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DS December2012

DS December2012

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Published by patricia A murray

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Published by: patricia A murray on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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vol 10, no 10
durham, nc’s online community paper
Mamie V Alston poses with the plaque she purchased in honor of her late husband, Frank Howard Alston, at Russell Memorial CME Church.This photo was taken after a special service commemoratingthe church’s 110th anniversary.
(photo by patricia A murray)
The Durham Skywriter
— December 2012
Look for the Skywriter every month—it will beuploaded right before the 1st of each month.… and don’t forget to listen toRadio Skywriter every Sunday from 9:30 to 10pmon WNCU / 90.7fm andwncu.org.For more info and to be a guest on the show, get in touch with me (see contact info above).I’m always on the lookout for positive and useful news andinformation. If you have news, would like to be interviewed,or want to advertise, call 919-809-9682or send email todurhamskywriter 
December 2012 —
The Durham Skywriter
Te ile  his rile is he phrse hBeky Ssbury uses r whe she speks wih peple hvig  ugh ime delig  wih he hlidy ses er gig hrugh  mjr lie hllege, suh she deh   mily member r lss   jb. She is  speker d sul resiliee d risis revery.Suppse he Smih mily hssuered he ree lss   mily member. Te mm urlly ries hervery bes  mke sure h her mily elebres he sme ype  wderulChrisms r Hukkh h i lwyshs. Ou  he lve r her mily, shepus  her bigges smile d preedsh everyhig is A-OK. Uder hesure, hwever, everye is sd, d p  heir uexpressed grie, here’sprud disppime.Ad higs  ke  uexpeedur i smehig ges eve  eey biwry. A simple, rdiry miske ledig  verked sug migh sed MrsSmih i  urllble ryig spell. Or, mybe 15-yer-ld Jh ellsher h he ws  g   ried’shuse ised  hvig Chrismsdier wih he mily, d hey ed uphvig  huge rgume h eds upmessig up everye’s dy.Beky Ssbury hs  suggesir he Smih mily, d ye elsegig hrugh  ugh ime durig hehlidys: D’ ry  replie he ps.Relize h higs hve hged dlk i ver wih yur mily members. Wh e hppes is h he pres
he kids ry  pre eh her
(continued on page 4)
patricia A murray 
by puig  hppy es d igrig heir pi. Tere’s hig wrg wihkwledgig i, d i , i’s relly gd  lk bu i d ge i u ihe pe.Te bes wy  sr is  hve  lile mily meeig. I he pre(s)’emis re sill rw, hey  ry prively d ge hemselves geherhe bes hey . Te, hey  si wihhe kids d se he bvius:
We’re all really sad because we lost someone 
. Tgives he hildre permissi  ry, di’s gd  le hem kw i’s ky ry d  express heir sdess. Tey d’ hve  llw “siey”  rehem  eel he pressure  puig he pere, ll-smiles hlidy. Ms Smih ell her hildre h by leig usme  heir sdess, hey hve ully mde rm r sme jy.Te ex sep r he Smihs is gure u jus hw hey w  bservehe hlidy. Te mm will expli hhigs re diere his yer—dh hey’re gig  jus del wih hishlidy he bes hey . Iludig hekids i he plig press is e  hebes wys  kwledge heir eeligs,d geher hey’ll prbbly me up wih  hlidy elebri h will be  helig experiee r he eire mily.Suppse he lved-e wh heSmih mily jus ls ws Grdm,d he hlidys were lwys eeredrud her. Te mily e  herhuse, liseed  her sries, ejyedher kig, e. Hw  he Smihselebre he hlidys w h she’sge? A he mily meeig, mybehey’ll deide h—jus his yer—hey’ll e   resur. Or mybehey’ll sy hme, d er preprig he mel, hey’ll gree  use Grdm’sswee p pie reipe d see whhey me up wih.Nw suppse h he Smihs hd  rdii where hey liseed  eriChrisms CDs while derig heChrisms ree. I e  he kids, reve Ms Smih hersel relizes h hemusi  hse CDs will use sdess,he hey  deide  ur  he V r ply  DVD ised.I y se, he mily members wrk geher  ree hlidy elebri h wrks r hem hisyer. Mybe hey’ll ry  “ge bk rml” ex yer … bu mybe .Geig hrugh his yer’s hlidy ses is he gl; wrryig bu exyer  me ler. I’s pssible hsme  he hges he Smihs remkig his yer will be irpred ihlidy elebris rm he .Le’s ge bk  15-yer-ld Jh.Beky Sbury hs  slui rdelig wih ees wh migh give heimpressi h hey’re  gig lg  wih he prgrm. Jh isiss  gig  his ried, Mrk’s, huse ised  hvig dier wih he mily. I herdesire  keep everye geher dree he pere hlidy, Ms Smihmigh hve he ilii  rder him sy hme. Ised  yellig  him,she  spek wih him like  llegue.Ms Smih  sy h she udersdsh he ws  hg u wih hisrieds, bu h i wuld be  big help her i he uld gree  sped smeime wih he mily. Tey  hese  ime r him  reur hme er
‘Tips or holiday happiness when lie has been sad’

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