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Published by zgnc

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: zgnc on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[UNIT 2]
1.Complete the quiz with the question words from the box.Where How oldWhat colour What Who
1......................... are Taxis in Turkey?Black Pink Yellow2......................... is the play
by?William Shakespeare Charles Dickens AndreLloyd-Webber3......................... is British Columbia?In South AmericaIn Canada In the UnitedKingdom4......................... are the pyramids in Egypt?Four thousand years Twenty thousand years Fivehundred years5.........................are the Rolling Stones from?The USA England Ireland6......................... is the capital city of Australia?Sydney MelbourneCanberra7......................... is Formula One?Motor-car racing Bicycle racing Horseracing8......................... nationality is the film star Leonardo di Caprio?ItalianEnglish American
2.Megan and Greg have completely different types of personality. Readabout one and write about the other.MeganGreg
1. Megan
doesn’t relax
doesn’t take
time to enjoy herself.He
time to enjoy himself.3.Megan and her boyfriend never
on holiday.Greg and his girlfriendoften_____________ onholiday.1
[UNIT 2]
4.She__________ through the day. He
doesn’t rush
through the day.5.She
nervous. He__________ nervous.6.She
always in a hurry. He__________ never in a hurry.7.She
other people’s sentences for them.He _________ other people’ssentences for them.8.She __________ a lot. He
doesn’t worry
much.9.She_______ enough time to finish things.He
enough time to finish things.
3.Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present form of the verbs given inbrackets.
1.I ________________ (play) football with my friends on Sundays.2.Tina ________________ (walk) to school every day.3.We ________________(go) to bed at 10 o’clock every night.4.Penguins________________ (live) in the Antarctic.5.Tony ________________(study) maths at university.6.Jo and Peter________________ (visit) their grandparents every week.7.Sally ________________(speak) Spanish.8.Mike ________________ (do) his homework every evening.9.Susan________________ (wash)her hair every day.10.Water________________ (boil) at 100
4.Fill in the blanks with the Simple Present form of the verbs given inbrackets.
Betty and John Blake have their own business. What do you think they ________________ (do)? They ________________ (own) a catering service. Whensomeone gives a party, he or she________________ (call) the Blakesand________________ (ask) them to provide the refreshments. Bettyusually________________ (do) the planning. She________________ (ask) the personwho________________ (phone) what kind of food or drink he or she________________ (plan) to serve. Then she________________ (write) out a shopping listand________________(give) it to John. He ________________ (go) to the storeand________________ (buy) all the necessary things. He________________ (not, like)to carry much cash with him, so he usually________________ (write) a check. Heusually________________ (do) his shopping at night or early in the morning2
[UNIT 2]
because not many other people________________(do) their shopping at that time.When he ________________ (finish) his shopping, he ________________ (bring) thegroceries and supplies to Betty.Betty________________ (prepare) all of the sandwiches and snacks. Sheusually ________________(do) everything on the day of the party becauseshe________________ (not, want) the food to look old and taste bad. Shenever________________ (mix)the drinks.John always________________ (do) that.He________________ (like) to mix the punch or cocktails. Healways________________ (use) good liquor if alcoholic drinks are requested.He________________ (do) his best to be sure that everyone is happy and ____________ (get) what they want.Of course, Betty and John________________ (not, earn) all their money inthis way. They both________________ (have) other kinds of work, too.Betty________________ (do) part-time secretarial work in an insurance office, and John________________ (work) full-time with a manufacturing company.He________________ (have) a good salary.The Blakes ________________ (like) theircatering business very much and find that they can________________ (do) manynice things with the extra money they earn.
5.Read Peter’s diary entry. Find and correct ten mistakes in the use of Simple Present Tense.
I’m so tired. I have never time to relax. I work all day and studies all night.My boss tell me that I need a holiday. I agree but I afraid to take one. Doesmy boss thinks that the office can do without me? I don’t want them tothink I’m not necessary, but my wife is unhappy, too. She complain thatshe don’t see me anymore. My schedule are crazy. I don’t think I can keepthis longer. I don’t wants to give up evening classes, though. I oftenthinksthat there has to be a better way.3

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