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Who is Nostradamus?

Who is Nostradamus?



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Feb 01, 2009
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Sometimes, I learn about controversial people. I first heard about Nostradamus in1997.His supportersclaim that he can predict the future. Films, books, and otherdevices revolve around him. He was born in St. Remy, France from December 14,1503 to 1566. He was a doctor of medicine in 1529. Well, what was he and whatmethods did he used to write his literature? He lived in France, whosegrandfather was Jewish. Nostradamus’ family claimed to be from the tribe ofIssachar. His own family converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism when hewas 9 years old. He helped people during the plagues in France. He was educatedin medicine. He also learned astronomy, astrology, and many other occult
teachings.Additionally, Nostradamus knew Hebrew, Latin, Greece, and otherlanguages, so he was very intelligent. He's the world most famous false prophetin history. Many of his “prophecies” are cryptic.Nostradamus have beenexploited by people to reject the Revelation of the end times as found in the NewTestament in order to make people to accept the occult. His 2 grandfathers were Jewish people. He burn the Cabbala book from his grandfather and other occultbooks, because he feared that the Inquisition would kill him if they found whatkind of literature he possessed. His paternal grandfather was namedPierre deNostredame.The Inquistion was a display of immorality by the Roman CatholicChurch. The Inquisition was about the Vatican harming people (including torture.Torture was immoral back then and it is still immoral now in 2010) and in somecases murdering people for having a different view than Romanism. Millionswere murdered via the Inquisition.Some of his occult texts Nostradamus haddealt with alchemy, hermeticism, and Chaldean plus Assyrian magic.Nostradamus studied Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In fact, he was apart of theSicilian Sufi Brotherhood of Islam according to some individuals. He was a Jewishdoctor and occultist. Nostradamus was interested into the occult at age 9. Duringthat time, he studied “secret forbidden book” and he mediated. He was aRenaissance man so he believed the link of the 3 major monotheistic religions.Nostradamus told his son not to dabble in occult practices. He burnt down hislibrary.Nostradamus attended the University of Avignon when he was 15 years old.Nostradamus healed the sick during the plagues in France.In his
Traité des fardemens et confitures
that he spent the years from 1521 to 1529 wandering thecountryside in search of cures and remedies.There are other quotes ofNostradamus praising the Catholic Church. In his Epistle, par. 9, he wrote that:
“…I protest before God and his Saints that I do not propose to insert anywritings in this present Epistle that will be contrary to the true Catholicfaith….”
He also called Jesus Christ the Saviour being born of a virgin, but theseChristian themes are absent from his Centuries (He used this as a means to coverup his occult methods). Also, John Hogue (a Nostradamus scholar) believes thatNostradamus wanted await the New Age spiritual leaders of the East. Hogue‘sinterpretation may be wrong, so I wouldn‘t take this at face value at all.Catherinede Medici consulted with Nostradamus according to Freemason David Ovason.Catherine de Médicis, the queen consort ofKing Henri II of France,was one of Nostradamus's greatest admirers. After reading his almanacs for 1555, whichhinted at unnamed threats to the royal family, she summoned him toParistoexplain them and to draw up horoscopes for her children. According to DavidOvason, Nostradamus said that Catherine will live longer than her children.Leaders, kings, etc. then and now were intrigued and follow occultism, astrology,etc.
In Nostradamus’ book on cosmetics, he says that he spent from 1521 to 1529
working on astrology, in connection with its medical associations in fact tolearn about planets to seek “healing principles.“ His friend was Julius-CasearScaliger. Scaliger was a philosopher among some considered 2
only toErasmus all over Europe.
There is nothing new under the sun indeed as theScriptures perfectly describe. At the time, he feared that he would be beheaded,but by the time of his death in 1566, Catherine had made him Counselor andPhysician-in-Ordinary to the King. New Age author Dolores Cannon wrote aboutNostradamus. There has been at least 30 translations of his works. Nostradamusclaims that he has written his work to involved the 1500’s to the year of 3797. Heordered a plague to be dated 1700 in his coffin. July 2, 1566 was when he wasfound dead. In his latter years, Nostradamus suffered gout and arthritis.Ironically, 134 later after his death in the year 1700,his body was exhumed andplaced in a more prominent resting place.Before going forward, his method in his "predictions" must be discovered first.The source of Erika Cheetham's book "The Prophecies of Nostradamus" publishedby G. P. Putnam’s Sons of New York, New York, copyrighted in 1973 (on pg. 20)accurately showed his method.The book says that Nostradamus would use awand and put it in a dish to try to "predict" the future. Now, even Nostradamusadmitted that when he did this "the god" sits by.Now, Erika Cheetham admittedthat this was a form of divination and that Nostradamus used occult books liketheDe Mysteriis Egyptorumfor inspiration. The occult book "De MysteriiusEgyptorum" was created by a fourth-century Neo-Platonist named Tamblichus. Infact, Nostradamus would quote from the book in his quatrains.

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