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Public Speaking Workshops in the Philippines

Public Speaking Workshops in the Philippines

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Published by Jef Menguin
This is the outline of Show Up and Speak- A Public Speaking Workshop in the Philippines.
This is the outline of Show Up and Speak- A Public Speaking Workshop in the Philippines.

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Jef Menguin on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Show Up and Speak
The Quickest Way to Promote Yourself to the Top
This workshop is intended for professionals who must speak to
any audience
kind, whether it beto the sales force, to stockholders, or to the Toastmasters Club; to the local city council, to employeeassociations, to the church membership, or to the corporate board of directors; or a television interviewon camera.Each of these occasions gives you the opportunity to make your amazing thoughts visible. Manyprofessionals avoid these situations because they do not know the basics of speaking with confidence.Yet, one of the secrets to succeeding in professional life is to show up and to speak.Someone who does not show up will be easily forgotten. Someone who does not speak make himself invisible.Some advice in this workshop may stir up disagreements - even downright controversy - betweendifferent schools of thought on business public speaking. This is because not everyone who teachespublic speaking has the opportunity to test speaking theories on real stage.Only those who fought in the arena can tell you how to fight. The kibitzers have the right to theiropinions. Opinions are opinions.The recommendations I give are based on my experiences as a professional speaker. People pay me totalk about leadership, inspiration, performance, motivation, execution, and change. Every audience isdifferent and there is a science to knowing how to deal with each one of them.Today's professionals, when speaking before an audience, must come across as authentic, believable,and credible. There are those who say that you "fake it till you make it". Here is the good news - peopleare intelligent. The bad news is that you cannot fake it.People listen to someone who is well-prepared in every situation. People listen to someone who hasthe intellectual firepower, not just the excellent platform skills, to share on stage.This workshop will help you show your brilliance on your chosen stage.The professional who is an effective public speaker will not only
stand out 
stand above
his or hercolleagues every time he or she shows up. He or she will also be a better motivator and manager of people, whatever the career role, simply because so much of good management today requires goodcommunication.To speak is to audition for leadership.
This workshop is not a magic chamber that will turn you into a polished public speaker. You need tothink, practice, deliver, and evaluate. Developing yourself as a speaker is an expanding spiral. Thisworkshop will help you find comfort, confidence, and competence in all types of public speaking.
THE PROMISEPractice and Get and Give Feedback
Expect that because you will learn how to speak with confidence, you will do a lot of public speaking inthis workshop. For this workshop to be a success for you, you must commit to show up and speak whenthe next speaking opportunities come. There will be at least three speaking situations that you willpractice in this workshop. You will learn by doing. And you will learn more by evaluating yourperformance. Expect doing and evaluating in this workshop.
Understand the Fundamentals of All Communication
This workshop begins by giving you the three fundamental principles of all communication. Most publicspeaking workshop focus on techniques. Techniques are tools. They are useful when you know theirpurpose. Many speakers who were well-trained in using techniques usually end up as robots on stage.They do not have the heart. They do not connect. They kill people to boredom.Many speakers spend huge sums of money in dressing for success, but do not spend extra minutes forspeaking with success. Even an ordinary looking can change lives when he speaks. You ought to learnthat here.
Learn the Secrets to Banishing Fear
We do not fear the same. Fears come from different sources, most of them are shaky. They appear bigbecause fear cause someone to think and feel small. In this workshop you will learn the three rules thatcan help you banish your fear in public speaking.You will examine your fears, name them, and turn them from monsters to motivators. I will guide you.
Use Frames and Containers
One powerful secret to great speaking is organization. Your audience, most of them, think in patterns.You can rewind a video or reread a book. Live speaking cannot be rewinded or played in slow motion.Organization begins with questions. I will share with you the Seven Power Questions you need to askwhen you organize a speech. You will also understand the four parts to every public speakingpresentation. I will give you a quick introduction to "heroes journey" which you can get in full detailwhen you attend my corporate story telling sessions.Organization will help you time your speech. Some speeches have long introductions that kill excitementand undertanding. You will learn how to use segments in timing your speeches.
Speak, Not Just Read
Often, people ask me whether it is okay to read a speech. Reading a speech is reading, not speaking. Istill write my speeches, but I do not write them like essays. I will teach you how to write speeches meantfor delivery, not reading. I will also share with you tips on how to use notes.Of course, there is a perfect time to read a speech: when it is not yours. Do not waste your timememorizing the speech of your boss, your governor, or your president.But why read a speech if you can request to deliver yours.
Master Titig, Tinig, Tindig at Kumpas.
Great public speaking happens when you have a message that resonate with your audience. A messagethat will change their world. To convey your most important message, you have to master the use of your instruments.Practice how to use your eyes, voice, posture, and gestures. Make your words visible. More than half of communication is non-verbal. Therefore, this workshop must help learn how to use your instruments.Don't worry, this part is all fun.Also, I will give you tips on turning lecterns and microphones into assets rather than impedimentsbetween you and your audience.
Tawa at Tuwa
Every time you show up, be a person that makes people laugh. Learn the role of humor and the effectiveuse of humor. Using numerous anecdotes and examples, I will show you also how to craft good openers,closers, and a few laughter in between.
Win Your Speaking Game
I believe in action learning. Set your speaking goals and achieve your goals everyday. You will find thatout here. When you leave this workshop, you have clear and well-defined plan on how to proceed.More than any other part of the workshop, you will thank me for this activity.

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