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The National Student February 09

The National Student February 09



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The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.
The National Student is the UK's independent, free, national student newspaper.

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Published by: The National Student on Feb 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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February 2009
In our nvmb 2008 itiw pblish  ticl whichmispt vts which tkplc t  Cg uK fcy ssight hl i Sws  Sy 19octb 2008.W plgis f this  wllik t mk it cl tht this clslyspvis vt  smthly th spvisi f  stff  50iti stws sppli by thgiss.Th vst mjity f th 1,700pticipts bhv vy wll w ckwlg tht, f fmscig it  “mss bwl” sw llg, th t psiti is thtth pticipts w ctifm mi pblic  ffcs tth  f  hppy  f ightt.
Carnage UK - an apology
Gaza protestshit campuses
STudenTS aCroSS th uK  ji  sis f msttisi Jy cmig Isliggssi i th Gz Stip.I Glsgw  stimt4,000 ppl mch thghth city ct  Jy 17i  mstti gisby th Stp th W cliti, sppt by vis thgps.Th lly ws ss byspks fm ll f th mipliticl ptis with th xcptif th Csvtivs.
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Falling recruitment targets make it harder for graduates to nd work
Art-rockers return
Tough year for grads
 A tougher jobs market willmake this one of the worstyears to graduate for twodecades, suggests a survey of leading employers.
The survey of 100 rms by
High Flis rsch f thtcitmt tgts h bct by 17% f this y.
The nancial sector in
pticl h b hit by thcmic wt, with 47%fw gt ty jbs.“Swigig cts” i citmtft ys f  stg jbsmkt, mks this y  btim t gt.Mti Bichll, mgigict f mkt schcmpy, High Flis rsch,si, “Th is stblpic  cmps tht this isshpig p t b  f th wstys f th lst tw cs tb gtig fm ivsity.”“nt ly hv vccis bc sbsttilly f ths
nishing university in 2009, but
it is w cl tht my f lsty’s ty-lvl jbs i tmtilis ith, lvig mygts fm th clss f 2008t f wk t,” h .Hwv, th is psitivws fm th pblic sctwhich hs s  51% ics igt psitis sic 2007.This sitti chgs thct t i th gt jb mkt wh  xpigmkt sw my mplys
struggling to nd qualiedgraduates to ll the positions.
 a svy fm th asscitif Gt rcits (aGr)lst y shw tht gtmplymt ws t its lwst
for ve years. That report
shw tht gt citspp t b “wthig thstm” f th cit cch.Bt th ltst svy sms tsggst tht lg-tm cmicctity is w sislyffctig th jbs mkt.It clims tht hlf f ligmplys  lwigcitmt tgts -  thtcmp with 2007 this willm  6.7% cti i jbsvilbl.Th sch sggsts thtth biggst ctis i jbswill b i ivstmt bkig,tilig, cctcy giig.rctly th gvmtc pls t hlpstgglig gts byffig thm th-mth piitships t hlp thm giwk xpic. a spksm f thdptmt f Ivti,uivsitis  Skills si:“W cgis tht gts t imm fm th ffctsf th cmic wt,which is why w  vlpigl hlp  sppt, tlkig tmj mplys bt siggts gt xpic f wk  chc t shw wht thyc .”
