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SAT Issue 02-21 New

SAT Issue 02-21 New

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Published by: Mohammad Shahid Khan on Dec 05, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Year 2
Issue 21
Thursday, 06.12.12
South Asia
12 t h  i n te r na t io na l   l m  f es t i va l
Seepage 18
Harun Yahaya Claim Imam Mehdi (as) will bring Democracy and wealth for every oneIn an Islamic Lecture gathering in Malaysia Shiekh ImranHosien was asked about Harun Yahaya he replied that whatHarun Yaha has written could have come out of Mossad orIsrael because of similarity of thoughts and he accused Harun Yahaya of hiding behind the pen name and regarding his book of Imam Mehdi and end time , and I think he must have writtenhundreds of books in order to put on this one, that was the 99 or
95 % to dazzle the world and this was the poison to slip in the ve
percent poison. That when Nabi Eisa (as) will return as Muslims believe he will return as Prophet (SAW) has prophesised that he will return that the Jews will believe in him and the Christian would believe in him , and since Muslims already believe in him
 What Harun Yaha has
 written could have comeout of Mossad or Israel
Harun Yahyais Lying
Sheikh Imran
Hosein Exposes
Is Harun Yahaya on Zion Agenda?
Harun Yahaya said : Gaza ‘Rocket Attacks Stupid and Pointless’
Urged Hamas and Islamic Jihad to Stop and focus on Messiah
On Wednesday Israel has rebuffed a UN call to adhere to theNuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and open itself tointernational inspectors, calling the suggestion a “meaninglessmechanical vote” of a body that “lost all its credibility regardingIsrael.”The question is “Why does the press follow every jot and tittleof Iran’s nuclear program, but we never see any stories aboutIsrael’s nuclear weapons capability?”It’s a fair question. Going back 10 years into Post archives, I could
 What about Israel’s nuclear weapons?
Israel might have as many as 400nuclear weapons by the late 1990s
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Palestinian warns that it may le war crimes charges against Israel with International Crimes Courtif it refuses to halt east Jerusalem
construction plans
Higher Planning Council meeting Wednesday to deliberate plans for3,400 new homes in the E-1 corridor between Ma’aleh Adumim andJerusalem; construction plans haveled to unprecedented diplomatictensions between Israel and Europeanstates. The Higher Planning Councilof the Israel Defense Forces’ Civil Administration in the West Bank met Wednesday morning to push ahead with plans to construct 3,400 new homes in the E-1 corridor betweenMa’ale Adumim and Jerusalem, despitethe international pressure on Israel toreverse the decision. The plan includesthe construction of a commercial centerand educational establishments to be built around the Shai District Policestation, in addition to 2,000 housingunits. Any further discussion on the plan will warrant the approval of thecoordinator of government activities inthe territories.The Obama administration has harshly criticised its top Mideast ally, Israel,over new settlement construction plansin areas the Palestinians claim for afuture state.The State Department said the plans,notably one to begin preliminary work on an especially sensitive piece of landoutside Jerusalem known as E1, are“especially damaging” to prospects for aresumption in Israeli-Palestinian peacetalks and run counter to longstandingUS policy.
Merkel to warn Netanyahu:Promote peace process orface world seclusion
Benjamin Netanyahu to meet Germanchancellor in Berlin on Wednesday evening. With Israel and EuropeanUnion states embroiled in a diplomaticcrisis, Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu is scheduled to meet withGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel Wednesday night in Berlin.Netanyahu said that Merkel likely thought she was promoting peace by not voting against the unilateralPalestinian move at the UN, but, infact, “the opposite has happened. Afterthe UN vote, the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas hasmade efforts to unite with the terroristsof Hamas.”The prime minister said that Merkelhad “encouraged the Palestinians toharden their position and not to enternegotiations.”Netanyahu’s comments came as theEuropean Union summoned Israel’sambassador to discuss the bloc’sconcerns over Israeli plans to expandits settlements in the West Bank.Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas cautioned Wednesday.Speaking to Palestinian journalists in
his Ramallah ofce, Abbas said that
the Palestinian leadership has beenin contact with several internationalparties to prevent Israel fromimplementing its plan.“If that happens, we will resort to alllegitimate and legal methods,” Abbassaid, hinting at the possibility that thePA may lodge a complaint against Israel with the UN’s International CriminalCourt. “There is what we could doand say to prevent this dangerousdecision.” Abbas said that all Israeli measureson the ground must be removed“because international law forbids theoccupation from taking any action inthe lands of an occupied state.”Today, Abbas added, “We are anoccupied state and the 4th GenevaConvention applies to us as a non-member observer state in the UNGeneral Assembly.”
