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virtual charter school rules

virtual charter school rules

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Published by NC Policy Watch
NC State Board of Education
NC State Board of Education

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Published by: NC Policy Watch on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Policy IdentificationPriority:
Twenty-First Century Systems
Charter Schools Administration
Policy ID Number:
Policy Title:
Policy on the establishment of virtual charter schools in North Carolina
Current Policy Date:
Other Historical Information:
Statutory Reference:
et seq.
Administrative Procedures Act (APA) Refer
ence Number and Category:
 A virtual charter school is defined as a nonsectarian and nondiscriminatory public charter schoolopen to all eligible North Carolina students who are enrolled full-time at the virtual charterschool. Students enrolled at a virtual charter school receive their education predominantlythrough the utilization of online instructional methods. For purposes of initial operation in NorthCarolina, virtual charter schools may only serve grades 6 through 12, and there can be no morethan three open and operating virtual charter schools at any time across the State.1.
Parties wishing to establish a virtual charter school shall establish a non-profitcorporation and apply directly to the State Board of Education (SBE) through thecompletion of a separate application created specifically for virtual applicants. Thisapplication must include plans detailing how the virtual charter school proposes toprovide technology hardware and internet connectivity to enrolled students.2.
No applications for virtual charter schools may be approved at any stage by an entityother than the SBE.3.
The process of application review shall follow the same timelines and proceduresestablished for all other charter applicants, provided that all applications must besubmitted to the SBE for exclusive review and approval.4.
The virtual charter applicant shall submit a copy of the application to every LocalEducation Agency (LEA) in North Carolina from which the virtual charter school mayattract students. Each LEA will have the ability to provide an Impact Statement related tothe proposed virtual charter school.5.
Those designated to review virtual charter applications on behalf of the SBE are under noobligation to recommend that the SBE grant a preliminary charter to any applicant group.The focus of any recommendation must be solidly based upon the quality of theapplication and historical achievement attained by the intended provider.6.
Should a virtual charter school applicant receive preliminary approval, the boardmembers that will have statutory responsibility for all operating procedures of the charterschool shall complete the mandatory planning year established in SBE policy.
1212_LFI 4 _Attach1
Any virtual applicant group that receives a charter from the SBE will receive a charterterm no longer than three years for the initial charter, no virtual charter will receive arenewal charter term longer than five years.8.
The virtual charter school shall have an actual, physical location within the geographicboundaries of the state of North Carolina.9.
Should a virtual applicant receive final approval from the SBE, the charter agreement willbe tailored to virtual charter schools with the inclusion of additional standards related tooverall performance. Failure to meet any of these standards may result in the revocationand/or nonrenewal of the charter:a)
The virtual charter school must test at least 95%
of its students during anyacademic year for purposes
of the State’s accountability system.
The virtual charter school’s graduati
on rate must be no less than 10% below theoverall state average for any two out of three consecutive years.c)
The virtual charter school cannot have a student withdrawal rate any higher than15% for any two out of three consecutive years. This rate will be calculated bycomparing the first and ninth month
Principal’s Monthly Report
The virtual char
ter school’s student
-to-teacher ratio cannot exceed 50 to 1 perclass. This calculation excludes academic coaches, learning partners, parents, orother non-teachers of record.10.
The virtual charter school will be funded as follows: the proposed virtual charter schoolshall receive the same rate as a full-year course in the NC Virtual Public School for eightcourses per student. The virtual charter school will not receive local funds. Federalfunding for which the virtual charter schools are eligible can be received provided thecharter school completes the appropriate documentation.11.
The virtual charter school must offer “regular educational opportunities” to its students
through meetings with teachers, educational field trips, virtual field trips attendedsynchronously, virtual conferencing sessions, or asynchronous offline work assigned bythe teacher of record.12.
The virtual charter school shall comply with all statutory requirements and SBE policiesthat apply to charter schools unless specifically excluded herein.The requirements for a virtual charter school are embodied in the application (attached with thispolicy); and both become effective the date of this policy.
1212_LFI 4 _Attach2
Virtual Charter School Application
North Carolina Department of Public InstructionNCDPI/Office of Charter Schools301 N. Wilmington StreetRaleigh, NC 27601-2825(919)807-3491Mailing Address:6303 Mail Service CenterRaleigh, NC 27699-6303
1212_LFI 4 _Attach3

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