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Dear YAD

Dear YAD

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Published by mad cowboy
I wrote this but really did not like the ending.
still I really like writing it and hope you will like reading it. And thanks to Sheila for letting me use her as the subject.
I wrote this but really did not like the ending.
still I really like writing it and hope you will like reading it. And thanks to Sheila for letting me use her as the subject.

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Published by: mad cowboy on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Yad,I”m not sure how I will get this too you , or what this will be , for now it's a letter to you. For reference it's the 11 of October in the year of 2011. As we know time is even more an issue that italways is. Were to the time when we have to make the decisions that will directly affect us . As I've said before even if we choose to do nothing , that is a course of action.At this point were still lucky enough to have options, but it's getting late on making plans. It's alsoa good time to consider our strengths and weaknesses , and our desires in life. There is still time to livelike we have always wanted, yet the future is now upon us as well. Whatever way we go, and thatincludes if we decide to do nothing its time to take those paths.I have many issues to resolve , before I am ready, yet I know they are mostly things that will work out anyway. While there is 14 months left till the big day whatever is happening is already well on itsway. Whatever is still up for debate , what we are preparing for is still very cloudy, What is known isthat it will soon be 2012 and its hard to think of any scenario for it where our lives will ever be thesame again.For the most part I see this as a good thing. Life is a constant change , yet its the large scale bigevents that get the attention. Everyday I see change and the fear of change, with the fear of change being used to institute the changes, they really wanted to make anyway. A good example isgovernment, and it no longer matters which one , because they are all owned by corporations owned by banks owned by elitist who are owned by the lizards.They use the fear of every stupid thing we the people will believe. Like the stock market and the banksters, we cling to them from fear ,because its the only system we have known. Just as I cling to thelife I have here, because of the fear of a new life without the safety net I have of being around friendsand family, Customers, and a language , that everyone speaks.I'm even tied to the land and the weather. I not only live here I'm from here, and this is one of the few places that still matters. People ask me if I think I'm a starchild with a good argument that if I am aneternal soul I was , before there was a planet. I still think that I have been here long enough to callmyself an earthchild which I do.I also have some pretty wild theories on this area, to keep it pertinent is this is one of the planet'scenters. It could be called a shockra, but I believe there is an importance to this area beyondgeography. It also has a thousand questions that nobody even seems to ask. A smart fellow with anopen mind could find material for some very interesting reading, if he had time. Even some really goodmodern questions, like why is it so packed with ptb? While the big boys never come here , there areworld headquarters for some of the most evil lizard slaves on the planet.Once upon a time transportation and distribution meant there was a benefit to our central location.Thanks to the jet age you can pretty much get anywhere from anywhere , but from the city and area youliterally can get anywhere from here. On either side there's two land masses, plus a straight shot toeither border. Then there's a river that leads to the gulf where you either go left and its Atlantic ocean or cross the Peninsula and your on the Pacific.People from all over the world immigrate here, we have a Bosnian section of town, along with thehill which is the Italian section. Used to be , in another words were not the rednecks were portrayed as. Not quite anyway, we are country though in fifteen minutes I can be surrounded by corn., or sitting onthe river bank. There's even a theory that the Chinese had a section here over a thousand years ago.The more I write the more it seems like I'm selling you on the place doesn't it. If so let me throwin the buyer bewares. The three things that will be the doom of here, the Reelfoot fault complex, thenuclear, and chemical plants, and of course the lizards with their police force.Day in and day out you can find five predictions for immanent doom from the New Madrid fault. It becomes almost sickening but I can tolerate it after all it is a huge fault and will go off. And when itgoes off the damage will include our rickety old nuclear power plant called Callaway. The earthquakecauses the plant to fail, it is the most obvious doom that awaits this area. I can add a few more details ,
how if we survive the quake and the nuke plant doesnt go off we would still be trapped in the area dothe geography , mostly the bridges that are the only way out,. They plan on keeping us locked into thearea by controlling the exits. Just shut down the river bridges and control the one remaining road out of town. I think the doomsters believe they will turn the area into one giant FEMA camp.I of course know the ways around this , and it lessens my fear. Then again I know of plenty of other deaths awaiting the area. Such as the Union carbide plant , along with I'm sure a few hundred other toxic sites , full of tanks , full of poisons, ready to crack and release, wiping out at least sections of thetown.These are enough reasons that the area isn't safe , yet as much as I research I find few places actuallyare. As we know Islands are out no matter what happens, unless we just want to get it over quickly andgo out more or less in brief happiness. In ways I can see this depending on the doom that awaits itmight be the easiest way.We know that a few of the events could be very nasty, I'm thinking solar as maybe the worst. Youknow I'm not a biblical person but there are two bible verses that explain perfectly what we will see.The first one is from the Apocrapha and it goes something like “Not a blade of grass will be leftunscorched , even the dirt will be burned. And my all time favorite verse from Ecclesiastics, one of the books that should have been lost . “ There will be a time when luckier is he in the grave than he stillalive, and luckier still is they that were never born”.If this is what we are looking at unless you have a seat in a dumb the only thing that matters now ishow we spend the time we have left. Of course in the big picture thats all that matters anyway. Canthide from fate. At least I dont believe that I can. However we also can't know our fate until it happens.I prefer to not go gentle into that