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Minority Reporter, Week of December 3, 2012

Minority Reporter, Week of December 3, 2012

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Published by Dave McCleary
This edition of Minority Reporter includes: Obama vs Boehner and the Fiscal Cliff; Kodak Accepts ‘Improved’ Financing; U of R and Service Workers Reach Agreement, Approve Contract; City Breaks Ground on New Transit Center; RCSD Names New Communications Chief; New Bus Pass System in Effect for RCSD Students
This edition of Minority Reporter includes: Obama vs Boehner and the Fiscal Cliff; Kodak Accepts ‘Improved’ Financing; U of R and Service Workers Reach Agreement, Approve Contract; City Breaks Ground on New Transit Center; RCSD Names New Communications Chief; New Bus Pass System in Effect for RCSD Students

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Published by: Dave McCleary on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 :: www.
.net - week of december 3 - 9, 2012
Rochester, NY December 3 - 9
From Information to Understanding
Minority Reporter 
 VOL 6. NO. 4
Obama vs bOehner
2 :: www.
.net - week of december 3 - 9, 2012
Minority Reporter 
Ofe Ae:
282 Hll S, rhs, nY 14621
Maili Ae:
P.o. bx 26352, rhs, nY 14626
585-301-4199 tll-: 1-888-792-9303
dav mclayav@iiyp.
busInEss MAnAgEr
Pauli mclay play@iiyp.
cOPy EdItOr
Gay mLei@iiyp.
Art dIrEctOr
cai fisusAdi@iiyp.
stAFF rEPOrtEr
Shas HaaaySHaaay@iiyp.
EdItOrIAL AssIstAnt
clail olivas
dav mclayLuy Sih-fulavisig@iiyp.
tpl bggs, J.t elli
Glia wis Al-Saagc. mihal tillarv. mihal VaughVi fl dia waismi dulaydavy VaaAysha kuz
miiy rp, I. is a aily  puliaisa h ia as i  sig sl aass, uilig uiy a pig ppl  l  ah hi gas pial. fu-h, miiy rp, I. ss  ps a al-a vi  lva issus, uilizig is sus uil igs ag ivs ppulais; aigh  iai  usaig.miiy rp svs h igh  i  j sui.th piis xpss a  ssaily hs  h pulish.miiy rp s  assu spsiiliyig aviss, hi psiis, pais,svis  pus;  s h puliai  aviss siu  iply s. miiy rp ivis s a sysuggsis  as.dali  all py is tusay a .call 585-301-4199 ail i@iiyp..
I thi Ie:
cOvEr P 8
- Fiscal Cliff: Obama Vs. Boehner 
LOcAL P 4 - 5
-Kodak Accepts ‘Improved’Financing- City of Rochester Public Market toBegin Holiday Schedule- New Appointments at Hope Hall- UofR and Service Workers Reach Agreement, Approve Contract- New Bus Pass System in Effectfor RCSD Students-RCSD Names NewCommunications Chief - City Breaks Ground on NewTransit Center - Mayor Richards Announces Appointment of Ann McCormick toJoint Schools Construction Board
stAtE P 6
- Federal Prisons Urged to GrantMore Money Early Releases for  Ailing Inmates
Hcr Healh P 10
- Caring For Your Loved One
nAtIOnAL P 7, 12
- New Face of America: DemocraticShifting Changing Electorate- Blacks Must Become Number OneEmployer of Blacks
P 13-15
 - Another Rising Star Crashes andBurns!
By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag 
- Al Sharpton, Ben Jealous, Shouldno Longer be Invited to the WhiteHouse 
By Boyce Watkins
- It’s Really Slavery!
By E. Faye Williams
- The Flawed New York State CourtSystem and How Women arePermitted to Abuse it
 By Davy Vara
1:: www.
.net-weekofdecember 3-9,2012
Rochester,NY December3-9
From Information to Understanding
Minority Reporter 
 VOL 6.NO.4
Obama vs bOehner
Mondays @ 9pm &Fridays @ 3:30pm on
OrWatch Online
From Information toUnderstanding
Pauline McCleary - Host
Gt a nw
o TIu Fcig roct
 A message from the Boomer Mentor Project of Rochester Mentors at Lifespan
Call 271-4050 or visit www.RochesterMentors.org
3 :: www.
.net - week of december 3 - 9, 2012
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City of Rochester PublicMarket to Begin HolidaySchedule
