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Adam's Paper

Adam's Paper

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Published by: Morgan Christian Britton on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Whole Life PaperAdam MulchiIntro to Engineering Technology-031Professor McDanielSeptember 23, 2011I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help on this assignment, nor witnessed anyviolation of the UNC Charlotte Code of Academic Integrity.
There are many different aspects of engineering as well as multiple career paths. Mymain focus is on Fire Safety Engineering Technology. This major incorporates all aspects of fire
: If I put-SLT- in the commentson the side, it means
‘something like that.’…lol :P
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related careers. Engineering is involved in the critical thinking portion of firefighting.Firefighters must be quick to think and able to make informed decisions. When graduating with aFire Safety degree, a person graduates first as an Engineer with a focus on fire safety. Having a
degree is imperative in today’s society
and to become a firefighter the degree helps make aperson stand out from a crowd.
Firefighting is a well-respected career that is a staple in any flourishing society.Firefighters are the brave men and women who run into burning buildings when everyone else isrunning out. Most people would never dream of doing what these people do every day. They usethe most up-to-date equipment and technology to adequately put out fire. The pay is roughly$35000 starting out with only a GED. As a civil servant, firefighters are in line with paramedicsand police officers. The ranks increase from firefighter 1-Fire Chief. With rank increase, pay alsorises (CollegeGrad). Fire Safety Engineering Technology is strongly pushed by the firedepartment but is not necessary for basic firefighters; however, a degree is required to advance inthe higher levels of the department.The Fire Department is set up so that shifts are not every day. Each shift rotates and isusually off at least 24 hours between work days. While on duty, firefighters will maintainequipment and apparat
us. This includes SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus),
protective gear, and trucks. If a call comes in, the firefighters enter the truck and head towardsthe scene of the incident. General response time is between two to five minutes thus ensuringmaximum possibility of survival for the victim. Once on scene, the captain or chief in charge willdirect operations and give orders. He or she must know information about the structure in flamesand the best way to contain/extinguish the blaze. Firefighters use many different tactics whenconfronting fire, but the main goal is always safety for the men and women entering the buildingas well as the victims. However not all of the calls made fire firefighters are fire related. Roughly80 percent of all calls are medical. As a result, all full-time firefighters are Emergency Medical
Technicians (EMT’s) as well.
Firefighters are well-rounded individuals who are trained to helpanyone in need (Hall, 6).Fire Safety Engineering Technology is the major directly related to a career in the fireservice. In the course, every aspect of the job is covered as well as the different careeropportunities possible. The main path is for those who want to be directly involved in fire. Otheropportunities include Fire Inspector/ Investigator, and Fire Prevention personnel. The group as awhole is referred to as a public safety organization (CollegeGrad). Fire Inspectors andInvestigators are responsible for building codes and determining causes of fire. Building codesare always being reviewed and changed to coincide with the change in construction and materialsof buildings. Investigation occurs after a fire takes place and is extremely important in makingsure a similar fire does not happen. Investigation also determines if the fire was accidental orintentionally caused. Arson is a criminal offense and is punished harshly because of the damageit causes as well as the potential for loss of life.Fire prevention is the base of the Fire Safety degree. Ronny Coleman said,
“There is nohonor in fighting a fire that could have been prevented.”
He understood the importance of fireprevention and pushed for increased knowledge and education involving fire safety. Fireprevention comes in three forms: passive, active, and education. Passive fire prevention covers
Mulchi 3
everything from interior finish to furniture inside the structure, anything flammable. Activeprevention includes sprinkler systems and other forms of extinguishing the fire. Both aspects areimportant but secondary to education. In educating the public on the importance of fire safety,there is less loss of life which is always the main focus.In pursuing this career path, I hope to make a positive name for myself while maintainingthe life of a
“little man”.
This means I will be out helping the public with the title of firefighterand not taking credit as an individual. I will make a positive impact of everyone I come incontact with. If a firefighter is called out that means someone is in trouble. Therefore every callis an opportunity to show people the good that firefighters can do. One of the challenges of becoming a firefighter is getting hired and staying on the department. With the economy inshambles, the hiring process has become more of a competition. The Fire Safety degree will helpin my efforts but can only accomplish so much. Also, once I get on then I have to trust that thegovernment will not make cuts to the fire department. This is why a positive impact on the publicis needed. With the help of the people, we can influence government to maintain a strong firedepartment.The impact of the Fire industry can be easily seen through the good work they do.Firefighters are first responders and are always called when an emergency occurs. The generalpublic knows the importance of such individuals. They are always in the public eye, both goodand bad. Firefighters are a main protective agency in any society. They save lives and havegenuine compassion for the public. To be a firefighter is to be called to excellence.
September 11, 2001, ten years ago planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings
thus changing thousands of people’s lives including mine. However, the change in my life was
not buried beneath the rubble. I did not lose anyone in that tragic event as many Americans did; Idiscovered what path my life would take. Upon seeing video and pictures of firefighters rushinginto those fateful buildings made me realize I could not sit around and let people die, I had to dosomething. I realized then that I wanted to become a firefighter.I have many attributes that will help me in my career path. I am a strong team player butcan accomplish tasks on my own when necessary. I get along with almost everyone and am slowto anger. These characteristics will help out in the fire service which is all about teamwork.Every shift is a team of men and women who literally put their lives in the hands of theircoworkers. There is great trust in those you work with, and many firefighters compare the teamto a family. My ability to work as a team and get along with people is priceless. I will be a teamplayer and trust those I work with; in return they will rely on me. The bond will be exactly whatfirefighters say: a family.To this day my heart still races when seeing pictures of the firefighters running up thosestairs to help perfect strangers. The passion those men and women displayed paled that of any Ihad seen before outside of military and other first responders. I needed to be one of them, and forthe next ten years I felt as if I was sitting around waiting to accomplish my goal. I did take stepsto make my dreams reality and enrolled in the Fire Safety program at the University of NorthCarolina at Charlotte. I see college as one more step into reaching for what I truly want. The

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