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Published by Dr. J. Luxum

Economy, humanism, politics and religion - explaining why things are as they are.

Economy, humanism, politics and religion - explaining why things are as they are.

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Published by: Dr. J. Luxum on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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 Who says that religion is stupid, yet more than
of this world of ours is religious. Thenthere are many fences erected around a “one true religion” versus another “less true.”Religion is not stupid. Like politics, economics or even science it is a frame that holds apicture. Regardless how ugly, unclear or false the picture might be the frame can be beautiful.Some frames are more valuable than the picture they hold. Those elaborately ornamentedpicture frames attract many people who are searching for the meaning of life and they needhelp, but too often the picture only hinders and obscures the bright and clear light of truth.Economics is something to study and then prove it’s most efficient function. There areendless studies made in politics, ‘what happened, those sure strategies stopped working?’New studies are now in place. The world is changing. The new-generation machines outrunthose old conservative electoral machines. Just as it is with factories, machines age and intime become ineffective, so they must be replaced with new ones, smarter, faster and moreefficient. The same mechanism, which Obama used in 2008; he also used again in 2012. Is it a secret? The recent Obama’s win proves that the super PAC isn’t ‘we the people,’ but a pack of supers vs. the people. Donations from the super rich don’t win elections. People are bettereducated and can’t longer be swayed by gimmicks, negative messaging or emotions.Republicans still chew their defeat having a hard time introducing it to the throat, whichseems to not like it; therefore it can’t swallow; let alone digest it. So, either the defeat mustbe spitted out with no lessons-in-modesty learned; or be pushed through the throat, digestedand properly eliminated fertilizing another, perhaps a newer, idea. And that brings us to thepoint of upgrades and renewals. Which party is progressive, and which one comes to the point of becoming obsolete? Yes,there is the other cliff. It is funny. I, being completely neutral, (not independent, for in orderto be independent one had to be dependent at least once, but I have always depended on the Almighty God) I stay away from politics. Once you join one party and then switch you get arecord of being unstable and unreliable. If you don’t want that label then you stay loyal,regardless if you like it or not—for after all, both loyalty and that list of principles, which youhave publically affirmed, upheld and believed in—is what keeps you in. I just observe thoselittle human “beliefs” habitats and laugh. Why do I laugh? There is so much effort and money spent on the entire process and despiteall human efforts it still does not turn out the way it’s been expected and even assuredly projected.
 Even the wickedness of the wicked must become full at which point decent people willreplace it with righteousness. A subjective belief or rather a view what is right and what is wrong can be, and is all too often exploited to the max. Many politicians stand on a moralplatform only to fall off that platform themselves.Decent people want to elect decent politicians, and the line between humanism and religionis drawn. Humanists want religion and religion does not necessarily want humanism, but welcomes them in anyway, until there comes a day when some greatly respected bishopopenly declares that he is homosexual; and the entire denomination is forced to compromise. And that brings us to the point of upgrades and renewals.I see what the Almighty has appointed. One can kick and spit against it even in a self-righteous fit, but what’s been appointed above must materialize below. It is sad and pathetic when one looks at it all from above and sees how those blind-guides-of-the-blind below keep on pretending, playing solemn religious games with those who have already lost the giftof faith in God, but yet strengthened their faith in religion itself through repetition.Humanism is a fast growing religion. Self-definitions and the sentiment that comes from any involvement in charitable programs pacify the self-right. Humanism helps people tomaintain a better self-esteem, self-worth and therefore it makes them feel better. But if they stop, the old self returns and the humanistic cycle of good works must be repeated. Humanebehavior – combating human cruelty against animals – also helps in hushing down innerrestlessness. Man desperately wants to be rid of guilt and the inner turmoil. It’s no laughing matter, it’s sad. And that again brings us to the point of upgrades and renewals.In Science the greater knowledge of human DNA threw away many previous assumptionsand theories. But the recent ‘big bang’ tore the evolutionary theory into pieces. The recentdiscovery of ARDI, a bipedal upright walking primate, was the new big bang. The missing link has gone back into hiding. The party for kissing the human-chimpanzee link is not yetscheduled because it’s indeed hard to part with something that has been maintained as being true for so long? And that again brings us to the point of upgrades and renewals.

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