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Elmwood House - Final

Elmwood House - Final

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Published by William Proudler
A final scip
A final scip

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Published by: William Proudler on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elizabeth walks over to the table a bible clutched in onehand, her hair is visibly stressed, her eyes staring faunallyout of the window. She stands very weak but very defiantof her surroundings and her eyes never once meet Danielon his desk.She steps up to the desk with no care for the person sittingat it.(A SILENCE.)ELIZABETHYou used to be able to see the rapeseed for miles just staring out this window.(DANIEL turns looking at ELIZABETH withgaze of shock)DANIELOh! Elizabeth I am terribly sorry-I was just working late- I am sorry to have woke yo-ELIZABETHOh do not worry, I do not sleep much these day anyhow. Too many thoughts bubbling inmy head, if I don’t sit up and walk about the house I fell they may overcome me. Alsogives me a chance to tidy the house without Richard messing it up again five seconds later.(Small laugh)(DANIEL takes a breath to speak butELIZABETH stops him. She smiles withgrace.)ELIZABETHI don’t need your pity, we never going to get our old life back, I know that now. It’s whatwrestles me awake every night for goodness sake. I have prayed for her every night sinceyou know, I feel that God is really the only thing I can turn to at a time like this, he willalways listen to my wishes, my wishes that my child can come home. I know there is talk of you scholarly men saying that the lord doesn’t exist, I never believe a man when he saysthat he has absolutely abandoned god, for I believe there is a small part that still exists inthe mind that god inhabits, and in the face of true adversity man can only turn to God, for he is the only hope to man sometimes. Often late at night while I read my daily passage Ithink of God not as a thing but an idea, that makes us love one another, teaches us thatgood actions are rewarded and gives us hope when all is lost. God can save anyone if they just follow this idea. He can save you Mr. Worthy.(BEAT.)
ELIZABETHThis, fell out of your pocket at the dinner table.(A SILENCE)DANIELThat was-wel- I didn’t want you to think I has taken her- it’s quite a bit of evidence isn’t it.ELIZABETHYes it is.(ELIZABETH keeps her head strained on a point far out of the window her lips are now pursed, she is clearly angry, but passivelyso.)DANIELI don’t want you to thin-ELIZABETHOf course not.DANIELIt’s quite incrim-ELIZABETHIt certainly is.DANIELI mean I am clearly not a man to do such a-ELIZABETHI should hope not.DANIELRight...Well...Ok...I am sorry to have woke you...I feel it is time for me to retire for thenight.Daniel starts to walk away Elizabeth turns to him andfighting through her tearsELIZABETHI know you would never tell me and I know not your reasons if you have doneanything...But...If. She. Is. Still. Alive...I just want her back.DANIEL(getting angry)I have already told you I had nothing to do with it?!2.
Elizabeth turns back to the window and starts to cry her  body convulses. She burst outELIZABETHDO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LOSE A, CHILD! Hmm IT
YOU! I KISSED MY CHILDAWAKE EVERY DAY FOR 12 YEARS IN THAT BED, NOW THERE IS ONLYDUST! EVERY TABLE I LAY FOR TEA I EXPECT HER TO WALK RIGHTTHROUGH THAT DOOR! She would smile at me, in a such a way, a way like she wassafe in my arms, she was complete in my arms. Everytime I think of that smile, I feel I havelet. Her. Down...I will never accept that she is dead, even if I hold that dead child in myarms, I will never think she is dead. I will search that moor till I am grey and crooked, till Ican no longer breath that thick air...I will search for that smile Mr. Worthy, and I will findit.During this monologue Richard had been listening at thestaring through the door. Getting more and moreconcerned.RICHARDElizabeth.ELIZABETH(still in a fit of tears, at the voice she attemptsto regain herself)Hmm?RICHARDDo you not think it was time you went to bed?ELIZABETHWhat? I am not your,
Richard, you may not just send me to bed whenever youwant?! You don’t even care do you?!Elizabeth squares up to Richard who looks shocked butimmensely angry and just stares in her eyes. Her lifts hishand slowly in the silence and brings it down on her facewith a big gust of force. Elizabeth freezes her handclutching her cheek just staring over his shoulder. Richard pulls her hand away and strikes her again. The wholescene is tense and awkward with Daniel watching out of the door frame. Richard gestures to the bedroom andElizabeth runs clutching her cheek. Richard steps intoDaniels room.3.

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