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Genre Def Rev

Genre Def Rev

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Published by Jabari Edwards

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Published by: Jabari Edwards on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intro & conclusionLogical paragraph breaksaddressing audienceengage with sourcesreduce ramble & fluff
Genre DefenceJabari EdwardsI decided to construct poems for my literacy narrative, as I feel that many things in lifecan be read as a poem. Many forms of music or literature are what I believe are considered to bethe strongest forms of communication, as they can tell a story to others and they can beinterpreted in many different ways. I wanted to be able to communicate my thoughts and myfeelings through my poems, about how I can struggle with assignments, the perceptions of what people think about me, and how I take the easy road out after procrastination, by just trying to fillout the bare minimum requirements of an essay. Through these poems, I was hoping to depict the person that I am.My first poem was Freestyle. To me, freestyle is a form of writing in where I can depictwhat’s on my mind and be able to just vent, whether it’s to myself or to others. I write what’s onmy mind currently when I was writing this poem. When I wrote this poem, I thought about thetime I was in 10th grade, and I was assigned a poem to write to depict our. It was a hardassignment for me because I felt that I had no clue on how to write a poem. I was really stressedabout it, and I decided to delay the project until two days before it was due. I came back to theassignment only to be frustrated again, and I asked my brother for help. He gave me the advice tofreewrite, which I considered to be a useful tip as I was able to turn in the poem assignment for aC, which I considered to be good enough.
 Jabari Edwards Today, 7:15 AMThe main points I wanted to focuson WereIntroductionReducing flu
specific statementsexplaining significancecomma usage Jabari Edwards Today, 7:22 AMMy focus for improving thisintroduction was to give it apurpose, the background of whatI think about poems personally,and trying to talk about some of the main ideas that I’ll bediscussing in depth in my laterparagraphsI was focusing onProcrastinationMediocrityself-esteem Jabari Edwards Today, 7:50 AMExplaining significance of freewriting, Last part especially“Which i considered to be goodenough”, I elaborate in the nextparagraph
I consider free writing to be an important port in my writing, because when I beginwriting assignments, I tend to jump into writing assignments by venting all my thoughts on the paper, and then begin to edit out what I think would not be beneficial to the topic at hand. Two of the lines “Because even if I had nothing, I could say I tried” and “Which is better than nothing,even though I thought I was wise,” depict my mindset of mediocrity and “settling for less.” I feelthat at times, some teachers will take any assignment given, no matter how bad it is, and willgrade accordingly, and I would be pleased if I received a decent grade that allowed me to progress further into school.My next poem was My Procrastination and My Procrastination pt 2. These two poems gotogether, and gives a slight continuation of me being complacent and settling for mediocrity, as Iwas displaying in the Freestyle poem. This poem gives descriptions of activities I participate inwhen I begin procrastination for many of my work assignments. I always begin to look at howmuch time left whenever I consider due dates of an assignment, and whenever I have week longassignments, I have the mindset that I could get the assignment done within one or two days. For this poem, I give the scenario that my assignment will be due tomorrow, and it’s 10:30pm thenight before. This describes some of my most recent assignments, such as my American Studies papers. I had the assignment due the next day, and when I got to sit down and think about doingthe assignment, I would feel frustrated and immediately go do other activities to relieve some of the immediate stress. I highlight some of the activities in this poem, such as playing world of warcraft, and going to get a drink and a snack. After a few hours passing, I’ll decide to dowhatever it takes to finish the assignment. My Procrastination Part 2, is written in a Haikuformat. Compared to the first poem, My procrastination Part 2 is significantly shorter than the
first part. I compare these two poems as if I was assigned to write and turn in a poem. I view thesecond part of the poem as the easiest way to complete and turn in a poem. I build upon thesetwo poems as these poems can currently shape me as someone that can settle for someone thatwaits till the last minute to do their assignments and uses the technique of free writing tocomplete their work.The next poem I wrote was “Demanding.” This poem is when I felt that I was beingchallenged in my ability to complete and turn in work. This can be considered as a build up of the last two poems, Freestyle and My procrastination, as when I became more used to procrastinating my assignments, and then free writing the information onto the assignments, mygrades would turn out to be poor. This was especially true when I was in the 12th grade, and myEnglish teacher was Ms. Johnson. This class tested my rigor extensively, and although I barelyslid by for graduation, My previous habits were already set in stone.The poem starts off with me having finished a paper, while I have to manage studying for a vocabulary test. I wasn’t used to the amount of work that Ms. Johnson always gave us, andmany of the other students voiced their discontent with how much work we received. I felt thatmy claim was justified because others agreed with what I had to say. This was a tough time for me, and I did my best to withhold complaints about the class, but when I complained, the teacher would say “It’s for preparation for college.” After the first few instances she said that, I wouldn’t believe it, but as it neared the end of the year, I began to believe that all the work I was trying tocomplete was going to prepare me for college, or for me personally, help break my strong habitsof procrastination and freewriting.
Anthony Borrero
10/16/1210:22 PM
Master narrative.Where are you little narratives andspecific details?
 Jabari Edwards Today, 7:31 AMI was aiming on making aconnection between the lastparagraph and this one,summarizing the last twoparagraphs. I’m aiming to give anaccurate description of mycharacter by the end of this paper Jabari Edwards Today, 7:14 AM

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