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Obama's Call

Obama's Call

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Published by emmkay3108

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Published by: emmkay3108 on Jan 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The American president-elect Barack Obama is said to havecalled 15 world leaders so far, including presidents or  prime ministers or kings of Australia, Britain, Canada,France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Egypt,Italy, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Poland and Pakistan.Surprisingly, president-elect Obama has not calledIndia's leaders yet.The truth is Obama has tried calling Mr. Singh. And a fewtimes, he did connect as well. For various reasons though,the call did not seem to progress into a productivetelephonic conversation. Here are ten reasons why thathappened:1. The first time Obama called the Indian PrimeMinister's office, Mr. Singh's chief secretary picked up the phone and said, "who is speaking.."Hearing that, Obama kept the phone down and told hissecretary that by mistake, they had connected to the Chinese president's office.2. Obama tried again a little later. Once again,Singh's secretary picked up the phone. Obama thoughtthat he should let the guy know who he was speaking with. So before the Indian secretary had a chance to say anything,Obama said, "This is Barack Obama speaking.."."Yeah right", said the chief secretary, "andI am Mahatma Gandhi here…".3. A bit upset, Obama told his secretary to look up theIndian leader's number again. So they gave him another number to try. "This is Barack Obama speaking", hesaid. "Oh, Mr. Obama, congratulations, what a greatvictory…", said the voice on the other line."Yeah, it was a blast", said Obama. "[3] A blast? Wait…we will find out who is behind it..",said the voice, "and now I have to go and change mysuit…"."Can't you get me Mr. Singh's correct number?That was the Indian home minister, you moron…", theusually unruffled Obama blasted his secretary.4. So Obama's secretary gave him another number to try.He called and decided to make sure that he was speaking tothe right person."Is this Mr. Singh?", he asked."Yes, it is", said the voice.
"This is Barack Obama", he said."Oh hello Mr. Obama, how is the election shaping up sofar?""Well, I won mine you know..and we will soon haveabout 60 seats in the senate…", said Obama with palpable joy in his voice."Well, you know I can give you another 40 to make itan absolute majority", said the voice."Darn it!", said Obama, putting the phone down,"…you gave me Amar Singh's number…".5. Once again, the secretary handed him another phonenumber."This is Barack Obama. Is Mr. Singh home?", heasked."Yes, but he's relaxing", said the voice."Darn it!", said Obama putting the phone down,"…you gave me Milkha Singh's number…."6. Once again, the secretary handed him another phonenumber."This is Barack Obama. Is Mr. Singh home?", heasked."Yes, this is he", said the voice."Ah, finally", thought Obama. "Mr. Singh,what do you think of my victory"?"Well, what can I say? A great victory for minoritiesand scheduled castes and the affirmative action..actually,your country should reserve 50% of senate and congress seatsfor black people….""Darn it!", said Obama putting the phone down,"…this is that old fool Arjun Singh…."7. Once again, the secretary handed him another phonenumber."This is Barack Obama. Is Mr. Singh home?", heasked."Yes, this is he", said Mr. Singh."Mr. Singh, I hope your country, too, will see thelight at the end of the tunnel as the Americans have nowseen..""Ya Obamaji, there is light at the end of the tunnelfor India, but it's that of an oncoming train which willrun them over …..""What do you mean", asked Obama."What I meant was experience is like a comb that life

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