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The Clan Chapter 5

The Clan Chapter 5

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Published by Gwendalynn Wilgus

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Published by: Gwendalynn Wilgus on Dec 04, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter Five: 
(Ryker P.O.V)After a quick chat with the girls I headed for the stairwell, best not keep Mr. Barker waiting forme. Once I reached the second floor a waiter lead me to a dimly lit room with an extravagant tapestryhanging across the room on the other side of a wood and glass top table big enough for 12 people. Istood at the entrance a waiting for an invitation. A tall broad man sat at the far end near a candle. Thelight made his face glow faintly; a rough square jaw, thick brows, and a plain expression plastered to hisface. He was wearing a black tux with white cuffs; he sat straight as he looked me over.
“Ryker Cordovan, a pleasure it is to meet the
successor of the Cordovan clan. Jeffery Barker, if you
please...take a seat.” He said. I studied his face closely as he
uttered the word, he seemed to smileinwardly at the fact I was the successor to my father and that his death marked it so. It disgusted me tosee that look on his face, truly a horrid image he placed in front of me. But I took my seat quietly,opposite to him; I wanted to stay as far away as possible from this man. He disgusts me!
“Why is it you asked to meet me Barker?” I asked, my voice deepened, signaling my lack of trust and
concern over the answer I waited on. I was being serious with him, he thought it laughable.
“My, my...aren’t we the uptight one! Do try and relax I mean you know harm...Ryker?” I nodded. “I can’t
express how sorrowful it is to have lost your father, he was a good man, I knew him for a long time wego way back him and I. Almost seems like yesterday we were just lads floating a bout on the lake havingnot a care in the world. You resemble him somewhat; he must have had high exceptions of you Ryker; to
give you everything and not your elder brother.” He added. I stared him in the eye,
something I wastaught not to do, it was the sign of a challenge and I want to fight him. He seemed angered so I closedmy eyes before to speak, eyeing him with tense eyes, watching for any movement he made.
“I have no intention of discussing my family with you...if that’s all you wanted then I'll be taking my
leave then. I thought, coming from you, this would be a little more important than useless and empty
words coming from an overgrown slug like yourself, Barker.” I growled under my breath, he ignored i
tand smiled a sinister smile at me to show his lack for trust in my abilities. He underestimated me.
“You right, this is much more important than talking of a dead man. This is about your future boy, so I
suggest that you pay attention and behave yourself 
, you want to go home in one piece don’t you?”
“I’m not playing games Barker, get to the point....and if there’s going to be threats....then they’ll becoming from me.” I spoke bravely, I couldn’t control what I was saying nor what I meant by it.
“Is that so? Just how strong do you think you are boy!?”
“Strong enough to kill a lowlife like you, you disgust me!” I growled. I made my eyes flicker to prove my
point. Barker was silent for a moment before throwing his head back in laughter. I was unimpressed.
eah know, you and I have a lot in common Ryker, and I think if things were different we might just get
along with one another.”
“But they aren’t.”
“Quite right there, they aren’t...so...I’d think twice about how you play this. Things can get real ugly real
fast, if you catch my meaning.” He smiled. I saw the look of enjoyment in his eyes. I wouldn’t give him
the satisfaction. I smiled devilishly and closed my eyes, when I opened them I stared him square in theeye. He growled at me as to scare me off but I sat there staring. My left eye painted a picture from the
sounds around me, the clock ticked and I could see the sound echo off the glass. I watched his face asthe sound bounced of it. He stood up, my eyes followed while I stayed sitting in my chair refusing tomove any part of me except my eyes. This he hated and growled louder slamming his fist against thetable top, just missing the glass.
“Aren’t we getting angry, my, my, my...do clam down Barker, don’t want to cause a scene do we?” I said,
playing with him now. Using the same tone he used on me a little while ago.
“You little brat! How dare you challenge me...you think you could
survive a fight with me
?” He said
through clenched teeth. I kept my grin; I was serious just as before, only now...I was pissed too.
“Whatever it is you wanted t
he say go on and say it
. I want to leave as soon as possible and you’repreventing that. I don’t have the time to deal with you right now,” I closed my eyes and rested my chinon my knuckles. “I on
ly came to talk, nothing more. If you wish to fight than I only have one thing to say
to you...”
“And what would that be?” He asked. He was just itching to pounce at me with full force. This I knew.
“You are by far the biggest idiot I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I
thought someone like youwould be more sophisticated than that, but I was wrong to think you respectable. I might as well leavenow and forget I ever met you tonight, what an unfavorable memory, having someone of your statureclouding my mind with such act
