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Making Folding Knives by Harold Hoffman (Action Book Publishers)

Making Folding Knives by Harold Hoffman (Action Book Publishers)

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Published by konan76

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Published by: konan76 on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Harold HoffmanCopyright (c) 2000 Harold HoffmanIf you want to learn how to make custom knives, folding knives, or spring back knives, this book hasall the information that you will need. It is an excellent book for the beginner or advanced craft person.This book has drawings, and photos that you can follow step-by-step as you make your first knife. All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or byany means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage andretrieval system, without the written consent of the publisher.
Action Books
7174 Hoffman Rd.San Angelo, TX. 76905Phone 325-655-5953
Harold Hoffman has through his 30 plus years of experience as a Gunsmith, Toolmaker and CustomKnife maker has passed on to you through his books information that soon may be lost or forgotten.His books are not intended for the person wanting to make a complete firearm, but for learning basicshop tool making. The information found within his books is for instructional purpose only. -- The titlesDO NOT actual cover gun repair on firearms, but how to make needed parts for firearms which isabout 40% of all gun repair. Without this information you will be severely limited in gun repair.He first started gun repair when he was 18 years old doing minor repair for the farmers and localhunters in the Bucklin, Kansas area. His main interest was how to make rifle barrels, as he was anavid hunter. Moving into a bigger shop he bought a lathe and proceeded to learn how to use it.He wanted to find out how to make rifling buttons to rifle barrels, tool making, and learn everythingabout making barrels. Over the years he became an expert toolmaker and how to build mosteverything that was needed in the shop. The information found in his books will show you how tomake most of the equipment and tools needed in most shops. After an eye accident he quit Gunsmithing and started writing books on everything that he knew. Hehad so much difficulty finding any information that he wanted all this information that he had learned inover 30 years to be available to everyone otherwise it would be lost.His books are now about the only books available on Gunsmithing/Tool making, as most publishersdo not publish Gun or Gunsmithing books anymore.
Make your own knife? Now, that may sound strange to most people. Why would you want to do this,when there are so many low price and attractive knives for sale?Many people have asked me this many times. Most people are satisfied with a small knife that theycan carry in their pocket that is used to clean their fingernails, open envelopes, etc. Others want ahunting knife that they can pry or pound on in splitting out game, and if they lose it, so what, it did notcost much.The small majority of people look at a knife as a very important tool, one to take care of, and alwayshave available. These people want a knife that will last a long time, or a lifetime. They also want aknife that will hold an edge, and sharpens easily.Most of the individuals that make knives, or are thinking about making knives, are not totally satisfiedwith the knives that are available. Making their own is one way to get what they want.This book is about making fix blades, folders, spring backs and Lock backs. I will show the reader how to make these knives in this book, as well as many other processes that will be useful as well assave you much time. I also go into the advance phase of the Knife Makers art that includes castingof special parts and fittings. This will allow a higher profit margin on duplicated knives.Using simple templates that can be easily made in the shop, I will show the reader how they caneasily make one or a dozen knives, this method eliminates hours of work on the knife. After makinga few knives, you will be able to make a first class folder in eight hours or less.The equipment needed is not that expensive, and most people that like to make things will havesome of the equipment that I will describe in the next chapter.Each knife that you build can be a beauty, and a work of art, and it will surprise you of the beauty andthe uniqueness of the knives you build. They are sleek and graceful, and you can build each withyour personal touch.I do not normally go into the making of fix blade or art knives, but the casting of special parts will bevaluable to you in this area. I made most of my knives as fix blades for more than thirty years. Istarted make folding knives about 10 years ago and from that time on have made nothing but foldingknives. Folding knives are much easier than ridged knives for me, and more useful.Do not let other knife makers discourage you from making folding knives? Many that I have met havetold me they tried to make one and it took twice as long to make as a fix blade. They are right, for if you try to make a folding knife, using the same methods as making a fix blade, it will take a longtime.The secret is as stated above is the template.I make the template from 1/16 tool steel, fitted as you would a regular knife, and heat-treated. Oncethis is done, I just take minutes to fit a knife. Without this template, it would take hours. Another advantage in making your own knife is that you can select the steel that will meet your 

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