good night. Not that I have fear of death I don't mostly because it's inevitable. I do have fears plenty to make upfor the lack of that one. Since we are talking about me now let me tell you somethings about me , mostyou already know I'm sure. To put it simple I may be what they’d call a strange bird. Like yourself I'vealways felt that I was on a different path, or have my own flight to make. While I've never complainedabout being a strange bird , It has kept me kind of alone most of my life, I guess I've always beensearching for another bird like me, My mate I guess, My other half, as the Hindu say.Of course I'm not a virgin, I have had a fair share of relationships, but I always knew that theywere temporary, most of the time I could even predict the time the relationship would last. Kind of frustrating but if you are going to look into the future you have to be prepared for what you will see.Last word on the subject would be doom an gloom. I'm not in a good place to start another temporaryrelation. As far as it goes I'm probably better off without it.What I feel I need now is that someone who can help me take us to another level, as in fulfill thecrazy destiny that is our future. I trust that I was chosen because I can do the job, thats why I'm here.I've said this about a few thousand times when asked on a job about my prior experience. People wantto get all happy when I tell them I have been doing the job for over twenty years, so I have to groundthem , I tell them yes I've been doing it for that long but the only thing that matters is how I do today,on your job. Every job Is the only one that matters.Of course these are the same people who when I'm done ask me how it went , and I tell them I didthe very best I could, usually they then ask what went wrong. Sadly usually there is something thatkeeps it from being perfect, as perfect is such an unrealistic goal, yet the only one to have. I say Ialways do my best and hope it's good enough.Thats my plan on enlightenment I'll do the best I can , and hope its good enough. Trouble is it'seasy to say you did your best , but inside we almost always think we could do better. Like in dejavu bydoing something over and over you keep finding ways to improve. To be honest the whole thingmakes me laugh mostly do to the absurdity of me even thinking I know or ever will know. What makesit even funnier is if I actually do know This is what it's all about?
Its fortunate that laughter is a pain killer. When given the choice laugh or cry, isn’t laughter thelogical choice? Plus the whole world reeks of a bizarre humor. Not funny like it was when we werekids, more like a joke being played out for some greater powers amusement. Like a Greek comedywhere the requirement is a somewhat happy ending, for at least somebody. A lot of the times thisworked out to be for the amusements of the gods.To make it more similar in the Greek plays the actors wore masks representing the characters,meaning it wasn't the actor that really mattered it was the role they played. As long as you hit the mark and say your lines your job is done. As we say easy breezy. Not that it's the big easy here, that's down the river, plus I think its really a Greek Tragedy that is onlyfunny because of the strangeness with the way things are playing out. You know this stuff as well as Iso I'll lay off the descriptions for now.I can tell you what I would see as a personal goal for any future, a little spot of land to live from. Ialso see the need for my tribe as well as inner family. I think this is what we have been talking about, Ireally want you to be part of my tribe. It would be hard to ask for more seeing as we are perfectlystrangers.While I've thought that the distances make it impossible, as a White dog in development I'mlearning to trust my feelings, or really the all knowing part of being enlightened. My first thoughts areon your protection, I will feel better when you feel safer. My WD also tells me that I have things tolearn from you. As you have probably noticed ever since I read what I wanted out of my Mayascope Ihave changed. Really the beginning of change, plus we always change it's a law of the universe.So no big deals , but three things I feel like I am working on or practicing are trust, inner light,and of course inner peace. Trust is a kinda funny thing, for instance a day ago I was working onthe top of a ladder, and had to make a stretch to reach an area. I thought I'm protected because Of thewhite dog and reached out tipping the ladder over causing me to fall, no big deal once you fall it'sreally all in the landing. But here I landed on my ladder , it hurt, so I'm not quite as protected as I seemto think I am. I think the real test will be if my fingers are broke or just jammed up, I'm hoping jammedas I am using them now to type this letter.It should teach me a lesson that I am vincible. Because I have been wondering, pretty much mywhole life. I've done some pretty stupid things to test my theory that I was fated to die one way, and itis the only thing that can kill me, In a way since it isn't my fate I'm bulletproof., in that I don't get shotor at least not fatally, unless by saying it too much someone tests me on it.Knowing this should make me brave, a quality that will be helpful as long as it isn't guided by blind stupidity. So I work on being brave by trusting in myself and the will of the gods. Then there's theinner light thing I basically try to exude a positive energy, my goal is to spread a little happiness. As we both know this is not the time to wake people up, it's too late for that and I think it might prove to domore harm than good. This is however the perfect time to give positive emotion, the harder it is themore we need it.In my Maya scope it said I needed to work on my unconditional love, and I do. With our distanceand friendship you are an easy target because as I see it unconditional means the giving up love andexpecting nothing for it. Giving is the main benefit, then learning that the love we give doesn't run out,its an emotion therefore infinite. I unconditionally love the hell out of you. Almost because I feel closer to you than the things I unconditionally love as a rule. Such as my love for nature. I love thecomplexity of life, as well as it's beauty. I've never met a butterfly I didn't love. Trouble is everything innature aren't butterflies. Same with human nature its quite easy to love the ones that don't bug you. For them It takes tolerance before love, as I like to say “If you don't bother me, it wont bother me.”then there are the things in my way If I can avoid them they are merely obstacles in my path .Only to be thought of as I take the appropriate action to avoid them. No emotion at all do I give them,and the only memory of them is the step I took around or over them. That just leaves the ones who tryto block my path, or send me on another , against my will , and not for my greater good,.

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