The Rochester Public Market, 280, N. Union St., will begin its annual holidayshopping schedule next week.In addion to its normal schedule, the Market will be open for pre-ThanksgivingDay shopping on Wednesday, Nov. 21 and the annual Holidays at the Marketevent spanning the rst three Sundays in December (Dec. 2, 9 and 16).The Market will be closed for the Thanksgiving (Nov. 22) and Christmas Day (Dec.25) and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) holidays.The Market’s regular hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m.and Saturdays from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m.The Market’s holiday schedule from Nov. 21 through Jan. 1 is as follows:
• Open Wednesday, Nov. 21; 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Pre-holiday special hours);• Closed Thursday, Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving Day);• Open Sunday, Dec. 2; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Holidays at the Market);• Open Sunday, Dec. 9; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Holidays at the Market);• Open Sunday, Dec. 16; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Holidays at the Market);• Closed Tuesday, Dec. 25, (Christmas Day);• Closed Tuesday, Jan. 1 (New Years Day).
For more informaon, please contact the Market oce at (585) 428-6907 or visitwww.cityofrochester.gov/publicmarket.
ROCHESTER, N.Y., - Eastman Kodak Company announced today that it hasreceived and accepted an oer from the Steering Commiee of the SecondLien Noteholders Commiee for interim and exit nancing totaling $830 millionin loans. The commitment is superior to – and therefore replaces – the $793million commitment announced by the company on November 12.Company representaves say this nancing strengthens Kodak’s posion tosuccessfully execute its remaining reorganizaon objecves and emerge fromChapter 11 in the rst half of 2013.Each of the ten instuonal investors that comprise the Steering Commieeholds senior secured notes of the company. The improved nancing will be opento parcipaon by all other holders of the notes, including the investors thatextended the November 12 commitment.As we connue to progress toward successful emergence, we remain focused ondoing what is best for the company’s creditors and other stakeholders, includingour customers, suppliers, and employees. We are pleased that these exisngcreditors have come forward with a new proposal that oers beer terms andenables Kodak to further accelerate its momentum to emergence in the rsthalf of 2013,” said Antonio M. Perez, Chairman and Chief Execuve Ocer. “Theimproved nancing commitment provides a longer maturity, lower fees andpricing, and greater liquidity than our previously announced commitment. Thisis a vote of condence in the future of our company. We are parcularly pleasedthat the nancing allows for parcipaon by all of our pre-peon second liennoteholders in a manner that is cost-eecve for the company.The nancing includes new money term loans of $455 million, as well as termloans of up to $375 million issued to holders of senior secured notes parcipangin the new money loans in a dollar-for-dollar exchange for amounts outstandingunder the company’s pre-peon second lien notes.The nancing is predicated on certain condions, including the successfulcompleon of the sale of Kodak’s digital imaging patent porolio for no lessthan $500 million.The commitment leer also contains provisions allowing for a conversion of upto $630 million of the loans upon emergence into permanent exit nancing dueve years aer emergence, provided Kodak meets certain condions, includingthe consummaon of a Plan of Reorganizaon by September 30, 2013, theresoluon of the company’s U.K. pension obligaons, and the compleon of allor a poron of the sales of Kodak’s Document Imaging and Personalized Imagingbusinesses.The nancing is subject to compleon of denive nancing documentaon andBankruptcy Court approval at a hearing that will be scheduled in the near future.
Kodak Accepts‘Improved’ Financing

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