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Published by Haindava Keralam
By Justice Madhavan Nair

This book contains valuable information on God, Soul, creation etc. from a Hindu point of view
By Justice Madhavan Nair

This book contains valuable information on God, Soul, creation etc. from a Hindu point of view

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Published by: Haindava Keralam on Feb 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Through his Soul man is related to God,Through his Body man is akin to animals
Soul is another name for the principle of life in living beings. It is called Life when itstays in a material body; it is called Soul perpetually. Though a Soul is in everybody, itappears a mystery to most. It is recently that serious scientists have beguninvestigations on Soul. But, ancient thinkers had found many details about the Souland had recorded them in Upanishads and other scriptures. To the extent modernresearches have advanced, they have affirmed those scriptural averments.Since retirement from the bar and the bench (Kerala High Court) in 1970, I have beenstudying scriptures and reports of researches on Soul. In doing so, I kept in view theadvice of the Chandogya Upanishad (7:18).
"When one ponders then alone does one understand;Without pondering one does not understand:.
I pondered on the sayings in upanishads in the light of findings of science and psychicresearches. What I could thus gather about Soul I am putting down in this work in theexpectation that it may help spiritual aspirants and students of philosophy. Profusecitations are given to facilitate researches in the ancient lore by aspirants.March 1, 1993 Justice Madhavan Nair, MA, M.L.1
All About Soul
Section 1
Men in all times and in all climes have sought to know the secrets of life and death; andthe work is still continued by scientists. Many early thinkers who tried to know thesecrets of death, came to the conclusion that man is the union of an invisible Soul and amaterial body, and that death is its departure from the body. So, they declared that thefunctional agency, the real person, in man is the Soul in him. But, the rationalists havealways been skeptical of the existence of an invisible Soul in man; and to them man ishis body, and life is only an energy generated by the body for itself. Till about 1960,the medical science also held the physical body to be a complete functional unit whichcollected energy from food, stored energy with itself, and released energy to the organsfor their works; it denied any extraneous agent, like a Soul, dwelling in the body toanimate or activate it. But, the majority of mankind always followed religion; and believed in the existence of an invisible Soul in every living man, and its survival evenafter death of the body.Recently, scientists who wanted to find out the real truth about Soul have startedresearches. Systematic researches on the existence of Soul commenced with
investigations on reality of apparitions
, which are visions of Souls of dead persons inidentifiable visual form. References to apparitions are seen even in ancient books. TheIndian epic, Adhyatma Ramayana (6 : 7 : 26, 27) has described how an apparitionappeared and warned Hanuman about a treacherous plot to delay his urgent mission.Bible (1 Sam 28 : 14 -19) has mentioned that the apparition of King Samuel appearedto King Saul and talked with him about his imminent fall. Bible has also mentionedthat, centuries after death, Moses and Elias appeared before Jesus to speak of hisdecease. (Luke 9 : 30, 31). But in the middle times the general disbelief of apparitionswas such that mention of apparitional experiences was tacitly tabooed by mostsocieties. It is only when great men, like Lord Brougham, Lord Chancellor of England,came forward to describe their apparitional experiences, that the taboo lost most of itsforce. (See The Life and Times of Henry, Lord Brougham, written by himself (1871)Vol. 1 p. 146-148). Since then, reports on apparitions, mostly of predeceased closerelatives seen by persons near death, have often appeared in papers.By about 1880, certain English philosophers and scientists became interested to make ascientific investigation of the reality of apparitions and like phenomena. They began tocollect the reports of apparitions in papers. In February 1882 they formed in Londonthe Society for Psychical Research (SPR) and started systematic investigations.Gurney and Myers, who were the prime founders and investigators of the SPR examined many percipients of apparitions, analysed their testimony, and published their inferenfces as a book 'Phantasms of the Living' (1886). In fact, Gurney observed that2
an apparitional experience was caused by telephonic communication from the deceased person, supplemented by mental construction of the percipient himself; but Myersobserved that the deceased person was present at the spot and caused certain peculiar effects when produced the apparitional experience in the recipients whose sensitivity of mind contributed to his vision of the apparition. A little later, Gurney himself reportedtwo cases in which the recipient saw the apparition with beard growth subsequent to hislast seeing the person alive, which the percipient did not know (See proceedings of SPR 1888-89 P. 412-415); and those cases negated mental construction by the percipient.The proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research (Vol. 36 (1927) p. 517-524 showthat, on November 16, 1905, James L. Chaffin, a farmer in North Carolina, executed awill, duly attested, devising all his properties to his third son, and thereafter, on January16, 1919, he wrote a new will, wholly in his own handwriting, devising his propertiesequally to his four sons. According to the law of North Carolina a will writtenthroughout by the testator's own hand would be valid, even if unattested. Nobody,other than the testator, knew the existence of the second will. On September 7, 1921,the testator died in an accident, and on September 24, 1921, the third son obtained probate of the first will, uncontested by anybody. About four years later, in June 1925,the testator's second son began to see dreams of his father by his bedside, and in adream by the end of that month
he clearly heard the apparition telling him how tofind the second will.
Following that information he discovered the second will.The Superior Court probated it in super session of the first will.
In this case
thecommunication of the apparition in dream could not be a mental construction of the percipient.
It showed clearly the continuance of the Soul of a deceased person.
'Deathbed visions' by Sir William Barrett, who was a physics professor in the RoyalCollege of Science at Dublin, is also noteworthy. The opening case in that book detailsthe circumstances that led the scientist to launch an investigation on deathbed visions.On 12
January 1924, Sir Barrett's wife, who was an obstetrical surgeon, was attendinga woman who was dying after a child birth. Suddenly the woman brightened up, andasked the surgeon whether she was not seeing the woman's (late) father near her. Thesurgeon could not see him. Then the woman became puzzled to see her sister also withher father. In fact, the sister had died three weeks ago, but the woman was keptuninformed because of her precarious health. Soon after the above visions, the womandied. Lady Barrett rushed home, very excited, to discuss the reality of those visions,with her husband. Sir Barrett was so impressed with the woman's vision of he sister'sapparition that he undertook a systematic investigation of deathbed visions of apparitions. He found that
many dying persons see apparitions of deceased relatives
to welcome them to their after life.Thus, investigations on appearances of apparitions have shown them to be nothallucinations, but real phenomena. They show not only existence of Souls, but alsotheir continuance after death of the body.1n 1885 the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) was formed in NewYork, and thereafter similar organizations arose in different cities – all for scientificresearches on survival of Soul after bodily death.By 1960, in America, sizable endowments began to come forth for researches on thesurvival of Soul, which indicated public enthusiasm in the matter. Many skilled3

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