brzezinski,Between Two Ages, p. 296)
Donahue and much of his audience supported what happened inWaco.Here is what Waco was about. David Koresh wasn't perfect and falsely claimed to beGod. Now, Koresh walked down the side of his compound freely on many times, he expressedhis intentions, and was accessible. The local authorities could of easily developed a warrantto arrest Koresh on many occasions. They didn't. What happened was that the Federalgovernment (in violation of Posse Comitatus) used helicopters and tanks to bomb plusmurder innocent men, women, and children. In 1993, the Posse Comitatus Act was againwaived, this time by
President Bill Clinton. InWaco,Texas,an armed religious sect known as the Branch Davidians mounted a standoffagainst theFBI. Three Delta Force operators were allowed at the site of the standoff. Two served as trainers and technical advisors to the FBI on a classified pieceof surveillance equipment. The BATF was involved as well. Another served as an observer. Thesepeople died at the hands of the Feds and even some FBI agents admitted to errors revolving aroundtheir conduct during the Waco raid of 1993. I was in the 4th grade during that time. The FBI admittedthat the fed utilized pyrotechnic Flite-Rite CS gas grenades in the raid (against the Mount Carmelchurch location). A pro-ADL person was there in the Donahue show forgetting that Hitler's Nazis stoleguns from innocent Jewish citizens. This was one of the many reasons why the Holocaust existed inthe first place. That ADL person tried to intimidate the black militia man. These same skeptics like PhilDonahue are now in 2009 harping against the Bush administration for their violation of our civilliberties. Their harping is legitimate, but this doesn't excuse their slander of real Patriots back in 1994.
George Soros is a perfect example of a Left Gatekeeping shill. He isn't representative of allliberals just like Rush Limbaugh is not a true conservative. He is an extremist. Georgesupports not only abortion, but partial birth abortion. Soros loves the ideas of globalism,euthanasia, and rabid gun control in the world.
Consequently, he has internationalist ties as well.
owned Harken Energy when the firm
bailed out George W
by buying his failing oilcompany for an inflated price. George Soros is a notorious investor in the Carlyle Group. The CarlyleGroup (made up of high level politicians, bankers, and other elites) is one of the big instruments of themilitary industrial complex funding this contrived, murderous, and evil war on terror.
The CarlyleGroup is an investment firm with dealings with the Bush and Bin Laden families for manyyears. Stephen Norris is one of the co-founders of the firm. This group is worth billions ofdollars.George Soros is mentioned to be worth at least 7 billion dollars. Soros is also amember of the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, and is apart of the World Economic Forum withmany Rockefeller interests. Hence, Soros is definitely apart of the establishment. Theestablishment is headed by the Vatican/Jesuits network and the oligarchical families (whichare based in the UK, the Black Nobility families, and others in Europe).
Soros is one of what inmedieval days were called Hofjuden, the "Court Jews," who were deployed by thearistocratic families.
Soros reportedly played a part in undermining banks and currencies during theAsian financial crisis of 1997 (He also made over $1 billion in speculation against the British poundback in the early 1990‘s. Some believe he had links to the Rothschilds, Mark Rich, and Rafi Eytan).
Soros (according to William Engdahl) allegedly “spent the war in Hungary under falsepapers
working for the Nazi government
, identifying and expropriating the property of wealthy fellow Jews.”
Soros is allied with the Open Society group. Soros, the Ford Foundation fundthese left gatekeepers
(from MoveOn, Pacifica Radio, Salon, the Nation, Chomsky, etc.) in orderto not expose the root of our problems plus find real solutions. One example is that most leftgatekeepers believe in the official story of 9/11 and aren't truly anti-war (as evident with most
of their support of the battles in Afghanistan
. Some of them are silent on globalization, etc.).#"Some have accused the Soros connected Open Society as facilitating the election of the dictator(and US asset) Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.
The Rose Revolution caused the electionof Mikhail to happen and Soros' Open Society Institute bankrolled the Georgian government in1994 (The Open Society bragged about being the backbone of the Rose Revolution thatcaused Saakashvili to be in power of Georgia).Saakashvili has been caught suppressingdissidents and provoking the Georgian preemptive strike against innocent Russianpeacekeepers. It is suspected that George Soros did these things, because he disagreed withthe leadership (and agenda) of Russia.Some believe that the Anglo-American establishmentin general want to control or pacify the areas of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.Although, HugoChavez is united with Pope Benedict XVI. Chavez have called for the new world order, so Idon‘t trust Hugo Chavez at all. Even Pope Benedict XVI have called for the new world order aswell. Other famous scapegoats include conservative Christians, National Sovereignty, and realcapitalism (since the market crisis was caused by the FED monopoly, theft, fraud, andoverprinting of devalued currency. Lying, theft, overprinting of currency, etc. have nothing todo with real free market capitalism at all).
Howard Zinn said even more ignorant comments about 9/11. Zinn claims to be cutting edge,but he's another left gatekeeper. He told an audience that he didn't care if 9/11 was an insidejob. Also, he commented that 9/11 truth activists are fanatics who are wasting their time.At alecture at UQAM unversity in Montreal, Zinn asked again he would support a new 9/11investigation.Zinn said that although 9/11 deserves to be more investigated, but he doesn'tbelieve that what happened in 9/11 is the most important question we can ask.He's a liar sincehe claimed that strong 9/11 Truthers only concentrate on what happened on 9/11. The reality ispeople in the 9/11 Truth Movement concentrate on a wide spectrum of issues from 9/11, thewar on terror, our civil liberties, biometrics, and the list goes on and on. The reality is thatpeople have every right to decipher what happened during 9/11, the crimes of the Bushadministration, and other things, so we don't repeat the same mistakes again.Zinn’s exactwords about 9/11 were: "I don’t know enough about it (the 9/11 conspiracy) and the truth is Idon’t much care, that’s past."Even leftist Noam Chomsky dismissed researching 9/11. 9/11was one of the major reasons why the elite facilitated its aggressive and bad foreign anddomestic agenda.
Without 9/11, the war on terror might not exist, there might not be a war inAfghanistan (or Iraq), lives would be saved, the Patriot Act wouldn't exist, and other evils woulddisappear for the time being
.Typically, these left gatekeepers have huge followers that closetheir minds to align with Chomsky plus Zinn at every function.It is our responsibility to notonly care about what happened in 9/11, but figure out the truth dealing with 9/11. Leftgatekeepers like Zinn and Chomsky are devices that the globalists utilize to continue theleft/right paradigm. Even Amy Goodman of Democracy refuses to question the official story of9/11, but now wants an independent investigation of what occurred.The ACLU is a real mystery to folks. Over 500,000 people are members. They claim to want toprotect all of America's civil liberties. Is this the case?When you look at the fact, that isn'ttotally true. The person who founded the ACLU was Roger Baldwin.Many founders of theACLU are either related to Communists, socialists, or inside the CFR including FelixFrankfurter (CFR member and according to Dr. Burns, a member of the IntercollegiateSocialist Society), Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Scott Nearing, Morris L. Ernst, William Z. Foster,etc.Roger Baldwin is the most prominent founder and evidence points to him as a supporterof the Communist party. In fact Communist Emma Goldman tutored him in Lenin and praisedher. After his release from prison for draft evasion, many Communists attended his party likeAgres Smedley [who would become a Soviet espionage agent in China], Norman Thomas (thepatriarch of the Socialist Party), Louis Bundenz, Carliss Lamont, Soctt Nearing, etc. RogerBaldwin directed the ACLU for 30 years and in 1935 said that:
I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the state itself

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