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Nortrom the Silencer

Nortrom the Silencer



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Nortrom the Silencer by inDe_eD (as of v6.59)
Strategy Guide for Nortrom the Silencer by inDe_eD (as of v6.59)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Jan 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nortrom, Silencer Guide
Written By 
As of v6.59
Nortrom, the Silencer 
His portrait honestly just looks like an Elven priest with ahockey mask grafted on.Hailing from the magical community of Quel'Thalas, Nortrom is one of the strongest Elven warriors defending the integrity of the lands. Mastering the ancient art of glaive-throwing, and combining it with the volatile nature of the Blood Elves' arcane magic, heis able to disrupt the magical energies in his enemies. By binding his magical powers tohis glaive, he is able to cause damage beyond devastation, gaining intelligence fromevery kill. Concentrating all his energies, he can cause chaos within his enemies' magical pools, making them unable to cast spells. He is determined to fend off theScourge and their demon magic until he has breathed his last 
Sunrise Tavern, upper-left corner, Hotkey is "I". I learned the hotkey from many gamesworth of experience spamming it to try to prevent MeR-LiNi from swiping him.
Table of contents
Part I  
- Introduction
1. Foreword2. Hero Overview3. Hero Positives and Negatives4. Hero Abilities
Part II  
- Power Glaive Silencer 
5. Introduction to Build6. Recommended Skill Order 7. Recommended Items8. Item Build9. Item Explanations10. Possible Items Afterwards11. Gameplay Walkthrough
Part III  
- Miscellaneous
12. Recommended Allies13. Worst Enemies14. Replays15. Pointless Trivia15. Guide Version/Endnotes
Part I 
- Introduction
1. Foreword
OH NOES HIS MOVESPEED WAS NERFED in 6.34!!!I wrote this guide because Silencer is currently one of the game's strongest heroes, yetmany players don't seem to know how to utilize him to his full potential. I've streamlinedthis guide as much as possible to make it an easy read.Nortrom is a powerful disabler/fighter hybrid. He has a curse which is devastatingagainst a few select heroes, a mapwide Silence, one of the strongest Arrow abilties, andan aura that
made Seels quit DotA
, although he seems to have sneaked back into thescene. Doesn't get much better than that, folks.
2. Hero OverviewBase movespeed
is 290.
Base STR
is 17 + 1.7 per level.
Base AGI
is 16 + 2.1 per level.
is 21 + 2.5 per level.
Base Damage
is 39-61.
Base HP
is 473.
Base Mana
is 273.
Base Armor 
is 1.2.
Attack Range
is 600.
3. Hero Positives and Negatives
:Great farming/harassment with Glaives, high range, and good base damage.One of the most powerful heroes for a Solo lane.Lots of, uh, Silence. What else were you expecting?
:No natural disable against chaser heroes (N'aix, Lycan).
Mediocre HP/Armor, and kinda slow-ish.Fairly item dependant to be useful mid/late game.
4. Hero AbilitiesCurse of the Silent
- Curses an enemy target so that they lose HP/Mana until they casta spell.10 second duration at all levels.
Level 1
10hp/5 mana per second.
Level 2
20hp/10 mana per second.
Level 3
30hp/15 mana per second.
Level 4
40hp/20 mana per second.
A fairly powerful spell early game for lane control, but for the purposes of this guide it isvirtually nonexistent. Read the FAQ if you want a more indepth explanation why.
Glaives of Wisdom
[W]- Nortrom's Glaives do bonus damage depending on his INT.He steals 1 INT from an enemy hero every time he gets a hero kill.Orb Effect. 15 mana cost.
Level 1
Deals 15% of your intelligence in bonus damage.
Level 2
Deals 30% of your intelligence in bonus damage.
Level 3
Deals 45% of your intelligence in bonus damage.
Level 4
Deals 60% of your intelligence in bonus damage.
Your bread and butter skill for harassing, creeping, and killing. Since Nortrom's base INTis fairly good, and since +stats and our item build will supplement that, expect to seebonus numbers > 50 by mid game. Note that, in order to use it to its fullest potential,you must use the hotkey, which is "W" by default.Glaives ignore enemy armor, so ideally you will want to target low HP/high armor heroes. Conversely, you'll have a harder time killing High HP/low armor heroes,although you'll still pack a healthy punch.

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