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Topic Proposal

Topic Proposal

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Published by Michele Belue
Topic proposal
Topic proposal

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Published by: Michele Belue on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Michele BelueInstructor: Malcolm CampbellEnglish 1103Thursday, September 13, 2012
Artificial Intelligence: Will It Ever Be Real?
As the world of technology has gotten more advanced, we have been introduced toartificial intelligence, which John McCarthy, the genius who coined the term, translates as “thescience and engineering of making intelligent machines.” The human brain is one of the most beautiful and intricately designed things ever created. The overall goal of artificial intelligenceis to master creating machines that operate just as human brains do, or at least get as close asthey possibly can. I will be examining the benefits of artificial intelligence in our world todayand the potential risks it may hold as it advances in the future.Robots are a huge technological advancement, and people are starting to notice them asthey become more prominent in our every day lives and work force, especially since some job positions are being replaced by more efficient robots. According to the “Computers Think That?” by Lana White, many people see this as good thing, considering robots do not require asalary, can work long hours without needing breaks, and do not suffer from emotional, physical,or mental stress, making them more efficient to do jobs, such as spray painting in excessive heator welding in an assembly line. Robots are able to do strenuous, monotonous, and dangerouswork, which decreases human’s risks to injury or death. They are also extremely fast and preciseat the task(s) they are programmed to do. In addition, these machines also have the intelligenceto read, see, listen and comprehend human language, and speak back to them. On the contrary,some people, mostly those who don’t live around modern technology from day to day, see robots
as machines just taking over hard-working people’s jobs and the idea of being able to have aconversation with a machine to be scary and unnatural.I have spent a lot of time researching my topic in the UNC Charlotte J. Murry AtkinsLibrary. I have found some very interesting academic journals and online books that provideuseful information. Some academic journals, such as “How The Mind Works” by KevinShapiro, offer strong opinions of their selves and other influential authors about the advancementof artificial intelligence. I found another academic journal called “Computers Think That” byLana White that breaks down what exactly artificial intelligence is, how it has progressed in the past decade, how it relates to our generation, and the benefits it has on the world today. In the journal, White makes many references to a book called “Artificial Intelligence” by MargaretHyde. She gives the specific topics Hyde covers and the chapters she found them in, whichstrongly persuaded me to discover her book as well. A few days ago I was talking to a friend Imet during SOAR about ordering books from the campus bookstore. I was complaining abouthow my books were on back order, and she said, “did you know that the book store at NorthCarolina State University is going to have a robot handing out their books next year?” and Ithought are you freaking kidding me? That’s awesome! Ever since then I’ve been ponderinghow technological our world as gotten, and it got me thinking about how far we’ve actually progressed in relation to artificial intelligence.
Does the advancement of artificial intelligence benefit society today?
Although I possess many traits from my mother, there is one trait that I definitely sharewith my father: love for technology. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with having thelatest and coolest gadget, figuring out how it works, and ways it can be improved or moreefficient. I have also always found the human as such a beautiful and unique creation. How

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