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The Armfield CM11MKII Bio Fuel compatible Gasoline Engine

The Armfield CM11MKII Bio Fuel compatible Gasoline Engine

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Published by Armfield Ltd
The Armfield CM11MKII Bio Fuel compatible, Gasoline Engine provides a self-contained engine test rig, which enables students to investigate a range of engine performance characteristics.
The unit is designed to be linked to a computer, and is supplied with sophisticated educational data acquisition software.
The Armfield CM11MKII Bio Fuel compatible, Gasoline Engine provides a self-contained engine test rig, which enables students to investigate a range of engine performance characteristics.
The unit is designed to be linked to a computer, and is supplied with sophisticated educational data acquisition software.

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Published by: Armfield Ltd on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Typical CM11MKII mimic diagramIntegrated eddy current dynamometer to vary engine load 
2 years
This data sheet is available online at: 
> Modern, high eciency, 3-cylinder automotive engine> Bio Fuel compatible> Integrated eddy current dynamometer to vary engine load> Plotting o characteristic torque and power curves againstengine speed>
Full sotware control o system, including load and throttle settings
> Closed loop sotware control o brake loading to maintain constantengine speed during measurements> User control o ignition timing and uel injection now standard> Secondary water cooling by heat exchanger, with measurement o temperature change and ow rate> MkII version tted with wideband Lambda sensor or improvedperormance> Remote emergency stop, and acility or saety interlocks> Optional operation on LPG as well as gasoline and Bio uel> Optional measurement o cylinder pressure, and plotting thison a p-V diagram 
 The Armeld CM11MKII Bio Fuelcompatible, Gasoline Engine providesa sel-contained engine test rig, whichenables students to investigate a rangeo engine perormance characteristics. The unit is designed to be linkedto a computer, and is suppliedwith sophisticated educationaldata acquisition sotware.
Gasoline enGine –
CM series: internal CoMbustion enGines 
CM11MKII - Software mimic diagram
 The Armeld CM11MKII is a sel-contained integrated,multi-cylinder engine, dynamometer and instrumen-tation system, based on a VAG (Volkswagon AutomotiveGroup) 1.2 Litre, 3-cylinder engine, as used in anumber o VAG cars. This engine is a modern design,with electronic engine management o ignition anduel injection settings. The Armeld CM11MKII can be run on a wide variety o biouels and ethanol mixes. It can be used or uel testingand comparison exercises. (Ater each run on non-standard uel, the engine should be run or a short time onstandard gasoline.)
An eddy current dynamometer provides a variableload on the engine, enabling the characteristic powerand torque curves to be reproduced in the laboratory. The system comes complete with extensive instrumentation,including RPM measurement, torque (rom which powercan be calculated), plus various temperatures, pressuresand ows (see Technical Specication).
 The whole system is designed to be linked to a computerusing the sotware provided. This provides real timemonitoring o the various sensors, with a wide rangeo data logging and graphical display options. Thedynamometer and throttle can both be controlledelectronically, which makes installation into a closedtest cell very straightorward, and enables or remoteoperation. A saety ‘watchdog’ acility ensures thesystem shuts down saely in the event o computerailure or sotware lock-ups. The interaces are compatible with packages such asLabVIEW and MatLab or users who wish to providetheir own control and monitoring sotware. A urtheradvantage o the computer control is that stable RPMreadings can be easily achieved using the closed loopcontrol unction on the dynamometer drive.A closed loop primary water-cooling system isincorporated, complete with a heat exchanger orconnecting into a secondary cold water supply.A eature o the system is the engine control unit(ECU), which controls the ignition timing and uelinjection characteristics. The user has ull access tothis inormation, and advanced users can vary theparameters to explore engine perormance underdiferent conditions.Also the injector opening times are available romthe ECU sotware and they can be used to calculateaccurate uel consumption. The ECU sotware can either be run on the samecomputer as is used or control and data logging,or can be run on a separate computer, according touser preerence.
 Engine data
Engine model: VAG type AWYDisplacement: 1198ccBore: 76.5mmStroke: 86.9mmCylinders: 3 (6 valve)Nominal power: 40kW @ 4700 rpm
(running on gasoline)
Nominal torque:
106Nm @ 3750 rpm
(running on gasoline)
 Dynamometer data
Dynamometer type: Eddy currentCooling: Air cooledMax Power: 55kW or 20 minutes
 Instrumentation and Sensors:
Engine speed counterLoad cell to measure torqueInlet air ow measured by orice plateInlet air temperatureSecondary cooling water ow and temperatures(inlet and outlet)Lambda sensor (wideband)
 The CM11MKII should be installed in a wellventilated area with exhaust gas extractionacilities. The unit is supplied on wheels or easeo movement, these can be removed and the unitbolted to the oor or permanent installation.Apart rom the master on/of switch, and the coolingwater, everything can be controlled remotely enablingthe engine to be installed in a dedicated test cell, andoperated rom outside the cell.It is supplied with a 5m USB lead, giving a maximumdistance between the unit and the controlling computero approximately 4m.
Electricity: 220-240V, single phase , 10 AmpsCooling water: 6 L/min at 3 bar pressure, <20°C The user must have access to one or two PCs(according to preerence).
See Essential Equipment or urther requirements
EssENtIaL EquIpmENt
 Two ree USB ports are required, one torun the Armeld data logging and controlsotware, and one to run the ECU sotware.
Height: 1.50mWidth: 1.50mDepth: 1.00m
Volume: 3.00m
 Weight: 500kg (approx.)
 The CM11MKII can be ordered with a number o optionalaccessories. These must be ordered with the CM11MKII. They cannot be tted retrospectively.
CM11-12 Engine Indicator Set 
 The engine indicator set comprises a high temperaturepressure sensor integrated into a spark plug. A separatecharge amplier provides signal conditioning to generatea voltage that can be logged on the computer. A specialroutine in the Armeld sotware enables or high speeddata acquisition o this signal, and automatically plotsthe results on a p-V diagram. Note: The spark plugused in this arrangement is not identical to the othersparkplugs. This sensor is a high precision unit and isphysically delicate.
CM11-13 LPG Fuel System
 The Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) option includes thepipework, solenoid valves, injectors and an LPG controlunit to enable the engine to be run on LPG as well asgasoline. The engine is started on gasoline, and whenhot enough, can be switched to run under LPG. The equipment is supplied with a exible eed pipeterminating in a 6mm OD copper tube and a sel sealingquick release connector suitable or tting to the LPGbottles available in many countries. The user mustsupply a liquid oftake LPG bottle, and i necessary asuitable tting to the eed pipe.

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