The National Student 
, February 2009
The National Studentwelcomes contributions.The National Studentworks closely withstudent publicationsacross the UK.We are happy to acceptnews, comment,features, and reviewson any subject.Contact us at:The National StudentPO Box 7731DerbyDE1 0RWor email:
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Cabinet ministerGoff Hoo dd loh h h ud p uog copy ohlp h g dugh’Oxdg pplco.th tpo scyd fo m of 
Defence conrmed that
h ook h dugh o po y Oxdg applco,  pcopy whch chg upo £3,000 fo h cochgof  ddul ud.H would o co owhh h hd pd fouo.Oxdg applcocl h pplcwho c  hlp lo wc  lkly o offd  plc  Oxfod oCdg. Fl whopy h £3,000 chg gh chld  47% chcof do ucc,copd o h gof 26%, ccodg o hcopy’ w.Hoo dd ‘iw Ppo Dy’log wh h dugh,hld   p chool h W mdld.H dco c od o wh hfh of oh pplcocd h  h gd wo o h polclw Gudo Fwk.“‘a i wd fo y o h foy, i w updo  Goff Hoo g coupl of  wyfo . Lou mg offpg  ufdg  pplyg oop uy? suly o!”h wo.th ’ dughdd  cophchool  nogh,d  culy o  gpy. Hoo hlf wducd  Ju Collg,Cdg, f hgdd  p choolo  cholhp.to  ow ccugh go of douldd followgGodo bow’ popodlw o c ocloly d op ddl-cl p ggh chld  ‘ufdg’  ducod h wokplc.“t d  g w doul dd fom. thy w ochg h ul o k ough fo yol whl joyg llh pk fo hld h fl,” dtoy pok ChGylg.nw Lou h hoy of mP pyg foh chld’ ducoo uo. i 2003  wld h mP D ao hd  h o o £10,000--y pchool,  dco h ldcd  ‘dfl”,whl  2007 x-duco ruh Kllydd ollg hchld   £15,000--ypp chool.
Hoon admits toprivate tuition
by Theo Merz
Mullan will notbe replaced
remOveD KinGs CollgLodo sud UoPd Ch mull wllo  plcd.
The union conrmed
h h po wll  hdy h g cpd ul sp,wh  w pd wll
take ofce.
 a pouly pod
The National Student
mull w ckd fkg llgdly cco   nUsg   augul y.mull w cld of c y h nUs uw l od fo hpo y  uo od of u.
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Geoff Hoon
The National Student 
, February 2009
Newsin brief 
 A LAbour MP came
und  las monhaf claiming dslia isa mh cad o co uppoo aching.Backbnch GahamSing, MP fo Blackl,dscibd h condiionas a “cul cion” hashould b consignd o h“dusbin of hiso”.H blis ha hason som popl can’ad and wi poplis bcaus h wongaching chniqus.Bu dslia is a al poblm fo h 6million suffs in hUK, sas chai Dslia Acion.Sing mad hcommns in a column foh wbsi ManchsCondnial.Chif cui of Dslia Acion ShilCam said, “Onc againdslia sms o bmaking h hadlins foall h wong asons.”“I is fusaing hah focus should b onwhh dslia iss ono, whn h is so muchidnc o suppo ha idos.”
MP callsdyslexia a
 A uS
sudn has cida bid of £2.5million afpuing h igini up foaucion.Bidding fo a on-nighsand wih 22-a-oldNaali Dlan os fomoffs of £162,000 whichw mad whn h aucionsad las Spmb.Dlan is using h auciono pa fo a mas’s dgin Famil and Maiaghap.Dlan said sh has sofa cid offs fom“widos”, “hos who gall gaphicall sualabou wha h wano do o m” and “los of poli quss fom ichbusinssmn”.
bid reaches
£2.5 million
OxFOrD UNIverSIty 
won h Wold UnisiisDbaing Championships,hld in Cok, Iland lasmonh.Jams Da and WillJons ba 304 ohcomping ams o winh psigious SamMagui oph.tWO StUDeNt DJsha bn sackd af a jok abou Ds O’Conno’sdaugh backd.Lwis Gwcock andSam Fos, boh nal apoliics sudns, jokdha Kisina O’Conno hadacd in ponogaphic lmsand ha bcom h focusof a mdia backlash.th ill-adisd quip wasboadcas on h saiicalSancua radio Houshow on h BiminghamUnisi saion BunFM ali his monh andcam o naional anionfollowing a po in
the Daily Mail,
spading oman oh ils including
the Telegraph, the Sun
the Metro
.Kisina and h fahha boh dismissd hcommns as ‘puilnonsns’.th DJ duo los hi sloaf h saion’s sudncommi dcidd o mohm fom h aiwas. Nofomal acion was akn bh Unisi, bu h Mailconacd hm o pssuishm o ak fuh acion.In spons o h
nqui a Unisispoksman said, “Wak allgaions of hisnau  siousl.th insigaion is sillongoing and i would binappopia o commnan fuh a his sag.”O’Conno had faudin sudn nwspaprdbick o pomo hfashion wbsi. th aiclwas discussd b h DJswhich ld o h lwd jokbing mad.On sudn old h
,“I hink h migh habn inspid b Jonahanross and russll Band’sinfamous maks on hishow, bu all h wdoing was upsing popland making ouagouscommns fo shock alu.”Gwcock dfndd h jok, saing: “Ous was asaiical show ha pokdfun a h wa sudn nwswas psnd in sudnmdia and w hopd haou lisns would no akou commns liall.”
