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activated 30

activated 30

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Published by Activated

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Published by: Activated on Feb 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It couldn\u2019t be easier!
How to get the most out of
Believe it or not, He likes it!
c tiv a te d

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Keith Phillips
Giselle LeFavre
Etienne Morel
Francisco Lopez

October 2002
\u00a9 2002 Aurora Production AG
All Rights Reserved

Printed in Thailand

Unless otherwise indicated, all
Scripture quotations inActivated are
from the New King James Version of the

Bible \u00a9 1982 Thomas Nelson, Inc.

If you use the Internet you know what a quick and
easy source of information it can be. Instead of trekking
to a library to locate and pore over stacks of books and
other printed material, you can \ufb01nd what you need right
from home or work by simply accessing an Internet search
engine, typing a few key words, and clicking \u201csearch.\u201d
Within seconds, links to numerous Web sites related to
whatever it is you\u2019re looking for appear on your computer
screen. Admittedly it\u2019s a bit hit and miss and you may still
need to skim quite a bit of material to \ufb01nd the speci\ufb01c
information you\u2019re looking for\u2014like you used to have to
do with those stacks of books\u2014but the Internet puts a
world of information at your \ufb01ngertips.

Wouldn\u2019t it be great, though, if instead of merely sup-
plying you with information, the Internet could actually
solve your problems, answer your really deep questions,
help organize and direct your daily life, and satisfy your
emotional and spiritual needs? The Internet will never be
able to do all those things, of course, but God can! Not
only that, but God is even quicker and easier to access
than the Internet and He included all the needed hard-
ware and software when He created you. You can reach
Him anytime, from anywhere, for free, and it\u2019snever hit
and miss. He always knows exactly what you need.

All you need to power up your system is faith. You get
that faith by simply reading up on your equipment in the
Maker\u2019s manual, the Bible. Faith-building tips and testimo-
nials can also be found in feedback from those who are
already powered up and enjoying the bene\ufb01ts, like the
articles you\u2019ll \ufb01nd in this issue ofActivated. Connect with
our interactive God, and you too can receive, enjoy, and
bene\ufb01 t from all He has to offer\u2014which is everything!

Keith Phillips
For yourActivated family
activatedVOL 3, ISSUE 10
By Nyx Martinez
My mind raced. Two o\u2019clock.

I had just \ufb01nished my busi-
ness appointments and
suddenly realized how little
cash I had on me. At the mall
with only a few cents in my
pocket, I was half an hour
from my workshop at the

voice academy. Without bus

fare, I wasn\u2019t going to make it.
I didn\u2019t even have enough to
get home.

I paced through the mall,
frantic, desperate, frustrated.
How did I get myself into this
Then, amid the inner tur-
moil came a familiar voice.
Stop! Yes, just stop and listen.
To what? I \ufb01 red back.

Listen to Me. And listen to
yourself freaking out like that!
The worst thing in the world
is to keep on going when you

don\u2019t know what to do.
Jesus had my attention.
Okay, Lord, You\u2019re right.\u2014I
don\u2019t know what to do, I con-
So stop. And trust Me.
It seemed to make sense.
What did I have to lose? I

stopped and prayed, \u201cDear
Jesus, I\u2019mtrying to trust You.
Please, help me out.\u201d What I
wanted, of course, was to see

some money appear out of nowhere. It doesn\u2019t have to
be a lot\u2014just enough to get me to the voice academy and

I looked around for something\u2014anything. Nothing. I felt stupid. Still, I really should give the Lord more than a few seconds to answer my prayer.

Trust Me, He said again. There\u2019s plenty of time before
your workshop starts.
Plenty of time for a miracle? I wasn\u2019t so sure.

I slowed my pace to \u201ctrusting\u201d speed and hoped that
would also calm my racing spirit. The frustration eased.
I even started to sing to myself. The voice seemed to be
directing my steps, telling me what corners to turn in the
huge mall.

Then there they were, sitting inside a restaurant
right in front of me. I had met Joy and Honey just weeks
before. They were runway and commercial models,
the only female identical twins in the local industry.
They spotted me and waved, excited about this chance

Or was it?

An hour later, we said goodbye and I was on my way. Jesus had indeed dropped money out of nowhere, but in His own way. Joy had asked me to sketch them together and insisted on paying for the on-the-spot portrait.

I now had the cash I needed. I made it to my work-
shop with time to spare. I made it safely home. And I had
that little voice to thank.

Now when my head is spinning out of control\u2014Now
how did I get myself into thismess?\u2014I know that all I
have to do is to take time out, to stop and listen and get
the Lord\u2019s help. \u2022
activatedVOL 3, ISSUE 10

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