s when I was brought up better than that.”
I said calmly. His eyeschanged in colour to match his temper. I just sat smiling, knowing full well what I had just done. You see,when someone challenges a leader
it’s a fight for domination, to the death usuall
y. I had no intention onkilling him so mere submission was the perfect goal, and one I could achieve with ease. He stared in myright eye a moment behind he exhaled and straightened himself. He burst out laughing, confusing megreatly.
“Your father taught
you well lad! There’s one person brave enough to talk to me that way, proving your
being the son of Micah. Of course, he would never say such things to an ally but he was very brave and
cautious with his words...it’s quite an intriguing trait. With all this set aside, perhaps you’ll consider whatI have to say...if you still wish to, forgive my folly, I had no right to do as I did. I’m a respectable man. Orat least I can be.” HIs grin was friendlier than before, he had the look of tryst in his eyes. I sig
hed heavilybefore resting my head on my hand. I stared at him from an angle. He waited patiently for my replyfavorable or not.
“I have no wish to fight with you, and certainly not here...fighting can wait for another occasion. Say
whatever it is you will
, I’ll sit here and listen. I suppose you expect and apology from me, sorry to say butyou won’t get one.”
“Quite alright my boy, I kind of figured that much, you have no right to, I wouldn’t accept if you did.”
“I see....what is it then? Why have you asked me to meet you here?” I asked yet again, hoping for an
actual answer this time and not foul play. He sat and took a deep breath, something told me this wasgoing to take a while for him to explain.(Lynx P.O.V)I walked inside the house late; I went out and walked a bout in the woods a bit to clear my head.
When I came home I was expecting to see Ryker waiting to kill me but he wasn’t there.
“Rusty where’s
Ryker at?” I asked. He turned to me and closed his eyes; it seemed the question I asked
made me l
ook stupid. Now why would that be I wonder? “Well?”
“He’s attending a meeting with Mr. Barker....remember? He said he was going.” Rusty replied. My jaw
popped open as I suddenly recalled....he told me twice. At home the morn before he went to school andat the club. I really did look like an idiot! Asking stupidly obvious questions....dang-nab-it! Rusty grinnedat me, obviously to his enjoyment. I sighed as I sat down on the couch. I was bombarded by two verypretty maids.
Tillie, Millie...what are you doing!?” I exclaimed as they sat on me. One pinning my left arm and
leg, the other pinning my right arm and leg. I was stuck in an.... awkward position. To say the least. Thesmiled devilishly at me, I gulped hard. Just then a pretty young high school girl walked inside, Rustybowed to her as she entered. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?!?!?!?! Maids....school girl....me....and Rusty
staring at me like I’m some sort of wacko manic! As long as Ryker doesn’t come home at this moment I
might just survive this
but I’m not getting my hopes up...that usually back fires on me.
“Uhmm....Is Ryker here?” She asked....such a lovely soft voice, and she smelt good too! Familiar in away, like I’ve smelt this scent before....but where?????
“No madam, quite sorry but the young master is out at the moment. But he should return shortly if youcare to wait for him.” Rusty said with a smile. Being all nice and friendly. I managed to wiggle free at that
moment while Tillie and Millie were distracted by our guest. I jumped off the couch and stretched. Thegirl looked at me like I was some sort of alien.
“What?” I asked, slowly lowering my arms to my side.
“You must be Lynx, Ryker’s older brother.” She said with a smile and a tilt of her head. She lo
oked just
like some doll you’d see sitting on a shelf somewhere. And she knew Ryker....OH CRAP!!!! It’s her....
yeah, that’s me alright...might I ask why your here?”
“I came to bring Ryker his homework, he left before he could receive them, Mrs. Andrews
asked me togive them to him when I saw him, and I
get a too earlier chance so I came to drop them off. I hope
that’s alright.” She replied. She stared at me waiting for an answer.“Quite alright, no problem with that. If you want you can set them
down and go home, it’s pretty lateanyway.” I smiled hoping I didn’t sound like I was throwing her out.
“I see...I think I rather stay and wait, I was so busy today I could do
homework either. I ended upwatching a show with my mom and her boyfriend, when I looked at the clock it was already late, I cameover as soon as I could so at least one of us could get something done tonight. Mrs. Andrews will be
furious if nothing gets done....she’s scary when she’s angry.”
“I know that feeling...” I mumbled.
“What was that?”
“Oh nothing, don’t mind me ha
, ha, ha.... Just thinking aloud again. Make yourself at-
“I stopped
midsentence as Ryker walked
in....and he was seemingly in a bad mood. I’m dead, so very, very dead.....
Waaaa! She smiled brightly when she saw him enter.
“Lynx....what’s going on?” He said, looking around; Tillie and Millie grabbing my arms, and his girly friend
standing in front of him. I swear I thought he was going to kill me. So did the maids, they were shakingtoo.
“Hey Ryker, I brought your books for you, you didn’t have a chance to get them before you left.”

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