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Rough Draft

Rough Draft

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Published by Brandi Lee
Rough Draft of Inquiry Project
Rough Draft of Inquiry Project

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Published by: Brandi Lee on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brandi KikerEnglish 1103Prof. Presnell7 November 2012Female Serial Murderers v. Male Serial MurderersAs many people know, poor neighborhoods and high crime rates are directly related.Growing up in a poor neighborhood myself, I grew up around crime and always seemed to be inthe middle of it somehow. There had actually been many murders in my neighborhood; somewere five streets over where one of them was only three houses down. Now that I no longer livein that neighborhood and do not have to deal with the everyday crime that came along with it, Iwant to have a career to ensure that little kids are not exposed to such a horrendous crime, as Iwas. Since I wanted a career that would help catch murderers, I felt as if the best route to gowould be to become a crime scene investigator so that I would be able to help collect theevidence and hopefully catch the murderer based off the evidence I had collected. Knowing thatI wanted to get into this field since middle school I was very excited to find out that the highschool that I would be going to was giving a forensic science class. Once I got to high school, I
found out that I couldn’t take the forensic science class until my junior year, which was fine with
me because my interest would just continue to grow. Finally, my junior year of high schoolcame and I got to take the forensic science course! The first major project for the class was topick a serial killer and make some kind of presentation about him. As everyone else was sittingin their seats, nervously awaiting their turn to present their project I was overly anxious topresent mine. That was until the girl who sat in front of me asked to present her presentationfirst. At first I was somewhat angry because I had already asked the day before if I could go first
but all of my anger went away as she began to present her project on her serial murderer, it was awoman! All that was running through my mind then was that I had no idea that there was ever
such a thing as a woman serial killer, I didn’t even know of a woman who had killed one person
let alone multiple people. I was fascinated from that point forward that the female serialmurderer population seems to be a kind of secretive thing.In my research, I have set out to find why it is that the female serial killer population issuch a hidden and rare topic in the media. I first thought that female serial killers were not talkedabout a lot just simply because there are not a lot of them. The research I have found hasdefinitely proved me wrong! Recent studies show that the female serial killer population isdefinitely an unseen of, unheard of population and it has heightened many researchers interest inthe differences and similarities between male and female serial killers, as it did mine. Thisresearch has surfaced the importance of female serial killers by comparing them to the maleserial killers. Comparing male and female serial killers is not only done by comparing theweapons used, motives, and number of female serial killers compared to male serial killers butalso the best comparison is the social and psychological aspects of the serial killer. The socialaspects of a serial killer includes the offenders background; whereas the psychological aspects of a serial killer includes their motives and modus operandi (way of killing).The past of a serial killer seems to shape the serial killer, no matter male or female andthe pasts of the male and female serial killers are usually quite similar to one another, exceptwhen it comes to drug or alcohol abuse. The majority of male serial killers were eitherphysically abused or neglected as children and the majority of female serial killers were sexuallyabused, physically abused, and neglected. More than half of the serial killer population had beenphysical or sexually abused, or neglected at least once in their childhood. There is usually no
direct pattern to male serial murderers and drug or alcohol abuse; whereas when eight femaleserial killers were observed, all eight had at some point illegally used drugs or were alcoholicsbut only one of the female serial killers had actually murdered while under the influence.One of the biggest ways to compare a male and female serial killer would have to bethrough the psychological differences of a male and female serial killer. The main psychologicaldifference between male and female serial killers would have to be the motives of the serialkiller. The motives of the serial killer are strongly related to the method that is used by the serialkiller, which also usually determines the kind of weapon that is used by the serial killer.A male serial killers motives are usually the most wicked and cruel things that you willever hear about. The male serial killer usually likes to kill their victim to gain some kind of sexual pleasure or to fulfill some kind of fantasy that they have. Some male serial killers willstart their fantasy and method of killing with stalking their victim, whether they stalk their victimfor a short time or a long time,
it doesn’t matter; once he spots his
he doesn’t leave them
alone and keeps on hunting that one victim until he is able to get them. The reason that the maleserial killer will stalk their victim until they finally get them is because when a male serial killerhas a fantasy they usually have a certain kind of victim in mind, such as black hair and pastyskin, and stick to the same kind of victim throughout their killing spree. Male serial killers willmore than likely rape their victim before or after they kill them so the killing will involve tortureto the victim. Since the male serial killer uses rape as a part of his modus operandi he usuallykills his victim with some physical force whether it be a gun, a knife, or even his hands (choking)the weapon used by a male serial killer is usually very physical and can do serious damage to thevictim. However stabbing could also be a part of the male serial killers fantasy, to see his victimsuffer, this is evident because in some cases a male serial killer had stabbed all of his victims the

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