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Election News Senate 6 Candidates Alvarado Garcia Headquarters Open

Election News Senate 6 Candidates Alvarado Garcia Headquarters Open

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Published by: Editor on Dec 04, 2012
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Sylvia Garcia & Carol Alvarado both had their Headquarter's Grand Opening thispast Saturday.The headquarters for former Harris County Precinct 2 County Commissioner SylviaGarcia and State Representative Carol Alvarado was opened for the purpose toelect them to the Texas Senate District 6 seat vacated by the passing of the lateSenator Mario Gallegos.As of this writing there hasn't yet been a Special Election date set by theGovernor but that's not slowing down the candidates or their supporters fromhitting the campaign trail.Saturday morning at Sylvia's grand opening ceremony she informed me shealready had this same morning about 30 volunteers hit the streets going door todoor. And while I was there I noticed her campaign staff was preparing maps andliterature to send out another wave of volunteers to go door to door.Earlier that same morning in Jacinto City before my arrival to Sylvia's event I hadalready met Carol's door to door workers passing out her literature.Later in the afternoon while visiting Carol's headquarters her campaign staff wasbusy with the grand opening crowd of volunteers and supporters signing them upfor door to door campaigning, phone call committees and office assignment dutiesfor the up coming election.Carol was introduced by Houston City Councilman James Rodriguez where she thengave the crowded headquarters a presentation on her ability to be able to quicklyhit the Senate floor to take care of their business. Mr. Dario Arellano fromDenver Harbor led the Alvarado gathering in a word of prayer.Door to door campaigning is "old school" but its always proven to be the best andmost effective way to win over voters. Phone calling voters and mailing themcampaign literature is effective but not near as good as the face to face personalvisit from the candidate or a well informed experienced supporter.I fully expect any serious candidate for this position to use the door to doorgrassroots method of trying to win over the voters. And with this being a SpecialElection with only the one contest on the ballot there's a good chance they'll be a
lower than normal voter turnout so the winning candidate may very well be decidedby who has the best ground game. And another important factor will be whichevercampaign can win over the majority of the voters who use the mail in ballot orabsentee ballot for seniors or those with disabilities will be crucial to winning theelection.Campaign funds is a must and is a key factor to winning. Endorsements play a roll indeciding elections too but there's nothing better than having an abundance ofvolunteers willing to work in contacting the voters by door to door. Campaigns thatcan afford paid door to door workers can be successful but only if these workersare properly trained and supervised. If the hired workers aren't well trained andsupervised this can lose the candidate votes... I've seen it happen. them.My personal observation while visiting the two events is that both Carol andSylvia seem to have sincere passionate supporters who can give accurate reasonswhy they think their candidate would be the best one to represent them. I canhonestly say there are many who feel it's going to be a difficult decision makingprocess since they feel both Sylvia and Carol each would make a good Senator.I ran into several folks at Carol's event who I had just seen earlier at Sylvia's andthey told me they were friends with both candidates and they didn't want to beplaced in a situation where they had to make a choice publicly which could harmtheir friendship with either candidate. It's my hope too the two candidates realizethis and respect the fact there are going to be many others feeling this same wayand they shouldn't force the issue.Three State Representatives supporting Sylvia.Left to right: Jessica Farrar, (Sylvia Garcia) Ana Hernandez Luna and ArmandoWalle at the Grand Opening supporting Sylvia. Each gave their own reasons as towhy they believed Sylvia would be best for the Senate District 6 seat.
 Photo of Sylvia Garica making a statement to her volunteers prior to their leavingthe headquarters for door to door voter contact.Photo of Sylvia with another group of door to door volunteers leaving out at mid-day on Saturday.Garcia Campaign Headquarters 12753 East Freeway Houston, TX. 77015 PHONE: 832.885.6667 WEBSITE: www.SylviaForSenate.com  EMAIL: sylvia@sylviaforsenate.com

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