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Successful Media Products Depend as Much Upon Marketing and Distribution to a Specific Audience as They Do Upon Good Production Practices

Successful Media Products Depend as Much Upon Marketing and Distribution to a Specific Audience as They Do Upon Good Production Practices

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Published by SophieNutt

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Published by: SophieNutt on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sophie Nutt 
“Successful media products depend as much upon marketing and
distribution to a specific audience as they do upon good production
practices”. To what extent would you agree with this statement, within the
media area you have studied?
I would agree with the statement that within the film industry, the distributionand marketing of the film is the most important element that contributes to thefilms financial success. In order for some films to make money, they need to havethe widest and most effective distribution possible, and to do this to a highstandard; marketing in the modern film industry is heavily relied on, especiallyon big distribution companies such as 20
Century Fox, who is famous for theircontrol and influence in the film industry. This is because of their ability todistribute films globally - a huge scope - and successfully, ensuring that the filmthey are distributing is made accessible to all audiences after the initial release.Also, due to their well known and respected status as a company, they haveconnections with TV companies and print media, allowing them to be sure that the marketing campaign can be a success, which in effect allows them to invest more money and create bigger projects to distribute and market. For example, inthe 2012 film
it was guaranteed that 20
Century Fox would bringsuccess for the film and ensure that it would have a wide release because of 20
Century Fox’s distribution network and cinema chains.
As a result of this,
was predicted to be one hundred percent successful solely becauseof the wide distribution and the DVD sales that were also guaranteed to generateprofit, due to the cinema time the film would be given. Also, 20
Century Foxdistributed the previous films from the
franchise that were also popular,directed by creator Ridley Scott, and so this would attract audiences and fans of the earlier chain films to see
, increasing the success of the film evenfurther.
was highly anticipated up to the release of the film largelydue to the huge viral marketing campaign that it sported throughout the build upof the film right up until the release date of May 30
2012. There was a TED talk 
from the future, a ‘Happy Birthday David’
video alongside various other viralpromos, and the website for Weyland Industries. There are several reasons thismarketing proved to be so effective; the film was shrouded in mystery and sci-fifans were trying to get any information they could about the film's plot. This
marketing played a huge a part in the film’s overall economical success, as it 
grossed$51,050,101 in its opening weekend and $401,933,453 overallworldwide, this shows the fundamental importance that wide distribution andsuccessful marketing has on the film industry and the success of the film inquestion.Secondly, the film
The Other Guys
was almost guaranteed success when it waslinked to the distributor Columbia Pictures. This meant that the film couldachieve ultimate success through the distribution network, as it was likely that without Columbia Pictures the film would not have attracted as much of anaudience and critical responses as it did.
The Other Guys
won the Best Comedy
Award in the 2010 Comedy Awards and gained a 79% ‘Certified Fresh’ rating by
critics on the Rotten Tomatoes website. The film could not have a achieved this
success without the help of it’s distributor, as marketing for the film was not 
relied on as much, consequently, without the distribution company little or no
Sophie Nutt success would have been achieved for the director of the film, Adam McKay. The
focus of the film’s marketing was mainly on the
all-star cast and the famous teamof director Adam McKay and actor Will Ferrell. The cast included stars such asWill Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, MichaelKeaton, Anne Heche, Steve Coogan, Rob Riggle, Ray Stevenson and the famousnarrator Ice-T. This list of big names would attract any audience to see the filmas they are all known for their previous roles in other successful films. Thisquality of directing, acting and the screenplay were also vital to the films success.The famous partnership of Adam McKay and Will Ferrell has their ownproduction company Gary Sanchez Productions, which produced
The Other Guys
,and is also known for the production of 
Talladega Nights,
their comedy website ‘Funny Or Die’. This partnership would attract audiences
and fans from the previous films and acted as a great marketing tool that contributed to the films overall success. Therefore,
The Other Guys
was not solelyreliant on its distribution due to this small element of marketing, however was
heavily reliant upon it, especially in foreign countries outside of America who’s
audiences would not be familiar with the partnership of Adam McKay and WillFerrell or some of the all-American star cast.However, many films have had wide distributions through internationalcompanies that have not received the same public and critical acclaim and manyhave even been overlooked or attacked in the press by critics for purposelytrying to appeal to the largest audience possible. For example, the film
