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P2: Reflection on workshops

P2: Reflection on workshops

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Published by: api-183255694 on Dec 06, 2012
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Reflections on WorkshopMobile City Cycle 2
 Jennifer Wong :: 4258681 The main workshop of this Iterate Cycle was another InteractionIntervention workshop. Although there were a few clinics offered in thiscycle, the descriptions of the workshops and the reviews I had heardfrom other students did not fit into what I was looking on help from atthe time. This was unfortunate, but I spent that time with my buddygroup to work and further develop our current ideas.However, the Interaction Intervention workshop was very helpful forme. Although it was not the end concept that I had decided to follow inthe end, my findings from the workshop were helpful for me to reachthis conclusion. For the workshop we all came together to discuss ourideas and decide on the idea each of us would test that week. Afterdoing so, we developed a prototype for the idea and tested themwithin our buddies. The prototype that I tested consisted of a QR code that the user willfirst have to find and then scan. After scanning the QR code, the userwill then receive an image on their phone. After receiving the image,the user will have to locate the position in which the picture was taken. The images I used ranged from a series of detailed images to widershots. (I’ve attached some examples to this report. Also attached is aquick sketch of the storyboard for clarification.)After taking a picture of the same location and sending it back, intheory the user would receive points for their work, effort andaccuracy. The user would also have a set of QR codes themselves to placearound the area after taking a picture. The workshop was useful in helping me to figure out that this type of activity had no real return for the user besides points, making it an appgame that would not necessarily help the way people saw the city.However, people would be paying more attention to details but on apassive basis. This app would only work for a maximum of 2 months if designed correctly and I wanted a longer lasting effect. Through this workshop, I was able to test my prototype and figure outthat (along with other prototype tests outside of this workshop) it hadno real impact on the user. So after this workshop I had changed my

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