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Analysing the Opening Sequence of a Thriller - I Spit on Your Grave

Analysing the Opening Sequence of a Thriller - I Spit on Your Grave

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Published by DorcasViela

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Published by: DorcasViela on Dec 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Analysing the opening sequence of a Thriller-I Spit On Your Grave (2010)Chosen film: I Spit On Your Grave (2010)I spit on your grave is a 2010 American rape revenge thriller film and a remake of thecontroversial 1978 film. (Same name) The film retells the horrific story about Jennifer Hills(Sarah Butler). She goes on a retreat from the city to a cabin in the woods, in a small town towrite her second novel. Her presence attracts the attention of a few deprived locals. Onenight they break into her cabin to scare her with acts of humiliation but turn into physicaland tortuous abuse. The men are unaware that Jennifer Hills survives her ordeal. Monthspass and she tracks them down one by one and inflicts horrifying and tortuous, acts just likethey did to her. But much, much worse.Location and SettingThe story is set in the present time of 2010. The film
is located in Jennifer’s
(protagonist)cabin and the woodland around it. This being located so far into the woods already sets thescene for a thriller film. The location is realistic and helps the audience identify that thestatus quo will soon be disrupted, this is convection.
As it’s in the woods you already know
not only during the night will it be dark but during the day it will be very remote and quite.When Jennifer first drives into town, she stops by a gas station and meets two mysteriousand dirty men. She asks for their help with directions once she tells them where she livesyou can tell by the music and the atmosp
here that it isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of them.
This creates a sense of mysterious and suspense as you want to know what part the menwill play within the film
and what’s going to happen next.
 CharacterJennifer Hills is a young woman, writing her second novel. Her character is strong as shemoves into a big cabin, in the woods by herself. Secluding herself from the world, So thatshe can focus.
Butler’s character is startled on a number of occasions. Firstly when Johnny
(antagonist) is introduced. He arises from the back of Jennifer starling her. Also when
Johnny tries to help her with her car she’s says its fine she’ll do it
, but he insists and Jennifer
ends up pushing the ‘Panic Button’
. The men intimidate her, showing Jennifer to have asense of vulnerability.LightingNot only during the opening sequence but also during the whole film
there isn’t much
. As it’s a thriller film the atmosphere is more likely to be dark and dead. The

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