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Speech for Orientation

Speech for Orientation

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Published by bonbon_cyd

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Published by: bonbon_cyd on Feb 01, 2009
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Cyd F. ArelladoI could remember 13yrs ago, when West Visayas State Universitygrounds was still my playground. I felt like I owned the school then. Iwould be left with my playmates and classmates at school 7am andfetched anytime my mom would finish her work… And it would meantill the sun was down and almost all the lights in school were off. Iwould run and run… and run… until my clean white uniform turnedbrownish white with matching awful smell. Now, I'm here, representingthe seniors and delivering a speech not as a kid, but as a full grownlady, molded by this university.College of Arts and Sciences 5 years before was known as astrong college. It is where the champions, the smart, the beautiful, thehandsome, and the talented are homed. Usually, they would win in anyarea beating the other colleges in the parties and activities to theUniversity week held by the USC. That's one reason why it feels sogood to be in this college. Suddenly, it changed. See for yourself why,and be part of regaining her dignity.Graduating in this institution in high school means lesseradjustments in going to college. From having friends in the campus,knowing the teachers, buildings, rooms, and the CR, of course, it wasnot hard for me to be a freshman. But then, I understand how aphoenix strive from the time he steps in the gate to looking for theirclassrooms, meeting other people, and teachers whom they thinkwould eat them alive (but I assure you, if they do, they won't eat thewhole of you), and worst of all, looking for the CR when the call of nature would eat them up but couldn’t find it.A Korean once said, "Philippines is a slow country. You have toexperience falling in line 3 or more times a day". Lucky for thefreshmen now, that you haven't experienced falling in line for
enlistment to get the time schedule you like and the teacher you love,to fall in line to have your bills assessed, to write your schedule andpersonal information in the yellow RF that erasures couldn't be avoidedeven if you wrote it 4 times back to back (take note: back to back). Andlastly, pray and be thankful if you don't have to apply and be surprisedto be in the dean's list.For the freshmen, you wouldn't have to be afraid of being in a biguniversity with new faces, new races around you. Here are some tipsfrom your manang's and manongs:1. Ask. As the saying goes, "Ask and you will find". Don't beafraid to ask if you don't know how to do it. If you need a book, ask. If you need a friend, ask. If you need someone to talk to, ask. No onegets killed in asking.2. Give. "Give and you'll receive". Give the college your best.Support your class, your curriculum, our college. Our teacher in Botanyalways tells us, "Scholar ng bayan". Live with it, and be it! Don't let ourcollege be ashamed of you; make her proud, and make our Universityproud.3. It's a matter of giving your BIG smile to your manangs andmanongs. Pa cute-cute lang! For sure, no one gets hurt. You may thinkwe are snobbish cause we are older than you are, but think of it thisway - our college may be the 2
largest college, but if everyone givesa BIG smile to everyone he bumps, we will be a BIG FAMILY. It onlytakestwomuscles to smile. It doesn't cost you any centavo or dollar.Lastly, "Hwag lumaki ang ulo, ang puso ang syang palakihin",Sharon said to Charisse Pinpyenggo. Let your feet stay on the floor. Letothers think badly about you and prove them wrong. If others try topull you down, it only means one thing, you are above them. Don't godown to their level. Stand up, and face the world.For the sophomores and juniors, despite the commotion amongus at times, let's continue the bond we have. And for those who are
still uneasy with us, for our last year, make us enjoy the most of it. Thank you for the thrill and laughter we had in the activities we hadtogether. To our dear teachers, the BIOSCI and PHYSICAL SCIENCEdepartment, who welcomed our trembling knees, and prayers everytime we enter the faculty room (our SOP) not only when getting ourgrades but also when we ask them clarifications. They taught us notonly to be studious and focused, but also to be religious. They alsotaught us to be united through the overnights we had like studying acat, sharing its bones, to the point of sleeping side by side with adissected cat and a skull in our pillow with matching frog bones in ourbed. After all, its fun going to school with your pajamas on to return thespecimens before the laboratory exams and fix ourselves after. It'sworth the stink! We gained not only knowledge but the value of sharing, bond with our friends and classmates, and most of all, ourspecimens. The English department, we have not been under all of them, butwe are thankful for having them; not only because we received goodgrades that would pull up our average grade, but they welcome us withsmiles in their faces, they make feel comfortable in studying in thiscollege. The Math teachers, who made us tremble at times, because mostof us hate math, but they made the topics easier than expected. The Social Science Department, where we learned life as it is. Itawakened us, despite of our busy schedule, that life is indeed great! They taught us to realize that we still have to stay beautiful and alivein doing our school work and to care about the environment. The Filipino Department, where we he had a lot of fun. Iremembered when our class represented the College of Arts andSciences in a "DAIGON CONTEST". Humility aside, we won as 1

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