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Superman Dark War

Superman Dark War

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Published by dlunsford24

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Published by: dlunsford24 on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EXT: SPACE-KRYPTON’S ATMOSHPHERERao, Krypton’s red sun, bathes the elegant world’s ozonewith prisms of illuminating light.Jor-El V.O. “Krypton, cornerstone of universal advancement.A network of science and technology searching for a selfsustaining peace to all kind. Like all great crusades,resistance is never far.”EXT: KANDOR-SCIENCE COUNCILRiots, demonstrations, and panic race through the streets.Destruction imminent. Excelsior transport ships loom in theback ground.Jor-El V.O. “Kryptonian civilization falls to tyranny andmadness. But in the fall hope lives on.”INT: EXCELSIOR-POD CHAMBERZor-El: “You are willing to put such a request on your son?”Jor-El places a steel cylinder tube, with variousKryptonian symbols on its outside, into a pod launcher.Jor-El: “I have few options. Kal-El is the only one I trustfor the task.”
Zor-El: “But he is so young.”Jor-El: “For now but his time will come. He has our bloodmy brother just as your daughter does. They are our future.”Zor-El takes a deep breath fighting back emotion.Zor-El: “What do you need me to do?”Jor-El hands his brother a small control.Jor-El: “If we come under attack they will come for me.Launch the device. Coordinates are already in place.”Zor-El: “Where will it go?”Jor-El’s eyes meet his brothers.Jor-El: “Earth”Zor-El (surprised): “I thought we had decided that was nolonger an option. Their primitive culture would not beappropriate for…”Jor-El quickly cuts him off: “The decision has been made.We can just hope fate is on our side.”INT: EXCELSIOR MAIN HULL
Black Zero Agents breach the ship killing everyone in sight.INT: EXCELSIOR BRIDGE (CONTINUOUS)Chaos ensues as the hope of freedom falls to the fear ofdestruction. Sparks and alarms scream as the ship’s Captainattempts to establish order.At an operating console, Zor-El activates the small controlgiven to him. He takes in a deep breath and presses thebutton.INT: POD CHAMBER (CONTINUOUS)The launch console comes to life and ejects a pod from theship just as Jor-El enters with Lara and baby Kal-El.EXT: EXCELSIORThe pod flies through the air out of Krypton’s atmosphereinto space.EXT: NASA KENNEDY SPACE CENTER-MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA-1984INT: RADAR ROOMSmall team of technicians spot an incoming object on radar.

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