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Your Questions About Catching Bass In Cold Weather

Your Questions About Catching Bass In Cold Weather

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Published by marknbye

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Published by: marknbye on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Questions About Catching Bass In Cold Weather
Nancy asks…
I feel like fishing but is getting colder, what kind of fish can I catchstill and where near Philly?
I don’t have ant ice fishing gear and I don’t know hoe to ice fish so ice fishing is not possible. Iwanted to get
some last minute fishing before it gets too
. What kind of fish can I still goafter
November, and where do I go? No place to far, no longer than an hour drive. I wasthinking striped
maybe? But I am open with almost any fishing. 
LMBassFish answers:
Fish never stop feeding; therefore, you can catch them all year long. Many people (includingmyself) fish year round. Being out on the lake with sheets of ice isn’t out of the ordinary for me.You have to be patient though. Their metabolism slows way down, which makes them verysluggish. In most cases, you’ll need to fish slow and deep in cold weather. Fish aren’t willing tochase down their prey in cold water like they are in warm water; they simply don’t have theenergy to do it.My favorite cold water lures are jig/pig combos, suspending jerkbaits, and deep divingcrankbaits.1 / 7
Lizzie asks…
How do the fish bite your bait?
Hi ..i have some questions…1. Striper
….are they bite
the bottom(ground) or hanging bait.2. Sturgeon…..same question3. Catfish….same question….4. Can we catch them
(spring)Thx for share the answer 
LMBassFish answers:
For stripe they usually bite the bait kind of in the middle to the top part of the water.Not sure about the sturgeonCats are primarily a bottom feeding fish because they stay near the bottom most of the time.Yes these fish can be caught year round.2 / 7
Betty asks…
Why aren’t humans immune to the common cold?
an episode of Star Trek, Data keeps sneezing. Wesley Crusher asks him if he has a
;“something people use to get”, if only it were true. For millennia, humans have been plagued bythe common
. Colds are caused by a virus. Why don’t humans develop immunity, like withthe small pox virus? It would seem that after all of this time and with the vast number of peopleaffected; the immune system would recognize the
virus? Also, how does
LMBassFish answers:
A cold is a virus, and you only catch viruses once. That’s why you can only get chicken pox onetime. The problem with a cold is that there are many different strains of cold, and we only buildimmunity to the strains we catch. I think that’s why you can’t play “cold ping-pong.” That wouldbe when you catch a cold, you pass it to your friend, your friend passes it back to you, you bassit back to him, he passes it back to you, and so on. As to the weather affecting a cold virus theanswer is simple: it doesn’t. That’s a common misconception. The cold weather obviously isn’tgood for you, and I guess it can produce cold-like symptoms, but it doesn’t affect the cold virus.3 / 7

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