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Terror Blade the Soul Keeper

Terror Blade the Soul Keeper



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Published by Zetsumie Mitsukai
Strategy Guide for Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
by kalorful (as of v6.59)
Strategy Guide for Terrorblade the Soul Keeper
by kalorful (as of v6.59)

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Published by: Zetsumie Mitsukai on Feb 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Strategy Guide for Terrorblade the SoulKeeperbykalorful(as of v6.59)
This is a guide on how to play Terrorblade as a
hero. Please, no spam about me notgetting soulsteal earlier, because 1) You don't need soulsteal to jungle and 2) This is a guide toJUNGLE terrorblade.
Analysis of recent changes
With the introduction of 6.52c, a number of changes happened which directly benefitsTerrorblade.1. The buffing of metamorphosis2. The buffing of SnY3. The nerfing of blink dagger.What does this mean? It means that Terrorblade can now deal massive DPS and make himself useful earlier in the game with SnY, whilst his enemies must try a lot harder to escape therelentless beatdown from the FIREBALLS OF JUSTICE with blink dagger not being able toactivate after damage.With the introduction of 6.57b... what has happened since then? Briefly:1. Nerf of MS2. Sunder cast point nerf 3. Nerf of SnY4. Buff on diffusal1+3 means no more easymode right click chase and own with SnY. 2 means no more gaysunders in between stun and laguna blade. 4 means that diffusal can actually be a viable optionnow.With the BoT + SnY combo no longer granting the godly MS as it used to, Treads have now become a favourable options as it gives that midgame boost which every carry desperately needs.
Why is Terrorblade the most powerful carry?
Let us take a look at the list of the top 3 classic carries in the game which I deem to be
Terrorblade, Void, and Spectre.Compared to the other two, Terrorblade's main advantage is that he can jungle to avoid a crappyearly game and farm as fast as a dual laner if not faster.Terrorblade is also less prone to disables, due to the fact that he has 2 images up. Disable one,and you still got the other two laying a harsh serving of pain upon you.Whats more, TB can also assume a ranged mode to deal out DPS. This avoids the disadvantagesof melee DPS heroes such as being more prone to get hurt due to closer proximity to enemy, andgetting blocked by other units from dealing damage to intended target.He is also a lot better at taking down tower and raxes very quickly - the images rape.
Skill Build
Terrorblade's skill build is pretty flexible depending on what the circumstances are. I willdescribe how to vary the skillbuild according to circumstances.Golden Rule. Do not get soulsteal at all. Soul steal is for pussies, and it delays stat points andimage levels which reduce your battle power significantly.To begin with, you always get one level of image. The extra image is extremely helpful as it can be used to tank/scout/double pull, so there's no argument about that.The second level is always stat, since you don't get soulsteal, and getting metamorphosis thisearly seems implausible.The third level is where skill builds start to diverge. You can go stat, if you feel that your manasupply isn't enough to sustain image-jungling. If you have an allied CM who got aura, definitelyadd it to image. Its up to personal preference here, I don't really mind which way you go.The fourth level can either be added to image/stat/metamorphosis. Generally I add it to image,however if there are enemies stalking the jungle I grab a level of metamorphosis in order to provide limited ranged DPS in counterganks.From there on you max out image and stat. You can grab sunder at 6/11 or 10/11. Grabbing it at 6ensures extra safety, but reduces farming speed a bit. I generally grab it at 10/11 since I usuallydon't have the mana necessary to pull off lvl1 sunder. Be sure to grab sunder at lvl11 since themana cost is reduced drastically making it a lot more useful.Metamorphosis should be maxed by lvl 15.From there on max stats, and then soulsteal 22-25.
Simplified Version
What I actually meant, in simple-to-understand, visual form.Level 01 | ImageLevel 02 | StatLevel 03 | StatLevel 04 | Image/MetaLevel 05 | StatLevel 06 | Image/Sunder Level 07 | StatLevel 08 | ImageLevel 09 | StatLevel 10 | Sunder/statLevel 11 | Sunder Level 12 | MetaLevel 13 | MetaLevel 14 | MetaLevel 15 | Meta/statLevel 16 | Sunder Level 17-21 | StatsLevel 22-25 | Soulsteal
Item Build
Early Game:
That should start your jungling off quite nicely. Those two tangoes are used to heal yourself, andto create shorter paths to creep camps.Upgrade ASAP to

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