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6 Mosque Dals Hays Visual

6 Mosque Dals Hays Visual

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Published by Lindymosqueda21

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Published by: Lindymosqueda21 on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When the U.S was barely starting to become the land of dreams, there was nomoney in the state. The U.S had money issue to begin with and could not paymuch money to the farmers. That led to farmers not being able to raise enoughmoney to pay their deeds to the state. The government decided that if they couldnot pay with cash, they would pay with time in jail. Thisunfairness got to a point were Shays
s Rebellion came toaction and started a revelation against the governments
 decision. Shays
s Rebellion illustrated two things; that thenational government under the article of confederationwas powerless to raise money to pay back the debt or payback the soldiers because each law had to be approved by every single state.Another thing that was proven was that there would be a general agreementwhich made a stronger federal government. Throughout the revolutionary war,four men were killed and 20 wounded. Overall, this rebelled against the courts toprevent more decisions against farmer, tried to take a federal weapon dept.Shays
s attention was to help to straighten the federal government and theconstitution.

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