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"The [Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy" (Dec. 3, 2012; Ver. 1.4 Updated 3-20-14)

"The [Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy" (Dec. 3, 2012; Ver. 1.4 Updated 3-20-14)

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Published by Guy Montag
Marie Tillman's "Tillman Story" (notes from her book "The Letter", interviews, and speech) and the "[Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy" of the Pat Tillman Foundation & the NFL's Pat Tillman Legacy.
Marie Tillman's "Tillman Story" (notes from her book "The Letter", interviews, and speech) and the "[Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy" of the Pat Tillman Foundation & the NFL's Pat Tillman Legacy.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Guy Montag on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Pat Tillman Foundation & the NFL’s Betrayal of Pat Tillman
Guy Montag @ feralfirefighter.blogspot.com December 3, 2012 [Version 1.4; last updated March 19, 2014]
"Year one… It was really about … people honoring and remembering Pat Tillman. ... [Now] We're here [2012 Pat’s Run] to honor those who have served and sacrificed for this nation … it's beyond Pat … Tillman Military Scholars …
continue the legacy of Pat Tillman by also creating their own legacy." -- Hunter Riley, Director of Programs Pat Tillman Foundation
“I think they [
the NFL] haven't gone out of their way to help; they've exploited Pat, just like the military.
… they have a beautiful statue to him at
Cardinal Stadium.
… They haven't really helped to try to find out what happened to Pat. …It's like, "Okay, we had the jersey
dedication, we did this, let's move on." -- Mary Tillman (June 2008)
what should have been the dream story that cemented the marriage between the NFL and the US Army, turned into a terrible tragedy and a mortifying embarrassment
… when the Stealth Bom
 ber roars overhead before the game [Super Bowl 2009]
… maybe people will remember that American sport's
connection with its armed
forces is not all about glory…
It's about secrets, lies and death, too.
 -- Oliver Holt, The Mirror (January 2009)
“It's a da
mn shame that Pat Tillman, killed by friendly fire in an Afghanistan mountain pass, the truth of his death covered up by the Pentagon, tends to be used as a symbol for the exact opposite of what he should be remembered for. But if anyone's allowed to claim and exploit him, I suppose it'd be the Sun
Barry Petchesky (
” – 
 September 6, 2013)
“Pat would have wanted to be remembered as an
individual, not as a stock figure or political prop. Pat was a real he
ro, not what they used him as.”
 -- Mary Tillman (2004)
Page #:
(& List of Updates)
Guy Montag’s
Letter to Marie Tillman
(December 3, 2012)
5 . . .
“The Marie Tillman Story”
(from her March 25, 2011 Harvard Speech)
 13 Interviews with Marie Tillman 16
Marie Tillman’s “
Tillman Story”
(from her memoir
“The Letter”
 22 Ma
rie Tillman’s “
[Untold] Pat Tillman Story 37 . . .
“Barely a Footnote”
-- The
 NFL’s 2009
Super Bowl XLIII [& Pat Tillman]
“Salute to Service”
-- NFL Honors Veterans & 2012 NFL-Tillman Military Scholar
42” – 
Arizona State University (ASU) Unveils Memorial
“Tillman Tunnel”
The Pat Tillman Foundation’s “[Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy”
 59 . . .
Page # APPENDIX A: Notes From Ma
rie Tillman’
s 2011 Harvard Speech 64 APPENDIX B: Notes From Interviews with Marie Tillman 66 APPENDIX C: Notes From Marie
’s Diane Rhem Show Interview
(July 7, 2012)
Notes from Marie Tillman’s Memoir “The Letter”
(June 26, 2012)
I’ll let my
December 3, 2012 letter to Marie Tillman be my Foreword, at least for now.
I hadn’t intended to work on “The [Missing] Pat Tillman Legacy” until 2013
(I’ve been busy trying to write my rebuttal to Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s memoir whose publication date was
recently moved up to January 7
 instead of March 17th). But just a few days ago I read a notice that Marie and Jon Krakauer were going to talk about her book next week in Chicago. So I decided to write her a letter and travel to Chicago to hand deliver it to her.
I’ve been working on my notes
from her book on-and-
off over the past five months. I’ve worked
on them a bit over the past few days, but
this post is still very much a rough draft. Maybe I’ll
eventually make the time to polish my remarks, or not. -- Guy Montag, November 30, 2012
. . . UPDATE 3-31-13:
On December 4, 2012 I handed a copy of my letter to Marie Tillman after a  presentation in Chicago. After getting my book signed, I had a pleasant short conversation with Marie about my visit to the Bahai temple. But, I never received a response back from her.
Here’s the link to the audio recording:
(My discussion with Krakauer starts at about 35:30) On the other hand, Krakuaer signed my book, but he tried aggressively tried to BS me about how
I was wrong about “Jon Krakauer’s Credibility Problem.” His outrage appeared so sincere that
almost succeeded (in my rush to finish this post I hadn’t prepared to confront him about it and didn’t have my hardcopy with me). Maybe he beli
eves his own BS. He almost convinced me, until I double-checked my work and hunted down the NPR Diane Rhem Show recording (September 16, 2009) from the
day before
 my Aunt handed him my material (same stuff he said  before; he changed his tune
getting my material). He appears to be a shameless, bullying  bullshit artist.

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