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Published by Iris Ramos

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Published by: Iris Ramos on Dec 06, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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December 2012 / Issue 312
Merry Christmas andHappy New Year Feliz Navidad y prósperoaño nuevo
Community News
December 2012 Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin www.latinomidwestnews.com2
On The Cover
Merry Christmas and Happy New YearFeliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo
Founded 1999
Member of 
Minnesota Minority Media CoalitionNational Foundation of Hispanic Owned NewspapersMinnesota Newspaper Association
Published by
Latino Midwest News, LLC
Michael Gonzalez Wallace, Health & FitnessMelissa Adams, Business and MarketingScott Foreman, Photographerwww.roadworkphotography.com
Mike McLaughlin
Halbert Design
Latino Midwest News
204 Emerson Avenue E.St. Paul, MN 55118
Nota: Editoriales, articulos y anunciosque aparecen en este periódicorepresentan el punto de vista de el (ellos)autor (es) y no necesariamentereflejan la opinión, punto de vista o modode pensar de LATINO MIDWEST NEWSo de su personal.Latino Midwest News distributes10,000 copies on a monthy basis.
ris Ramos is opening her law practice andis an example of Latinas who are startingtheir own businesses at record levels inMinnesota and throughout the country.According to Cristina Lopez, Presidentof the Washington D.C. based, NationalHispana Leadership Institute, Latinas arestarting businesses at a rate six times thenational average.Latinas point to the appointment of SoniaSotomayor, a Puerto Rican from NewYork, to the U.S. Supreme Court as themost powerful symbol of how far Latinashave come. And California lawyer VilmaMartinez was named ambassador toArgentina.Still, in professions that demand a hugetime commitment, the numbers of Latinowomen are dramatically low. While Latinowomen make up 7 percent of the U.S.population, they account for only 1.3percent of the country’s lawyerIris Ramos had the drive and desire toachieve her dreams and here, in her ownwords, is how it happened.I was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Imoved to Minnesota with my family twentyyears ago, knowing only Spanish. It wasvery difficult for us to learn a new languageand culture from one day to the next, butthrough mutual support, we got through it.With dedication and hard work, I becamefluent in English in less than one year whilestill maintaining my fluency in Spanish.From a young age, my mother would tellme that I would make a great lawyer.According to her, I would consistentlypretend to be a judge and skillfully arguedmy way in and out of things. Followingher advice, I participated in a mentorshipprogram while attending Eagan High Schoolto see if I truly wanted to be an attorney.I shadowed and worked with a criminaldefense lawyer. I attended courtproceedings, met with opposingcounsel and had a taste for what my lifecould be like as an attorney. I loved thecomplexities and intricacies of the law andthe fact that I could use my expertise toassist someone during a very stressful timein their life. I then decided I wanted topractice law.I attended the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where I earned a Bachelor’sDegree in Sociology-Law, Criminology andDeviance, which I found to be an excellentfoundation for the practice of law. I lovedthe campus so much that I attended theUniversity of Minnesota Law School, whereI received my Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.During school I was President of theLatino Law Student Alliance, externed forChief Judge Michael J. Davis in the FederalDistrict Court of Minnesota, participatedin the school’s Asylum Law Project,volunteered, worked and was a pro bonolaw clerk at a large law firm in Minneapolis.After law school, I worked at a small civillitigation law firm where I obtained greathands on experience. I started my businesswith the vision of vigorously representingthe interests of the Twin Cities Latinosby employing my cultural background,humility and empathy. One wonderfulaspect of practicing law is the intellectualchallenge combined with knowing youmake a direct, tangible and positive impacton a daily basis. This is why I love my job.I also make sure to give back to acommunity that has helped shape who Iam today. I volunteer for the MetropolitanEconomic Development Association(MEDA), Volunteer Lawyers Network and Good Deeds Society. I am also partof Minnesota Women Lawyers Group,Minnesota State Bar Association and theMinnesota Hispanic Bar Association.I have worked from the bottom up to getto where I am today. I credit my mother,Iris Nieves and father, Miguel Ramos, forguiding me and supporting me to be themost diligent, compassionate, and serviceoriented individual I can be. They aremy inspiration.
