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Rfp - St Louis Water Division (7!17!12_final)(2)

Rfp - St Louis Water Division (7!17!12_final)(2)

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Published by jessica_lussenhop

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Published by: jessica_lussenhop on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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:The St. Louis Water Division is continually evolving to address increasing regulatoryrequirements, elevated customer service level expectations, business demands, decliningeconomy and customer base, inflation, dynamic workforce, new technologies, privatizationissues, and emerging concerns. The Water Division is placing a greater emphasis on improvingbusiness practices to address these issues. The City’s Water Division is recognized for providingsuperior water quality to their customer base at a very competitive rate; however, there is a desireto engage specific expertise to assist in their effort to constantly improve.
The objective of the St. Louis Water Division is to retain a Consultant or Consultants withexpertise in water system operations that can provide insight and new ideas, programs andapproaches on ways to increase the Water Division’s efficiency and/or revenues in order topostpone or lessen future water rate increases and to improve customer satisfaction. The Cityand the Water Division for the most part would like to identify the ideas, have them bedeveloped into projects or programs and be implemented through Performance Contracting suchthat the City has no additional initial outlay of funds for capital projects or procurement of equipment or services. There will be some Non-Performance Contracting efforts that will resultin delivery of a report with recommendations and a detailed implementation plan that can beexecuted by the SLWD or others.
The City of St. Louis and its Water Division, is seeking Proposals from qualified firms toprovide an “Operational Efficiency and Value Creation Analysis” of the St. Louis WaterDivision (SLWD). The City of St. Louis intends to retain a firm/s that has experience with largewater systems, including treatment, supply, distribution, finance, customer service andinformation technology. The selected consultant/s shall work with Water Division Staff, over aperiod of approximately four (4) months, to analyze and evaluate the Water Divisions day to dayactivities across all aspects of their operation. Upon completion of the evaluation, the consultantwill be expected to generate a variety of ideas and concepts for improvements to efficiency andreducing costs of operations in a number of the Water Division’s departments. The intent is thatthese ideas be presented as projects the City can evaluate to be implemented via performancecontracting principles. These services may require the use of a licensed, engineering and/or
utility operator. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure their firm complies withapplicable City, County, State and Federal laws for the services rendered.All proposers should have demonstrated experience in conducting innovation and efficiencystudies for similar sized water utilities in local governments and/or private industry. Firms mustbe capable of performing an expert analysis and developing recommendations for the City’swater programs, and executing the Performance Contracting through self performance orsubcontracts without compromising or interrupting the City’s current high level of service to itscustomers. Note: All deliverables from the Consultant’s Phase I and II activities will become theproperty of the City of St. Louis.
:This project is to be accomplished in two phases. Phase I - Departmental Overview, Assessmentand Operational Improvements Recommendations (Efficiency and cost savings idea generationwith recommended projects) and Phase II - Implementation of accepted solutions forimprovement, as identified in Phase I, using performance contracting on a project by projectbasis.
Phase I Services
– Perform Operational Efficiency and Revenue Creation Analysis for the entireSt Louis Water Division and support services, both internal and external. Firms are encouragedto expound on areas of opportunities and outline creative approaches and projects to
Operational Efficiency and Revenue Creation Analysis”, within their Proposal.Objectives and criteria identified by City staff as critical to the success of this strategic programincludes:
Reduce Overall Cost of Water Treatment
Maintain or Improve Revenue to Expense Ratio
Continue to meet Partnership for Safe Drinking Water Quality Standards
Maintain or Improve Water Main Repair Time and Efficiency
Increase Wholesale Water Sales
Reduce Non-Revenue Water
Maintain or Improve the St. Louis Water Division’s AA- Bond RatingIn addition, the Water Division has indentified areas it is currently implementing or has plans toimplement improvements and acknowledges that an additional evaluation by the consultant maysupport the City’s effort to increasing efficiency measures in the following areas:
IT Functions
Lab Data collection and transfers
Work flows and approval process for routine activities
Time Sheets/Cost Accounting
Fleet Maintenance
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Customer Service
Document Retrieval and Archiving
Asset Management system
Implementation and upgrades
Ideal preliminary table of organization to be further developed in Phase II Additional areas for consideration in Phase I services may include:
 Benchmark data and comparison
Projected capital cost to implement improvements(business case)
P3 recommendations and implementation procedures
 New business opportunities
 New customer base (wholesale water)
 Metering recommendations with supporting data
 High level energy analysis and recommendations
Organizational makeup recommendations with cost savings identified and quantified 
 Recommendations for consolidation or decommissioning of existing facilities
 Major Operational process evaluation for efficiencies (electricity, chemicals, people)
Phase I will be limited to four (4) months. The Consultant will be compensated a lump sum feefor this effort. The fee shall cover all costs of the assessment and development of proposedefficiency improvements, required recommendations and proposed projects to be implementedvia performance contracting outlined in this subsection of the Request for Proposals and allappurtenances necessary to satisfy the Phase I contract.During Phase I, the Consultant will observe and analyze the overall operations of the St. LouisWater Division, assess potential areas for efficiency improvements and additional revenuegeneration. The Consultant will also identify the potential projects for efficiency improvement.In addition, the Consultant will be asked to review the organizational makeup of the WaterDivision and provide recommendations for any organizational changes or reallocation of manpower within the Division (no reduction in force other than a normal rate of attrition shall berecommended; however, the existing and projected future workforce may be realigned andallocated but must be accomplished within current Civil Service Rules and Regulations).Note: Some viable recommendations from the Consultants may be in conflict with City Policy.If, the Consultant wishes to make recommendations or propose processes and procedures thatconflict with City policies they may but will be required to identify the conflict and provide abusiness case outlining the efficiency gained and economic benefit that will be achieved throughimplementation.

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