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My Style – Natalie Oldfield

My Style – Natalie Oldfield

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Published by Amanda Karakoudas
This is a feature I wrote for one of New Zealand's leading magazines, Your Home & garden.
This is a feature I wrote for one of New Zealand's leading magazines, Your Home & garden.

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Published by: Amanda Karakoudas on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Home & Garden
ood stoe owne and cookbookatho Natalie Oldeld’s style ethosis clea: she likes he home to besimple, elegant and ee o cltte.Natalie, hsband Adam and daghteGabby, now 16, moved into thei Acklandbngalow in 2001. Attacted by its ichwood panelling and hadwood foo,Natalie knew it was the home o themat st glance. Howeve, thee yeaslate, the cook in he decided to emodelthe kitchen. The edesign opened p thekitchen and dining aeas, ceating a clean,contempoay look. She also had smoothwhite contetops intsalled to complementthe home’s dak wood.Natalie’s aesthetic is also evident at heMt Eden ood stoe, Dlcie May Kitchen,which she opened in 2009. It has cleanlines and foish-ee saces that letthe conte-top teats take cente stage.A tip to New Yok City was the catalysto the ood stoe. “The people who livethee ae so passionate abot what theydo and why they do it," says Natalie."It was thee that I ealised how mchmy gandmothe’s love o cooking had
At home and atwok, this bake is apassionate advocateo ood cooked withheat and sol
Text by
Amanda Kaakouda
.Photogaphy by
Todd Eye
Natalie's remodelled kitchen eatures all themod cons, yet melds nicely with the bungalow'soriginal decor.
Inset above
Freshly baked cupcakesare an enticing proposition.
Your Home & Garden
infenced me and my passion o oodand people. It’s whee the idea to wite acookbook with he ecipes was bon, too.”Excited by the hstle and bstle o hegan’s kitchen om a yong age, Natalietook evey oppotnity to be pat o thepoceedings. “Thee was lots o bakinggoing on. I'd help ot i someone aivedand Gan wanted something made qickly– sponge cakes, biscits and scones weealways easy to make.”That sense o togetheness is palpablein the ood stoe, whee Natalie and heamily spend mch o thei time makingeveything om sweet lemon sqaes,jams and chtneys to sasage olls,lasagne and tkish fatbeads.Natalie’s st cookbook,
Gran’s Kitchen
intodced he gandmothe’s wondelecipes to the masses. O all the ecipesNatalie eates in he book and ood stoe,“abot 70 pecent ae staight om Gan".He most ecent cookbook,
 Dulcie May Kitchen Everyday 
, was eleased in Apil,with similaly themed ecipes that ae“simple, easy, esh and ss-ee”.
Natalie: "My ft memoie o cookinae…
the moments I got to lick the bowl!Gowing p, my mothe was alwayscooking, so the oppotnity was theeto be involved – it was jst pat o o pbinging.
My avoitekitchen tool is…
my KitchenAid mixer – I can’t cook without it 
Main photo, right
To enhance her home's woodpanelling, Natalie has flled the dining and livingrooms with chocolate-coloured chairs and couches.
Inset top left
Baking is Natalie's true calling, and shestill fnds time to whip up treats at home.
 Above right
 The plates and dishes in this cabinet are used asprops or the ood styling in Natalie’s books.
Beoe I owned Dulcie May Kitchen…
 I always woked in hospitality in someom o othe, whethe in the kitchen oont o hose.
Dulcie May Kitchen i...
a amily aai.My mm bakes ealy beoe we open, thenonts the bsiness o me. Dad woks inthe kitchen, and my siste Michelle is inchage o all the cateing and is involvedwith the development o new ecipes.
Behind the cene it'…
vey cosy. Thekitchen is compact, bt it gets the jobdone. We'e bsy om 5.30am and I’motnate to have some amazing sta whotake on dieent oles with enthsiasm.I enjoy challenging them to expand theiknowledge and skills, and it's been soewading to see thei achievements.
My aouite ecent addition to DulcieMay' menu ae...
qince jelly and cabapple jelly.
I I had to chooe between cookin obakin...
it'd be baking all the way.
Top left
This strikingpohutukawa paintingby Natalie's avouriteartist, Auckland's DaveSotogi, graces a wallin the living room.
Top right
Natalie sayskeeping her possessionsstreamlined allows herto make the best use o her space. The bookshel in the living roomeatures her avouritebooks and beautiulcushions.
Themain bedroom isaccented with emininetouches – pale bluepillows, pink owers andlow lighting contribute tothe relaxed atmosphere.
Dulcie May Kitchenserves only organic,air-trade coee. Nataliesays engaging with hercustomers is one o heravourite things abouther business.
My inteios le is...
keep it simple and elegant 
Your Home & Garden

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