Iris Ramos Nieves, Esq.The Law Office of Iris Ramos LLC 155 South Wabasha Street, Suite 125St. Paul, MN 55107 (651) 560-5183 (Office)(651) 379-4640 (Fax)
Photo by Alejandro Calderon
Latinas InBusiness
Check out www.latinomidwestnews.comfor the latest news!
Community News
www.latinomidwestnews.com Minnesota ~ Chicago ~ Iowa ~ Wisconsin December 20123
ummer 2012 is off to a great start for novelist and songwriter Roma Calatayud-Stocks,author of 
 A Song In My Heart
, including CD with original musical score.She signed copies of her novel during Book Expo America on June 6, 2012, at the Mom’sChoice Award Booth at Javits Convention Center in New York, just a day after herbook landed second place in both Best Novel Historical Fiction and First Book by theprestigious International Latino Book Awards in which 14 countries were represented.The award ceremony was held at the Cervantes Institute in New York, NY.Earlier this year,
 A Song In My Heart
won the Midwest Book Award- First Place in theArts category and a Mom’s Choice award in multimedia experiences adult books. It isalso a finalist in multicultural and cross genre fiction through Next Generation IndieBook Awards and International Book Awards.Later this year, Calatayud-Stocks will present her book at the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, 3M Company on October 12, 2012, and at Minnesota Council on theTeaching of Languages and Cultures Fall Conference.
 A Song In My Heart
introduces us to Alejandra Stanford, the protagonist born into abi-cultural family in Minneapolis of 1902. Growing up, she and her artistic familyexperience the intermingling of American, Latino, and European cultural influences, aswell as national events that challenge their lives; yet, Alejandra finds music is the perfectexpression of her own artistic inclinations, emotions, and ambitions. As a young pianistand budding composer, “Ale” is inspired by Minnesota’s musical pioneers and legendarycomposers and resolves to become a symphonic conductor despite the obstacles.Set in the Twin Cities, New York, Mexico and Europe,
 A Song In My Heart
is an in-depthexploration of character, celebration of art and culture, and a musical journey. TheMusical Score CD/Soundtrack was composed by Roma Calatayud-Stocks and arranged/performed by Chan Poling and other musicians of note. CD includes 14 original songs/instrumental compositions with classical, jazz, and Latin influences.KirKus Reviews: “Calatayud-Stocks’ debut is a historicalnovel set to music. AlejandraStanford, an upper-class womanwith progressive ideals. Her lifeis privileged and pluralistic, withmusic as the glue that holdsher disparate worlds together.Well-written, the story iscompelling that this noveldeserves to find a largeraudience. The historical aspectis well-researched and true tothe period. The novel’s grandambitions are evident in itspackaging—it is both book and musical composition(CD included). The authorintends this to be the firstin a trilogy, and she hascreated enough momentumto build on. An auspiciousdebut.”Reviewer List: “
AnExtraordinary Fusionof Music andLiterature.
 Jim Barnes, Editor, www.IndependentPublisher.com: “Reading this book will put a song in yourheart, and take you back to a time when classical music was the pinnacle of popularculture and entertainment. A talented composer herself, author Calatayud-Stocks sharesher knowledge and passion for art and music with this compelling historical novel andaccompanying original soundtrack CD. How refreshing this is-longing for a world of fineart and music with substance?
 A Song In My Heart
is a great place to start.”Chan Poling, Emmy award-winning composer: “I have arranged and played many styles of music over the years. Roma’s music has touched me always. Her new collection of songsfor her story,
 A Song In My Heart
, are once again beautiful and lushly romantic, evocativeof another time and place.”Roma Calatayud-Stocks holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Minnesota. After additional studies at MacPhail Center for Music and the University of St.Thomas, and in line with her twenty-year work experience and life passion of honoringworld cultures through history, music, and the arts, she turned to a professional careerin music composition and historical fiction writing.Ms. Calatayud-Stocks is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and ArtsEducational workshops on: Music history, Classical, Popular, Latin Music, Cultures,Art, Traditions from Around the World, and Writing Historical Fiction.
Minnesota Award-Winning author featured at Book Expo America andRecipient of the 2012 International Latino Book Awards
 A Perfect Holiday Gift 
novelStanf withis primusiherWellcomdeaudiistheampan(Cininctd

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