Israel pushing ahead with new settlement
plans, despite world pressure
Palestinian threatens ICC action over settlement plans
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 06 December 2012
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Calling Pakistanis to rise up
against Government and Jinnah aTraitor and Pakistani forces haveapostatized from Islam soon Shariaproject for Pakistan
MI6 assets Anjum Chaudhry and OmerBakri issued Pakistan Resolution for theimplementation of Shariah4PakistanThe known deamonisers of Islam withnew name Shariah4Pakistan declared ina resolution that1) Zardari and his government are apostateregimes, who are enemies of Islam andMuslims.2) They declared that the only system whichMuslims will ever accept in Pakistan (andanywhere else) is that of the Shari’ah.3) They declare that the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah wasin fact a traitor and an enemy of Islamand Muslims, who divided the Muslimsof India on the directions of his Britishmasters4) They declared that the case of Malala Yousafzai has been exploited by thePakistani regime in order to further theirown evil agenda.They also urged the Muslims of Pakistan torise up and take what is rightfully theirs i.e.the authority, from the oppressive Zardariregime. Muslims should reject Democracy altogether and insist only on obeying oneKhalifah. Shaia4Pakistan declared intheir resolution that the Pakistani Army and other security agencies (such as theISI, Police, Rangers, Frontier Corps etc.)
of Pakistan who ght against Muslims in
tribal areas and Swat, or who arrest andhand over Muslims to the US, or whotorture the Muslims or who provide basesto the Crusaders’ armies (American,British etc.) or who guard the Crusaders’(American, British etc.) supply routes to Afghanistan, have apostatized from Islam.The Shariah4Pakistan team made thefollowing announcement as a result of communications between Maulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid and Omar BakriMuhammad; this announcement has alsotaken into consideration the heightenedsecurity implications of the conference as well as the refusal of the Pakistani regimeto issue visas to key speakers. So they decided that in the interests of all thoseconcerned that the conference on Friday,30th November 2012 will be postponed.
 With regards to Fatwa against Pakistani girlMalala they claim that After having carefully studied the case of Malala Yousafzai indetail, Omar Bakri Muhammad would also
like to state that he did not nd evidence
proving her apostasy and therefore we donot believe she should have been targeted based on the evidence available. They alsosaid that In the run up to the Pakistanigeneral elections in March/April 2013 theShariah4Pakistan team will launch plannedshariah projects .
Fake Sheikh MI6 Assets: CallingJinnah a Traitor & Pak Army anti Islam
South Asia Tribune
Thursday 06 December 2012
that when NABI Eisa AS will return . According to this fancy full fairy landtheory of Harun Yahaya, Christianand Jews and Muslims are going toembrace each other in a fraternity, A  wonderful fraternity , and since weare going to have this lovely fraternity of Christian , Jews and Muslims atthe End Time why should we not doit now ? Or in other words why don’t you be friends with Israel?This is False. This is not the correctinterpretation of the Quran. WhenNabi Eisa (as) return , he said hespoke in front of some 200 Jews ina synagogue in New Jersey and Iquoted this verse of the Quran that When he will return You will have to believe in him you don’t have choicein the matter, and when you do believe in him at that time it will be of 
no benet for you ,for you he will give
evidence against you and you will go
into the Hell re. I don’t know where
I got the courage for but when the
lecture nished they surrounded me.
Of course they never invited me again but they (Jews )wanted to know why should forced to believes in something we don’t believe in and we reject andmy answer was at that time the veils will be removed of your eyes and thesame as when Firoun when he wasdrowning he realised he was not God but it was late and then he said I now  believe in your God of Banu Israel sosimilarly at that time JEWS will alsorecognise as what they were holdingon to is falsehood and what Jewshave rejected and fought against andthey tyrannised and terrorised andoppressed and it’s a truth. So now they will die swallowing their own vomit and having to accept whichthey have rejected and you will pay the price. And on judgment day he will give evidence against them and
they will got Hell re. So the actual
event of the return of Nabi Eisa (as) isnot a wonderful fraternity but ratherthe divine punishment will be comingto those who have rejected the truthand who supported this , but not allJews and al Christians are like that .So instead of Harun Yahaya talkingabout a wonderful fraternity, whichis what the Mossad desire. Harun Yahaya should quote the Hadith thatat that time the stones and trees willspeak. One will never hear Harun Yahaya quoting that Hadith NO... And stone will say O Muslim there isa Jew hiding behindme come and kill himHarun Yahaya : Gaza ‘Rocket AttacksStupid and Pointless’ Urged Hammasand Islamic Jihad to Stopand focuson MessiahDuring recent attack on Gaza AdnanOktar urged Hamas and IslamicJihad on his TV show to stop the
rocket re and focus on the Messiah.
