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Agend21 Explained

Agend21 Explained

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Published by Hal Shurtleff

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Published by: Hal Shurtleff on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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sample letter to editorCongratulations, you are now taking positive action to reverse the insidious actions of 
Agenda 21
whosegoal is to take land out of private ownership, reduce and concentrate the population and make hugeareas of the Earth, including half of the U.S. OFF LIMITS. Many communities are bailing from the world-wide land grab under Agenda 21 as the truth slowly is coming out. And committees to review thedamage are in order and actions to put the land back to private ownership as Palmer is doing are great!Beware of these red flag words: Sustainability, Open Space, Green Community, Low Income Housing,Preservation Trusts and Commissions, Community Preservation Act, Planning Commissions, StretchCodes, ICLIE (Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
www.iclie.org), CLURPA (Comprehensive LandUse Reform and Partnership Act) and other "official" sounding projects. They do all this through NGOs(Non-Governmental Organizations - registered with the U.N.) and other community developmentagencies. One or more people on these committees and commissions are aware of the end game, butmany members aren't and are used as pawns. When a member sees what is going on and objects to theaction, they are drummed off the commission.They are funded through federal and state grants, donations by unwitting corporations and property taxsurcharges. These agencies have their sites set years in advance and are constantly looking at parcels of land to either lock up or build low income housing on. If you hear of someone willing their land to Open
Space “forever,” it is a ploy of Agenda 21.
Land is constantly being removed from property tax rolls,leaving the remaining property owners to fund their budget through increased taxes.
 This is a Soviet style structure by the government and is a danger to all freedom-loving people of U.S.(and the world). They hate single family homes, private transportation and private land ownership. Localcommunities do the bidding of non-elected people who wield more power than our elected officials.Fortunately, many communities are reversing actions taken by planning boards and town councils.Agenda 21 is a 40 Chapter book you can see on line at the United Nations website.You can learn more at www.freedom21.org

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