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Azwraith the Phantom Lancer

Azwraith the Phantom Lancer



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Azwraith the Phantom Lancer by dalejn (as of v6.59)
Strategy Guide for Azwraith the Phantom Lancer by dalejn (as of v6.59)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Jan 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strategy Guide for Azwraith the PhantomLancer
bydalejn(as of v6.59)http://planetdota.blogspot.com
Table of Contents
1. Preface/ Useless Junk 2. About Images3. Statistics and History 4. Hero Abilities5. Skill & Item Builds
5a. Skill Build
5ab.Explanation of Skills
5b. Item Build
5ba. Explanation of Items6. Gameplay 
6a. Early Game
6b. Middle Game
6c. Late Game
6d. Strategies you MUST KNOW!
6e. Summaries of Several Main Points Made in theGuide7. Conclusion
1. Preface/Good Junk 
This guide has only been tested in public and IH games so far. I rarely see a PhantomLancer in TDAs or even public games.First and foremost, you need to know when is a good time to pick Azwraith as your hero.If the enemy team picks any of these characters, you should NOT pick the PhantomLancer or risk getting pummeled into the ground all game.
Queen of Pain (Scream of Pain, Sonic Wave, combined with early gameharassment)
Earthshaker (Fissure, Enchant Totem, and Echo Slam combined with Aftershock  will crush you)
Twin Headed Dragon (Barraging Dual Breath will own you most of the game,Macropyre, and Ice Path)
 Any other hero that revolves around AoE nukes.These heroes will utterly dominate you throughout the game.
Phantom Lancer (PL)
has been one of my favorite characters throughout my DotA experienc who is infamous for the sheer numbers of images he can output. But then,Juxtapose was nerfed a while back so his images only lasted for
15 seconds
(after aprevious 30), and can barely last the travel from one wave of creeps to the next.Needless to say, I was devastated and did not play Phantom Lancer for a long time.Despite this setback, after I had randomed him again, it revitalized my love for the heroand I was inspired to create an in-depth guide that recommended my style of playing.This guide isn't meant to be unique, innovative, or new in anyway. Manta isgreat withths character!This is and has been the item choice of most people for a long time. A lotof people rush into maxing Juxtapose early, on the sole absurd basis that it is importantto have weak, fragile images that appear every few minutes. Or maybe it is so they canhave level 4 Juxtapose ready with his level 2 ultimate, so they can have weak, fragileimages, and sacrificing your only nuke/slow, or escape mechanism. He is
anamazing pusher and has nice hero-killing capabilities. Strong PL players are quick- witted, clever, and creative.PL is terribly underrated. Moreover, he is very item dependent so screwing up your early game will most likely ruin you. However, when he reaches his core item, he is one of themost, if not THE most, powerful late game heroes in the game.His picture is based on
 Final Fantasy X's Kimahri Ronso
who is basically a really grumpy horned blue lion who got his horn cut off and shunned from his horned-blue-lion people.
2. About Images
The most common misconceptions about PL root from the most basic DotA concept. What items work on this hero? The most beneficial items will be those that make youstronger, while also building up power in images. Some items work with images, and therest unfortunately do not. It is vital that you know which work so you do not waste timeand gold.I will summarize the key points that associate with PL. If you want to read more infoabout images, or if you just want proof, then 
 (It's a sticky; props to
Gray the Grayte
+ Damage(direct damage) items do NOT work on images (DivineRapier and Radiance damage will NOT work with images)
Bashers do NOT work!
This includes MKB, including the+Damage
Feedback (from Diffusal Blade and Manta)
100% WORKS
Evasion (Butterfly and Radiance) DOES work (stacks withdiminishing returns).
+ Stats giving items WORKS (HoT, Skadi, Linkens).
Direct HP and MP items WORK (Soul Booster, Point Booster, etc.)
Skadi's Frost attack does NOT work.
Corruption does NOT work (Deso).
Lifesteal does NOT work (Satanic, MoM, Vladmirs).
Chain Lightning (Maelstorm/Mojo) does NOT work.

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