 Adnan Oktar is urging Hamas andIslamic Jihad on his A9TV satellitetelevision talk show to stop the rocket
re from Gaza and instead focus on
calling for the Messiah. said last week in response to an article about Israel’scurrent Operation Pillar of Defense,detailing the IAF’s attacks on Gaza
to silence the rocket re against
southern Israeli communities, “WhatIsrael must do is constantly ask Allahfor Moshiach, for the coming of theKing Messiah. And do you know Mashiach:The Jews Messiahor for Muslims Anti Christ andhe will declare himself to be the 12thImam or Madhi and according toHadith The Jewish Messiah - Is hethe Dajjal(Anti-Christ), Some of theJews are expecting two Messiahs forthem in the End Times. They refer to
rst Messiah as Son of Joseph and
the second Messiah as Son of David.Harun yahya aka Adnan oktar claimsthat name of mahdi (a.s) is Adnan“HAZRAT ALI REVEALS IN AL-QASIDAT AL-URJUZAHTHAT OUR PROPHET’S (SAAS)NAME IS ADNAN” CLAIM BY HARUN YAHAYA AND THEREIS A DESCENDANT OF ALI BY THE NAME OF ADNAN OKTAR (HARUN YAHYA), A SAYYID OFBOTH HASSANI AND HUSSEINILIKE IMAM BAQIR (RA)Harun Yaha says “I will support allsincere Freemasons who love Allahand support Him and Hazrat Mahdi(pbuh) right down to the wire. They  will always be honored. And I willalways support Jews and Christians who love Allah. Muslims who love Allah, be they Alawites, Bektashisor whatever, are the jewels in ourcrown, insha’Allah. “ Adnan Okthar (http://harunyahya.com/en/works/152591/Freemasonry)Adnan Oktar (pen name: Harun Yahya) is claimed on his web pageto be a ‘world renown and respectedscholar’ who has devoted himself to
 writing about scientic and faith-
related subjects such as the theory of evolution and miracles of God. Heis further described by supportersas a respected ‘scientist’ who haspublications in incredibly diverseareas of interest (actually he is nota university graduate). Operatingfrom Istanbul, Yahya is the founderof the Science Research Foundation,an impressive publishing empirethat boasts more than 60 websitesdedicated to his writings. Over thepast decades he has served as anadviser to several Turkish politicians,and received endorsements fromacross the Arab world including Saudi Arabia and Dubai, where his stallsfeature prominently at book fairs. Hehas also proved a fascinating subjectfor the Western media, offering all-
expenses-paid ights to Istanbul to
any journalist wishing to interview him, and making himself availablefor radio interview wheneverrequired. From daily newspapers
in Egypt and Bosnia to inuential
satellite TV stations like al-Jazeeraand (the Iran-funded) Press TV, tosmall Muslim broadcasters in the West like Radio Ummah and RadioRamadan, the American journalistNathan Schneider argued, to judge
 Yahya’s message on its scientic
content alone misses the point:“its power, for those who are not
scientically literate, lies in its vision
of redemption.” Since then Oktarhas become an ardent proponentof interfaith dialogue, attemptingto unify believers of all stripes
against the corrupting inuence of 
Darwinism, which he now holdsresponsible for Fascism, anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Mostrecently, he has been talking aboutthe “Turkish-Islamic Union”, which would bring peace to the entireMuslim world under the leadershipof Turkey.Oktar’s ideological and politicalpromiscuity seem to support theclaim that he has no genuine beliefsat all, and merely opportunistically  jumps on issues which will furtherhis notoriety, following the lead of smarter followers. As one formerfollower told me, “We had somethingto please everybody: Ataturk, namaz(prayer), creationism and, if need be,cocaine.”This man a ignorant but who writehis books? He doesn’t say more thatINSHALLAH OR MASHALLAHeven when it’s not required he saysthese words to act or pretend as heis a Muslim.He dances with model women in inhis TV every week.On 21 March 2011, Oktar startedtelevision broadcasting on A9satellite channel where his interviewsand night lectures are broadcast live.Famouse scholars Dr Zakir Naek ,Sheikh Yusuf Estes and executivedirector of Huda TV and PEACE TV Imam Jamaan Alzahrani are amongthose who praise Harun Yaha andcalled he writes great things forDawah? Also said Mahdi means togive hidyah and every day we servein this way !!!! A list prepared by Jordanianresearch institute constitutes 500those Muslim personalities who
own the ability to inuence political
and economic affairs of Muslimcountries. Oktar, Adnan namealso was included like last year in
the eld of Science yet he was also
criticized for His antics on his TV station, which include dancing topopular pop songs, have lost himmuch respect and credibility. AdnanOktar has been included among the
list of gures active in the eld of 
science and technology in the book 
The 500 Most Inuential Muslims,
published by Georgetown University in USA. Reuters, the world’s leadingnews agency, carried a report on the book on its web site on November 17,2009, headed “POLL: The world’stop 500 Muslims?” Tom Heneghan,
from the Reuters Paris ofce, sought
an answer to the question “Who is
Harun Yahya is Lying - Sheikh Imran Hosein
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