Yes vote on radicalNUS reform
fom poposals ha haspli sudn opinion wpassd a an eaodinaConfnc las monh.th foms w aidshol af pocdingsw disupd whnsudns posingagains h siuaion inGaza occupid h sag.NUS sa ha hisohaul in how i isun will modnis hunion o mo ffcilpsn sudns’ in amuch-changd ducaionsco. th las im hNUS saw majo fomwas in 1980.Spaking af ho NUS psidn,Ws Sing, said: “I’mcsaic. th gai of h dcision akn odais wihou doub hbiggs shak up of NUS’sdmocac and saus inis hiso.”H claimd ha “abou90%” od fo aicaion,alhough i had no bnpossibl o coun h obcaus of h disupionon h oo.th changs will duch inunc of had lfand oh minoi goupswho fough had againsh fom plan, bu willincas h numb of psnais on hunion’s goning bod.Und h poposals, hoganisaion will b un ba naional cui counciland a boad of uss.th council will ac as hNUS’s poliical ladship,sing h union’s polic,pioiis and campaigns.th boad, includingsudn psnais,will hlp manag hNUS’s nancs and adish council.How, h council willb abl o f dcisions idisags wih back o hboad, and n dismissindiidual mmbs – o h ni boad – inm cicumsancs.Ciics of h fomsagud ha h changswould b “guing hunion’s dmocac”poiding lss of aoic o nomal sudnmmbs. th sa hah foms chang hNUS fom a union inoa pofssional lobbinggoup which is nnchdin h mainsam poliicalssm ah hanghing i in h insof sudns. On opposiiona h confnc WsSing said, “Poplw akn aback b hpoo quali of opposiionagumns.”“I was ciical o gfom so w can focuson bing a campaigningoganisaion. Opponnsbwa,” h addd.th foms ha bnopposd b black andLGBt sudns who haciicisd h ushinghough of foms wihouan impac assssmnbing caid ou oascain how h changswill affc sudns wihinhi goups.How, h plansha bn suppod bsudns who a paof womn’s and disabldsudn campaigns.th fom pocssbgan wo as ago, andiniial poposals wjcd in a o a hunion’s Annual Confncin Apil las a. A fuh amp wasmad in Nomb wihisd plans aking inoconsidaion ciicismsoicd a confnc.Oh changsinclud h inoducionof posgaduapsnais andpoision fo a naionalballo of sudn unionsbwn confncs.this will pn hnaional cui fomaking polic dcisionso launching campaignswihou consuling hmmbship.Sudn unions will alsoha h pow o igga ballo if h disagdwih dcisions.Sing plaind,“tha mans ha whois lading h NUS willb mo goundd in hmmbship, ah hanaking dcisions in spi of h mmbship.”Minoi goups will sillha a oic hough “zoncommis” mad up of sudns wih a paiculapoliical ins and willb usd o hold NUS ic-psidns o accoun.Suppos sa ha hiswill allow spcial insgoups o dip in and ouof polic aas, insad of haing o spnd a spcic das a h annualconfnc which hasbn abolishd und hfoms.Zon commis willno b abl o mak policdcisions, bu will b ablo conibu idnco h NUS cuicouncil abou policisfo discussion a annualconfnc.
Porn joke DJs sacked
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