 Attack theBlock 
directed by Joe Cornish and produced by Big Talk Productions, Film4, TheUK Film Council, and StudioCanal was not critically well received at all. Big Talk Productions are well known for their previous films such as Shaun of the Deadand Hot Fuzz, which were both critically acclaimed films and big hits at the boxoffice, and so such a well-respected producer was expected to receive praise fortheir new film. As well as this, Film4 is part of the Channel 4 TelevisionCorporation and is a huge film distributor on television and reached an averagedaily audience of over half a million (4.0%) 16-34 year olds and 1.0 million(4.2%) ABC1 adults in 2010. The distribution system of the film was not outstanding however was still enough to cause success as it is able to havetelevisual accessibility, cinema exhibition, and DVD copies to supply demand forthe film, however this was not the case for the film as it only grossed a total of $1,024,175 and was only shown on 352 screens. Although the economicalsuccess of 
 Attack the Block 
was not great, the success of the film is not just measured in its economical gains. The film has been ridiculed and attacked at first and unfortunately
 Attack the Block 
failed to achieve any success in thisaspect, and even though famous actor Nick Frost was involved in the production,Joe Cornish failed to gain any recognition for his film. One critic on the IMDb
website said, “
I was presented with filth. It was so bad that my parents stoppedwatching it after barely half an hour. I watched the full film at a later date, andthis review reflects both my and my family's opinion on it.
” We can see from this
that overall this film was not classed as a success by the majority, and shows that the success of a film is reliant on more than just distribution alone.The marketing and awareness of the film can be achieved in a cacophony of different ways. For example, the independent British film
directed by
Sophie Nutt Adam Deacon, produced by Gunslinger and distributed by Revolver
Entertainment used viral marketing to it’s advantage. There was an iTunes app
that could be downloaded onto iPhones, iPads, iPods and other Apple productsfor free which introduced you to the characters and their key quotations and
gave you a test on how ‘gangster’ you are
. Although this would not havebenefited the film economically, this type of marketing would have targeted theniche market of teenagers from diverse backgrounds and would have publicizedthe film successfully and proved to be a successful marketing tool as it got 3 ½out of 5 rating. However you must be seventeen years old to download the app,which would limit the amount of downloads it would receive and thereforereducing the amount of hype and publicity that this app would generate.As wellas this, Adam Deacon managed to team up with JME to release a 'Hype HypeTing' single and publicize the film even further. Big names, like JME, attract theright audiences to watch
as his fan base is the younger teenagegeneration. Both of these examples of the use of technological convergence by
demonstrates how it can be used to promote the film in various waysthat will attract a specific audience. The film used the internet to it's advantageby releasing official trailers, 'Anuvahood Cast Freestlye'
and ‘Cooking With LeviRoots’
videos to be viewed on YouTube and also filming their Anuvahood BusTour around the UK and releasing the various videos virally.
has alsoused other social networking sites when publicizing their film, for example theirpopular Twitter (5,004 followers) and Facebook (204,969 likes).
usesthe inte
rnet and technology to it’s
full advantage when promoting the film, asthis is the most successful way to appeal to its small market and audience,without exceeding the low budget.
did not receive a wide distributionas the distribution company involved (Revolver Entertainment) did not havemuch ability to distribute a massive amount outside of the UK due to their lowstatus and low budget of the film which was £1,000,000. The film did not achievemuch monetary gains either, only receiving a£1,207,877 gross overall.Therefore, marketing and distribution when coupled together can almost createa successful film, however but this cannot be achieved when they are only usedseparately.Comic book orientated film
did not use ‘out of the ordinary’ marketing
techniques or publicity stunts, as it just used clever posters, trailers, onlinewebsites and social networking sites such as Facebook, advertising and cross-promotions, and media and publicity to generate word of mouth for the film.Consequently, the film did not exceed financially during the opening weekend of its release, only receiving £3,881,704 over 402 screens. However, it wasannounced by Lionsgate that 
“proved dominant across all revenue
s this past week.”
And that the film debuted in the number one positionin DVD and Blu-ray sales as well as the top movie download on iTunes since itsrelease. The critical success of 
hinted at the potential for excellent performance in home entertainment sales. After the release of the film, there was
much ado about nothing with regard to the film’s “failure at the box office.” Infact, the film was only a “failure” when measured against the inflated projections
for opening weekend numbers
numbers that were based on perceived
“audience awareness.” What these projections failed to consider was that the
perceived awareness was isolated to a powerful, but segmented, fraction of the

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