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06 Pantone Colors

06 Pantone Colors

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Published by gcrupa

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Published by: gcrupa on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tabla de equivalencias Pantone / CMYK:
Utilice esta tabla para ver que equivalencia tiene su color Pantone en CMYK.Recuerde que puede utilizar el comando CTRL + F para buscar el codigo exacto de su Pantone
Name PCPANTONEProcessCyan CPANTONEProcessMagentaCPANTONEProcessYellow CPANTONEProcessBlack C
Proc. Yellow CProc. Yellow PC001000Proc. Magen. CProc. Magen. PC010000Proc. Cyan CProc. Cyan PC100000Proc. Black CProc. Black PC000100100 C100 PC00510101 C101 PC00790102 C102 PC01950Yellow CYellow PC031000103 C103 PC0310018104 C104 PC0310030105 C105 PC0310050106 C106 PC02690107 C107 PC04790108 C108 PC06950109 C109 PC0101000110 C110 PC0121007111 C111 PC01110027112 C112 PC01010038113 C113 PC07660114 C114 PC08730115 C115 PC09800116 C116 PC0161000117 C117 PC01810015118 C118 PC01810027119 C119 PC01210049120 C120 PC09580121 C121 PC011690122 C122 PC017800123 C123 PC024940124 C124 PC0281006125 C125 PC02610026126 C126 PC025100371205 C1205 PC053101215 C1215 PC094501225 C1225 PC0176201235 C1235 PC0299101245 C1245 PC028100181255 C1255 PC027100341265 C1265 PC02710051127 C127 PC07500128 C128 PC011650129 C129 PC016770130 C130 PC0301000131 C131 PC0321009132 C132 PC02810030133 C133 PC02010056134 C134 PC011450135 C135 PC019600136 C136 PC027760137 C137 PC035900
Name PCPANTONEProcessCyan CPANTONEProcessMagentaCPANTONEProcessYellow CPANTONEProcessBlack C
138 C138 PC0421001139 C139 PC03710023140 C140 PC027100541345 C1345 PC0144701355 C1355 PC0205601365 C1365 PC0297201375 C1375 PC0409001385 C1385 PC04410071395 C1395 PC041100371405 C1405 PC03610063141 C141 PC019510142 C142 PC028760143 C143 PC035850144 C144 PC0481000145 C145 PC0471008146 C146 PC04310033147 C147 PC02810056148 C148 PC016370149 C149 PC023470150 C150 PC035700151 C151 PC048950152 C152 PC0511001153 C153 PC04610018154 C154 PC046100341485 C1485 PC0275401495 C1495 PC0336701505 C1505 PC042770Orange 021 COrange 021 PC05310001525 C1525 PC058100101535 C1535 PC053100381545 C1545 PC05310072155 C155 PC012280156 C156 PC022420157 C157 PC043700158 C158 PC061970159 C159 PC0661007160 C160 PC06210032161 C161 PC052100641555 C1555 PC0223401565 C1565 PC0344901575 C1575 PC0457201585 C1585 PC0569001595 C1595 PC05910051605 C1605 PC056100301615 C1615 PC05610043162 C162 PC015220163 C163 PC031440164 C164 PC046730165 C165 PC059960166 C166 PC0641000
Name PCPANTONEProcessCyan CPANTONEProcessMagentaCPANTONEProcessYellow CPANTONEProcessBlack C
167 C167 PC06010017168 C168 PC057100591625 C1625 PC0313701635 C1635 PC0394801645 C1645 PC0496601655 C1655 PC0639101665 C1665 PC06810001675 C1675 PC067100281685 C1685 PC06810044169 C169 PC020200170 C170 PC040440171 C171 PC053680172 C172 PC066880173 C173 PC0691004174 C174 PC07010036175 C175 PC06510060176 C176 PC025180177 C177 PC045400178 C178 PC059560Warm Red CWarm Red PC075900179 C179 PC0791000180 C180 PC07910011181 C181 PC074100471765 C1765 PC0382101775 C1775 PC0472901785 C1785 PC0675001788 C1788 PC0848801795 C1795 PC09410001805 C1805 PC091100231815 C1815 PC090100511767 C1767 PC0271201777 C1777 PC0583601787 C1787 PC076600Red 032 CRed 032 PC0908601797 C1797 PC01009941807 C1807 PC010096281817 C1817 PC09010066182 C182 PC026100183 C183 PC046210184 C184 PC068410185 C185 PC091760186 C186 PC0100814187 C187 PC01007920188 C188 PC09710050189 C189 PC037100190 C190 PC055220191 C191 PC076380192 C192 PC0100680193 C193 PC01006613194 C194 PC01006433

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