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ANSCI Lab 1.1

ANSCI Lab 1.1

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Published by Alexander Libranza

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Published by: Alexander Libranza on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LaboratoryDecember 6, 2012Laboratory Assignment No. 1
Report: Differentiate of male from female animals.
MaleFemaleTurkeyMatureThe presence of a spur (alittle spike, or hook, on theleg above the foot) on thefeet of the male.the male, or gobbler, has amore brightly colored head,often with a lot of redFemale turkeys called hens.smaller-sized, shorter-leggedand dull-colored turkeys inthe flock Female, or hens, will havegrayish blue headsChicksMale turkeys have brightlycolored heads with nofeathersA male's snood (dew billwhich hangs from the beak)is much larger and plumperin appearance than afemale'smale turkeys have a fanununiformed tailfemales have a few feathersand are dully colored andbetter camouflaged in thewildDucksMatureA drake (or male) hasbetween 1 and 3 curlyfeathers on his tailThe female is lacking in thisfeatherChicksmales have color(red,yellow, white, orange)Females are usually drab incolor.GeeseMatureTheir heads tend to be biggerand broader. They also tendto hold themselves tallerthan the female, and theirnecks tend to be longer andmore masculineA female goose will showless protective behaviorsthan the gander. She also hasa deeper natural tone of voice. The biggest indicatorof a female goose is herability to lay eggs.ChicksThey both have identical plumage. Sex determination canonly be done by observing reproductive structures orinternal organs. It is also said that boys are heavier than girlsChicken MatureThe male's has much largercomb and wattles than theThe female has a little bit of feathers on the head and
female's male
.ChicksLook inside the vent. If you see a transparent bulb pokingout toward the vent opening, the chick is male. If you onlysee a shallow depression where the bulb would be, the chick is female.OstrichMatureThe male has a height of about 2.5 mAt night, the black maleguards the eggs.The female is comparativelysmaller.The female ostrich is dullbrown in color. They usethis color difference veryeffectively as they take turnsin guarding their eggs. Thefemale sits over the eggsduring the day time so thatits feathers blend in to thesurrounding environment.ChicksThe male has a white tip atthe end of his tail.You know the difference bythe width of their pelvicbone.Females being widerRabbitMaturemales tend to be moreblocky in their heads andbodies than females doFemales, or does, of mediumto large-sized breeds developa dewlap (a flap of skinunder their chins) as they getolderChicksPresent of male genitals(testicles)Not present
Difference between a geese and a duck.
There has been confusion between ducks and geese for years. They do have severalsimilarities but they also have several differences. If you know all the differences they areeasy to tell apart. First you need to know the basic things about each bird. Then you willbe able to tell the difference.Geese are larger than ducks, but smaller than swans. Almost all breeds of goose arenative to water. Most species in the east are migratory. They breed in the north and flysouth for the winter. All geese are vegetarians. Geese are lifetime maters but sometimesthey will "divorce" and remate. They usually lay fewer eggs than ducks but both parentsprotect the eggs.
(Sibylle Faye)
 The main difference between ducks and geese are that geese are bigger. Ducks alsousually lay more eggs than geese. Ducks may be found in fresh or salt water. Ducks makea sound called a "quack". Male ducks molt in the summer so that they look like females.
They cannot fly during this time so they hide. Most breeds of duck are migratory. Inmany places ducks are hunted for food or sport.
(Netrikon Designs)
Characteristics of ostrich and its meat
The ostrich is the largest of all birds and weighs about 150 kg. It also has a record of laying the largest eggs which are about 120 cm. long and 15 cm. in diameter. The ostrichis a flight-less bird. However, it is the fastest bird on legs with a speed of 80 kmph. It hasa peculiar habit of running round in circles.The ostrich is a native of Africa. The legs, which are two-toed, are long and strong and itslarge body seems precariously balanced on them. Its neck is lengthy and at the end of it isa small head with a short break. Its eyes are large with long eyelashes.The brain of the ostrich is smaller than its eyes but that does not mean it is a stupid bird.In fact, it is quite intelligent. Scientists no longer believe in the myth that the ostrichburies its head in the sand in times of danger. Instead it sits and stretches its neck alongthe sand.Ostriches are being farmed for their meat and beautiful feathers. Even their hide is usedto make good quality leather. In some places they are also trained to pull carts. Howeverdomesticating the ostrich is very difficult as it is a very aggressive bird. It attacks with avery powerful kick which can easily break ones bones. So farmers have to be very carefulwhen approaching it.Ostrich Meat is a red meat that is low in fat that can be used in any traditional red meatrecipe to produce great tasting dishes. Ostrich meat is a "red meat" similar in colour andtaste to beef. However, it is lower in fat grams per serving compared to chicken andturkey, and much lower in fat and cholesterol than beef. Most all of the meat from anOstrich comes from the leg, thigh, and back. An Ostrich has NO breast meat like thechicken and turkey.Even though Ostrich meat tastes like beef, the Ostrich does not have fat marbling in themeat like beef. Ostriches have fat, but it collects outside the muscles and is easilyremoved during processing. Therefore, the cuts of meat are very lean with very low fatcontent. Ideal for weight watchers who love red meat.
(British Domesticated Ostrich Association)

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