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Ch 4.2 - Mass BrainGuard IMAM-12

Ch 4.2 - Mass BrainGuard IMAM-12



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Published by tolerancelost607

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Published by: tolerancelost607 on Feb 02, 2009
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Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD MASSBOOKChap. 4-2: MASS BrainGuardMD IMAM-12 system-------
1Copyright © Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD 3-16-019-13-08hiDAMiman@gmail.com 
How we do it: What you can do.
Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD MASSBOOKChap. 4-2: MASS BrainGuardMD IMAM-12 system-------
2Copyright © Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD 3-16-019-13-08hiDAMiman@gmail.com 
We can now record the MASS response indirectly through our non-invasive BrainGuardMDIMAM-12 measurement system of clinically silent ischemic damage in the brain Our measuresof neurological and neuro ”cognitive” function are constrained to neurovascular capillary beds.The capillaries of interest perfuse discrete neurological functions. We non-invasively measurethese functions in a pre-post vaccination design using the patient as his/her own case-control todecrease variance. We also use our measures to chart improvement or regression acrossneurodevelopment and in response to treatments you have tried or are considering along autism-spectrum disorders.Hemispheric asymmetry and double dissociation methods of functional localization aremeasurement methods we have borrowed from neuropsychometrics and clinicalneuropsychology.The only way to see the MASS process in real time is via electron microscopy. The resolutionrequired is greater than 15,000 times magnification. This level of resolution is not possible inliving tissue. Moreover, since MASS is a dynamic process, only the “footprints” of MASS canbe seen with electron microscopy as the MASS response is only active in living tissue. We nowknow what these footprints are.Our unique functional, neurovascular, non-invasive, enhanced cranial nerve and neurocognitiveexams are based on facial photographs and video sequences.I have basically invented new functional brain imaging protocols. These protocols allow me toindirectly measure clinically silent neuromotor and neurocognitive consequences of MASS inreal time and retrospectively.By constraining the BrainGuardMD measures to discrete end-vascular territories that sub-servehighly specific and localized neurological/neuropsychological functions, I have successfullybypassed our inability to visualize the MASS micro-vessel ischemic process with contemporarymicroscopic and medical imaging.With photographs and video alone, I can now look back across the lifespan of any individual,dead or alive, and lock in on the temporal sequence of MASS, diagnose the condition, and time
Dr Andrew Moulden MD, PhD MASSBOOKChap. 4-2: MASS BrainGuardMD IMAM-12 system-------
3Copyright © Dr Andrew Moulden BA, MA, MD, PhD 3-16-019-13-08hiDAMiman@gmail.com lock its onset to environmental triggers. These same techniques allow us to determine is MASSis currently active in a particular individual.MASS is a medical emergency for which treatment exists. When we detect MASS, this meansthe subject is experiencing silent ischemic brain damage – strokes.For the autism-spectrum community of vaccine induced MASS disorders, I am now able tovalidate or refute claims that certain supplements and methods including chelating, ABA,gastrointestinal surgery, prescription drugs, diet, or HBOT has enabled recovery, done nothing,or moved the original brain injury in a regressive direction.Only one of the interventions above is helpful (for some) in terms of recovering neurologicaldamages in the brain. Some interventions are doing nothing more than milking desperate familiesof limited financial resources. Some interventions are making the original neurological damageworse.BrainGuardMD is the only medical diagnostic tool that is able to diagnose clinically silentneurological damage in evolution. This means BrainGuardMD can advance diagnose SuddenInfant death syndrome, in evolution, before sudden death occurs. SIDS can emerge fromvaccination or from infectious disease. SIDS is now preventable and so to is autism-spectrum aswe now know who to treat, when to treat, and what to treat with.

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