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Modals Revision An2 2008

Modals Revision An2 2008

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Published by daniela1956

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Published by: daniela1956 on Jan 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Use the perfect infinitive of the underlined verb with a suitablemoda
l :e.g. I've never seen a London policeman.// You see one! You've beenin London a wekk already!ANSWER : You must have seen one1. I've written to Paul. You not write. He's coming here tomorrow. You'll see him before hegets your letter.2. They build a two-storey house (this was the original plan), butmoney ran out so they built a bungalow instead.3. If the dog hadn't woken us we not notice the fire for several hours,and by that time it spread to the house next door.4. Ann:Why didn't you wait for me yesterday ?Tom: I waited five minutes.Ann : You wait a little longer!5. How did Peter get there?He come on a motorcycle (This is a possibility)He not come on a motorcycle. He doesn't ride one.He come hitch-hiking.6. Why are you so late? You be here two hours ago!7. If I'd known we'd have to wait so long I bring a book.If I'd known it was going to so cold I not come at all!8. Tom (looking out of the window): Fortunately that teapot didn't hitanyone, but you not throw it out of the window, Ann! You kill someone.9. Look at this beautiful painting! Only a very great artist paint such apicture!Nonsense! A child of five paint it with his eyes shut.10. I wonder how the fire started.Oh, someone drop a lighted cigarette. Or it be an electrical fault.11. There is only one set of footprints, so the kidnapper carry hisprisoner out. He not do it in daylight or he be seen. He wait till dark.2. Lo
ok at the following sentences and identify those which expressdegrees of likelihood (certainty, probability,, or possibility). Categorize theremaining sentences in terms of what their modals express (obligation, permission, ability, willingness)
1. You
borrow the car, I don't need it.2. He
still be at the office, it's after 9 o'clock.3. I
hear you very well, the line's bad.4. That
be the postman at the door, he's been already.5.
you give me a hand with this? It's so heavy.6. John's awful. He simply
admit that he's made a mistake!7. A:What's that scratching noise?B:Don't worry. It'
be the cat trying to get in.8. He'
be at the airport by now.9. No, you
not leave before the end.
10. We
be in for a rough crossing, there's a storm coming.11. He
change his mind, if we keep on at him.12. You
give up yet, try just once more.13. He alweays looks so exhausted, he
have a very demanding job.14. If you hurry up, we
be there by 6.15. You
drive more slowly round there, it's a dangerous corner.16. You
have no trouble passing,, it's your best subject.3.
Fill in the gap by putting the concept expressed by the modal verbin form(i) into the past.
1.(i) She
ski very well.(ii)She ... really well when she was five.2.(i) I
finish it by Friday, but it won't be easy.(ii) I ... by Friday, but it wasn't easy.3.(i) John
live here. This is the wrong street.(ii) Shakespeare ... in that house. It wasn't built until 1840.4.(i)
I leave the room? I don't feel well.(ii) I ... the room because I didn't feel well.5.(i) I
check the oil before we leave.(ii) I ... the oil before we left.6.(i) It
be raining. Everyone has their umbrella up.(ii)It ....The ground is wet.7.(i) Thank you very much. You
give me a lift, but it's verykind.(ii) You ... me a lift, but it was very kind.8. He
collect me from the station. I'll walk.(ii) He ... me from the station. I walked.9.(i) Why don't you take the exam? You
pass.(ii) Why didn't you take the exam? You ...10.(i) He
stop smoking before it's too late.(ii) He ... smoking before it was too late.11.(i) I
visit you next Sunday.(ii) I ... you last Sunday. Why didn't you ask me?12. (i) There's the phone. It'
be Paul.(ii) Did he have a deep voice? It ... Paul.13. (i) He'
ll s
it in the armchair for hours, staring into space.(ii) He ... in the armchair for hours, staring into space.14. (i) Let's take the map. We
get lost.(ii) I wonder where they are. They ...4.
Look at this unnatural monologue. Replace the words in italics withthe appropriate modals to make it sound more natural
:"Wonderful, it's Sunday and (a)
not necessary 
for me to get up at 7o'clock.(b)
I'll possibly 
stay in bed a bit longer although (c)
I think 
thechildren are probably awake now and I'll (d)
be oblige
to get theirbreakfast soon. They (e)
refuse to
make it for themselves.(f)
It would be agood idea
for me to get up immediately because (g)
wreck the house. However, it is still very early and they (h)
are probably 
not very hungry yet.(i)
It would have been a ggod 
if I had put out thecornflakes and milk yesterday evening. But all this thinking and not actingis really silly!(j)
It is really necessary 
for me to get up this minute. Nowwhere are my bedrrom slippers? - That lousy dog (k) has
hiddenthem again!(l)
It would be a good idea
for us to train it better, but Isuppose we (m)
weren't obliged 
to buy it in the first place, and after all, it'sonly a puppy.Oh, I'd forgotten! (n)
It's just possible
that Alan
be back from hisbusiness trip today - marvellous! One adult isn't enough to look after fourchildren, a puppy, and three goldfish! Why (o)
did he refuse
to take meeith him? (p)
It was
 possible for us to get 
his mother to come and lookafter the children. Never again!"5.
Fill the gap in the second sentence by puting the concept expressed by the modal verb in the first sentence into the negative.
a.The painting
must have been stolen.
 The painting ......!It's too big to get out of the room.b. If the traffic isn't too bad, he
could be
here by 3.00.He ......here until 5.00 if he gets stuck in a jam.c. You
must work 
hard! You ......so hard! You're a millionaire!d. You
must work 
hard! You .......so hard! Can't you see you're killing yourself?e. I
need to see
a doctor. You .......doctor. A chemist can prescribe something for you.6.
Look at the sentences below. In which of the sentences do the modalverbs express the following?a. ability b. permissionc. deduction/suppositiond. future possibility e. irritationf. an unfulfiled possibility 
1. It's very late in the day to cancel - I do think you might have let meknow a little earlier.2. He could have been a great politician, but he chose instead to become apriest.3. Judging from the architecture, this photo might have been taken inSpain.4. I was wondering whether I could come and see you next week.5. You can't have phoned on Tuesday, because I was in all day.6. It was such a bad line, I couldn't hear what she was saying.7. You could have phoned to tell us you were all right. Why on earth didn'tyou ring?8. There could be severe unrest if the economy doesn't improve before thewinter.

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