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Poor People Are Very Rich People

Poor People Are Very Rich People

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Published by javed

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Published by: javed on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Hadith says that those condemned to go to Jahannam will be drawn up in a line. A dweller of 
 Jannah will pass by, when one of them will ask him to intercede for him with Allah Ta’ala. The
 Jannati will ask him, "Who are you?" and he will say, "Do you not recognize me? I am the onewhom you had once asked for a drink of water, which I had given you". Another Hadith has: Those condemned to go to Jahannam will be drawn up in a line. Whenone of the dwellers of Jannah passes by them, one of them will say, "So and so, do you not recognize me? I am the one who gave you a drink of water and gave you water for ablution at such and such time".Still another Hadith has: On the Day of Resurrection, the Jannatis and the Jahannamis will bedrawn up in separate lines. A man from among the Jahannamis will see a person standing inthe row of the Jannatis and he will remind him of the good turn he had done to him (the Jannati) in his worldly life. At this the Jannati will hold him by the hand, take him into the presence of 
 Allah Ta’ala, and say, ‘O Allah, I owe this man a good turn!" Allah Ta’ala will say,"Let him go to Jannah on account of Allah’s infinite mercy towards him!" 
  Another Hadith says: "Have a frequent contact with the poor and pour favours on them, asthey are very rich people." Someone asked Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam as to thenature of their wealth. Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam replied that on the Day of  Judgement they would be told to lead every such person to Jannah who had ever given them food or a drink of water or a piece of cloth.
 Another Hadith says that, on that Day, Allah Ta’ala will apologise to the poor in the same was
as a person does to another person in this life, by saying, "I swear by My Honour and Greatness that I did not keep away the worldly wealth from you because you were disgraced in My eyes, I did so for the sake of bestowing on you the great honours of this day; you go and look into the rows of Jahannamis for those who fed you or clothed you for My sake, they are all  yours. When the poor approach such persons they will all be drowned in their own sweat and the poor people will pull them out and lead them to Jannah.There will be a declaration on the Day of Judgement, "Where are the poor ones of the Ummahof Muhammad Sallallaho alaihe wasallam; let them go round the rows of Jahannamis and 
look for those who had given them a morsel of food for Allah’s sake or a draught of water to
drink or a piece of new or old clothing; take them by the hand into Jannah". On that call, the poor of the Ummah will rise and look round for such people and get them their entry into Jannah, saying that they did them such and such a good turn. All young and old of the
Ummah’s poor will thus get many people an
entry into Jannah.One of the A
hadith says that whoever feeds a hungry animal, Allah Ta’ala will give him the
best of food to eat in Jannah. Another Hadith has it that prosperity enters as swiftly into ahouse that feeds people as a dagger penetrates the hump of a camel. Abdullah Ibne Mubarik Rahmathullah alaihe used to give the best dates to others to eat and used to say that whoever eats the most dates will be rewarded with one Dirham for each date. A Hadith says that on the Day of Judgment an announcer will call, "Where are those who werekind to the poor and the destitute; today they may enter Jannah without any fear or sorrow",while another announcer will say, "Come forward those who had visited the poor and the

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