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Published by Jamil Muhammad-Ray

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Published by: Jamil Muhammad-Ray on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Played by me.)
(A Muslim immigrant student at Florida State University.)
(Hamid’s brother. A 23 year old store owner.)
Act I:
 In this Act the Narrator (myself) is conducting an inquiry project. He hopes to answer why themedia and society portrays religions in a negative view most times by figuring out thestereotypes of people and religions from these characters
listed above]
 Narrator walks in corner store. Looks around for a fountain drink. Proceeds to walk to the front counter.
What’s going on Samir? How you been? It’s been a little minute since I’ve seen you.
I’ve been pretty good brother. Good business this way. What about you?
Same. Can’t really complain. You mind if I ask you something? Just a few things that’s been on
my mind lately.
Yeah sure. Go ahead. I’m sure it’s religious questions.
Of course. So how do you feel about how the media and society tries to downplay and mainly
gives negative views on religions being that you’re a Muslim and your religious beliefs are the
most targeted?(
 Hamid comes from the back of the store and walks behind the counter with his brother Samir 
Wassup man? I want to get in this conversation too. What was the question?(
 Narrator repeats question to Hamid 
Oh that’s an easy one. Because Americans hate us and they don’t really know the real meaningof religion. They look at us as weird or as they love to say “terrorists”. It’s all the media’s fault.See it’s like a chain. The media has all the power and it ge
ts distributed down to society sotherefore society automatically believes everything they hear or see that was given to them bythe media. Plain and simple.
Yeah that’s somewhat true. I think the media is corrupted to be honest. Have you ever rea
lizedthat whenever they feature a story about some type of attack in another country they always saywhat religious beliefs they have first instead of just saying what that person did? They fail to
realize that outside of that person’s religious beliefs,
they have their own thoughts and beliefs. Itmay not have been their religion that made them blow up a building or commit suicide. It may
have been issues at home for all I know. But that’s never the case whenever the story reaches the
Yeah those are some good points. I never really thought about it like that. For the most part, youboth think the same thing about how the media and society looks and portrays religion. Well
guy’s I have other places to get to. I’ll catch you fellas tomorr 
 Narrator walks out of store and heads toward home.
Curtain closes.)
(Intermission)Act II:
 In this Act the Narrator is walking up his driveway and drinking a soda. He’s been thinking 
about what Samir and Hamid told him back at the store. He hears
a voice behind him. It’s his
neighbor across the street calling him over. He head that way
Played by me.
 A devoted Christian man. Also, an avid member of his church and community
Hey, how are you Mr. Frank?
I’m well. Trying to stay God’s path. How is school? I heard you was doing your thing there.
School is great. I can’t really complain. I do what’s required of me plus some. Do you mind if I
ask you something?

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